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27 May 'worldwide' BA IT outage | practical assistance/advice [Clutter-free please]

27 May 'worldwide' BA IT outage | practical assistance/advice [Clutter-free please]

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All IT systems are back up and running and BA are operating normal flight schedules.

PLEASE ASK ALL COMPENSATION RELATED QUESTIONS IN THE DEDICATED TOPIC: The 2017 BA compensation thread: Your guide to Regulation 261/2004. The full list of cancelled and delayed flights for Sunday is to be found here, though note that it is the arrival time that matters for delays.

Successful (or otherwise) reports for claims where the information would be of use to others would, however, be very welcome in this thread.

Monday flight cancellations for LHR listed here. Services to and from LGW, LCY and STN seem to be working more or less on time.. Telephone numbers for rebooking are in this post, note also the difference between what contact centres and airport staff can do, noted here.

Updated 29/05/2017 22:50 (UK time) Link to BA updates: https://www.britishairways.com/trave...VINF4more_news

There are a significant number of bags at Heathrow which we will be reuniting with customers via couriers as soon as we can. This will be done free of charge. Please help us to get these to you as quickly as possible by ensuring we have your latest contact details by filing a delayed bag report.

If your journey was disrupted -
Because of the scale of the disruption, most passengers should expect to make their own arrangements to mitigate the disruption as BA will not have resources to assist all passengers. BA have a duty of care under EU Regulation 261/2004 and according to this letter handed out at Gatwick the following costs would usually be claimable from BA.
  • 25 for reasonable meal/refeshment expenses (per adult per day)
  • 2 reasonable phone calls per customer

If an overnight stay is required
  • 200 for a hotel room (for 2 people)
  • 50 Transport to/from the airport (round trip)

Although BA has suggested some guideline costs for duty of care, EU Regulation 261/2004 doesn't specify any monetary cap. By documenting (take a screen capture of a hotel comparison site for example) that there were no cheaper alternatives, it is possible that claims exceeding the guideline costs suggested by BA may be met. Expenses not covered by BA may be claimable from your travel insurance subject to possible policy excesses.

Duty of care is separate from fixed sum compensation (EUR 250 to 600 depending on the flight distance) for flight delays/cancellations, which may or may not be payable under EU Regulation 261/2004 depending on whether BA can show that the flight delay was caused by 'extraordinary circumstances' and that it took 'all reasonable measures' to avoid the resulting delay. Also, airlines do not usually entertain claims for consequential losses (for example, the cost of prepaid accomodation which you can't now use), so you would need to look to your travel insurance for these costs.

EU Regulation 261/2004 does not cover delayed/damaged/lost baggage. The Montreal Convention sets an upper limit for delayed/damaged/lost baggage compensation. For more information, visit the BA.com webpage on delayed/damaged/lost baggage.

You can read the forum thread for guidance on EU Regulation 261/2004 or check back on these forums later for more advice on claiming, but first of all look after yourself during this disruption.

Claiming expenses incurred during the disruption

Historic update as of 18:55 on Saturday

All BA flights from LHR and LGW are cancelled for the remainder of the day (Saturday 27th May). This is due to a major systems outage of most of BA's computer systems. The original cause of the outage was a power failure from which BA has found it difficult to recover.

Because Call Centre systems are also down, and their own web pages may be affected, BA is encouraging affected customer to seek updates via BA Twitter feed and Facebook page.

Alex Cruz has indicated that those passengers who no longer wish to fly with BA on their booking for today will be "fast tracked" for refunds. However, no mechanism for this has yet been communicated (7pm Saturday). Again affected customers are asked to follow the relevant Twitter and Facebook communication channels.

There are reportedly long delays leaving the airport with some customers claiming delays of many hours.
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Old May 27, 17, 9:48 am
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Well isn't this just ducky. I would hate to be at LHR or LGW right now. Then again, we're off to HAM on Monday morning and the last thing I wanted to do tomorrow is keep an eye on my phone

BA really needs to learn how to throw its customers a bone. A cursory appearance by Senior management would not go amiss.

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Old May 27, 17, 9:49 am
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My son is due back from Rome tomorrow afternoon - just booked a flexible hotel room just in case (and before the get sold out if they cancel they flight).

