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TP question

Hi we are looking at booking a multi trip which is mostly BA flights but also includes LATAM.
I have three questions,
1/ When I look on the BA Exec site to calculate TP's it says LAN. Is this the same as LATAM?
2/ Do BA give any TP's for MAD-SCL flying LATAM business class Z?
3/ Does it make any difference if I book it all through BA?

Thanks for any help or advice.
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1: LAN and TAM became LATAM
2: If you check look under TAM on the calculator all business class fares including Z are listed as 160TP - no Avios though.
3: I wouldn't think so but maybe someone else could answer this one for sure.
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LAN is the old name for LATAM, and though you have to be a bit careful on internal flights, broadly speaking you should get TPs and Avios for international services.

I know why you are asking about Z: it appears here:

but not in the calculator under LAN, even if it is under TAM. This is awkward since in general the calculator uses the same database as the Avios awarding facility, so there is a strong chance you won't initially get Avios on Z (TPs I guess would be OK). However because of the link above I think you should get them if you persist since it's quite clearly OK there.

I would book via LATAM on the whole, however if you wanted a BA codeshare (for example) then there may be a case for doing it via BA, or if there was a complex trip involved. It won't make a difference to TPs/Avios. LATAM's computer system is makes BA's IT look good!
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I had the dreaded Z fare when I did MAD-FRA for a laugh last year in business. Actually needed the 40tps and glad they posted to my BAEC account along with avios
just checked and they took 6 days to post.
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My last trip to Brazil in Latam, LHR to Rio via Sao Paulo, I only got TP's and Avios on the domestic connection. I had to claim the international on my AA account.
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My Fra Mad booked in Z on LATAM earned Avios at 125% and proper business class TPs
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