Where is my Gold Card?

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Where is my Gold Card?

It is now May and my card expired at the end of April but I haven't got my new card. I know this is not a major issue as I have my card on my phone but does anyone if there is reason for not receiving it? I remember reading a thread about luggage tags not being included in the renewal pack but do they not now send out the card either?
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It usually takes between 2 - 3 weeks for a pack to be sent out. You need to give it some time if this hasn't elapsed.

It might be worth going into BAEC and order a new card from there, in case it hasn't already been sent.
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My card expired at the end of March and think it was mid-April before I received the new one. I would just wait for it before getting too worried.
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Maybe this or this happened!
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My card expired end of March and I had not received a new card (which was requested at an AA lounge), so I ordered a replacement card. I received the replacement card within about 10 days (with a note saying here's your replacement). Then, I received the initial card with a thank you for qualifying for another year about 3 weeks later.

I think Tourvest is handling card distribution and seems to have some logistical issues. I showed my card on my iphone at the lounge.
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My renewal GGL pack showed, and is still showing as fulfilled but not dispatched. I called up the GGL line a month after my status expiry date and BA kindly sent me a replacement Gold Card instead. The GGL pack showed up at the same time.

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My card expired at the end of April. The new one arrived over the weekend - 7 weeks after the order was apparently 'fulfilled' according to my BAEC account.
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Same issue here, new card supposedly dispatched shortly after my membership year end in March, but it didn't arrive until 6 or 7 weeks later, at the end of last week just before the old one expired.
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Same thing happened to me. After a month of waiting, I called and received the replacement cards (yes, two arrived) in a week or so.
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Is there a 'dispatched' status? Showing 'requested' and 'fulfilled' 17/09 but nothing through the letterbox yet.
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Mine took at least 4 weeks from 'fulfilled' last year (silver card).
There was no 'despatched' - I don't think there normally is - at least for my renewal.
My year is ending tomorrow- I think it will be a looong time before and if I get a new card.
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Met status updated last Monday.

New card etc arrived Thursday morning.
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Four weeks and counting and not yet in receipt of my new Gold card. They can't even get this right it would appear 😡. Sure it might not really matter having the card nowadays but it is another indication of BA not caring much on how their sub-contractors, assuming the issue of said cards is outsourced, are monitored on delivery performance.
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I was beginning to assume that actual cards were perhaps no longer issued. Somewhere in the depths on the website I can see it says 'Upgrade to Exec Gold - Fulfilled' but that was on11 April and no sign of any card(s). Mind you, it also says "Gold retained' which presumably should be 'Gold achieved'.
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I achieved Gold for the first time early March, I waited until May expecting a nice welcome pack - nothing. So I ordered a 'replacement' (my only) card and luggage tags but felt a little mugged off as one should surely receive a welcome?
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