Suggest others do the same if they can. I fear this could drag on a while.
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Old May 27, 17, 9:49 am
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flights (obviously) from Gibraltar have been cancelled, so i have been put into a hotel about 20miles away. Staff expect it to take a few days for BA to get people home, likely not from Gib either.

Looking at my options, i can get an iberia flight at 06:40 back to LHR via MAD, but dont want to go for that and then find that the MAD-LHR leg is cancelled to to having nowhere to go on the LHR end?

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Old May 27, 17, 9:49 am
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Originally Posted by WorldLux View Post
Maybe LCY has a couple of free parking positions to accommodate a couple of A380.
Closed on saturdays
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Old May 27, 17, 9:49 am
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Originally Posted by mdj1 View Post
I wonder what the odds are on this bankrupting BA. This is going to cost tens of millions. The knock on effects worldwide are going to be astronomical! If I had shares I'd be dumping them now
That seems a little strong, and hardly likely over a single day's lost business.

Originally Posted by mr_botak View Post
I'm theoretically on BA85, using a CX redemption, 160 ticket code. Am I right that basically I need to contact CX, not BA to sort a re-schedule?
You are best off calling CX, they will be able to re-route you. BA's phone lines will be in meltdown anyway.

Originally Posted by BA6501 View Post
At what stage should I be looking into booking a hotel for JFK tonight? Should I wait to see if some acft will position out? It's the 182.
If I were you I'd make a booking now, keep it as flexible obviously. Most flexible bookings can be cancelled by 4pm or 5pm on the day without charge; and you should know by then whether the aircraft has departed to position... just keep an eye on FR.
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Old May 27, 17, 9:49 am
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ORD PHX LAX BOS OAK DEL BOM IAH at least one frame in the air for the above.
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Old May 27, 17, 9:50 am
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Apologies if mentioned already ...

MMB also taking a beating
( photo coming soon )
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Old May 27, 17, 9:50 am
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Do BA do their critical IT in house, or is it all outsourced/offshore?
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Originally Posted by ckx2 View Post

I'm supposed to be on BA 12 tomorrow night - but that's unlikely if BA 11 doesn't get out of LHR today.
See if you can get on the BA16 coming from Sydney
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Old May 27, 17, 9:51 am
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Originally Posted by djb61 View Post
Android app is updating and shows my 17:30 Ba559 FCO-LHR as delayed until 20:19
Not sure if that means anything though, ground staff here still saying everything is cancelled. Managed to grab a room at the Hilton at the airport as a backup for 232 euros so just about inside their reimbursable guidelines
The guidelines are just that - they have no basis in law, so you just have to act reasonably. There are no IHG options at LHR right now, so it's pretty much central London prices on a Bank Holiday Saturday. There is some availability at just under 200, but I'd expect that to start closing out shortly. If all that was sensibly left was 250 or more, BA would have to pay it.
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Old May 27, 17, 9:51 am
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Originally Posted by Internaut View Post
Do BA do their critical IT in house, or is it all outsourced/offshore?
It's now outsourced
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Old May 27, 17, 9:52 am
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Thanks dakaix.
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Originally Posted by xenole View Post
What should I do?

18:15 Avios flight to ABZ but they're saying everything cancelled.
Couple of cash flights tomorrow from ABZ that I'm now not going to make.

Since they're saying leave the airport, I can easily book a train home tonight reasonably cheaply if I do it soon.
No idea how long it will take to leave though.

If I don't turn up tomorrow (already checked in), what happens? Can I claim anything?
National Rail website reckons you can be in Aberdeen by 10.30 tomorrow morning, leaving Kings Cross at 6pm and overnighting in Edinburgh. Any use?

Are tomorrow's flights with BA? If so you might want to see if anyone (lounge desk can be good for this) to make a change to tomorrow's flights (or at least make a note on it that you tried) given that BA may want some wriggle room to recover.
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Old May 27, 17, 9:52 am
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Originally Posted by NickB View Post
AFAIK, BA346 did depart, albeit 2 hrs late, and landed in NCE at 14:26 (instead of 12:45).
Backed up by LHR and NCE airport information, as well as flightstats.com (but not by FR24).
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my son is in KRK and the flight back tonight is cancelled. Can i put him on the 6.45am RyanAir tomorrow and get the costs covered by BA?
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