Domestic Airport Upgrades - Pricing?

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Domestic Airport Upgrades - Pricing?

Hi all,

So a quick question on domestic airport upgrades.

I am hoping to take advantage of the domestic club europe to boost tier points to retain status.

Problem is that our company books with concur, meaning no option for online upgrades (hopefully they will change this one day!)

My bi-weekly route is LCY - GLA RTN, and I was hoping someone might have experience with either of the two questions below:
1. Given that a travel agency books my travel, can I still upgrade at the airport or is that also not available?
2. Does anyone have experience of the pricing for domestic club europe airport upgrades. I need to work out whether the tier point to is efficient enough.

Thanks to anyone who helps!


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See the main AUP thread for updates (in the Forum Dashboard), but it's 65 or 69 on that route, and yes it is available at the airport. At GLA you'll will know the desk on the edge - it often has an "upgrade" invitation on the overhead monitor. At LCY, by all means ask at check-in, but it's handled by customer services on the left as you enter. It can't be done airside.

Concur bookings with a UK Point of Sale should be upgradeable with Avios, if point to point, but that's not going to do any good to your TP collection rate.

And a slightly belated welcome-to-FT greeting to you Chris1988, welcome on board. I know you have posted on the TP run thread but I don't often go to that thread. I hope we will see plenty more of you here.
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Many thanks for the reply. Fantastic knowledge!
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I am hoping to directly benefit from the exact same idea over the upcoming year with domestic CE. I wouldn't often pay for CE domestic on a stand alone trip as such, but am happy to make a small personal contribution for the extra TP's. The efficiency depends on the original allocated TP's, but after POUGing a domestic booking next week at 65, I make that circa 2.17/TP when upgraded from N. Not too shabby really for the odd occasion
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We are flying LHR-GLA next month and I am interested in upgrading the return sector if the price is reasonable. I thought this would be simple via MMB but no, I get a message telling me to phone BA which I did. The lady took ages to get me a price then came back with 102. When I asked if this was for both of us, so said no it's per pax.

Our flights were booked before CE was available on domestic routes. The difference between Economy and CE on the website now is about 50 per pax, so why are we being quoted such an expensive price - or are BA struggling and just pulling figures out of the air?
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I was told AUP wasn’t possible on LHR BHD last week, shortly after Domestic CE launched. There were plenty of empty CE seats? no idea why... perhaps the mechanism to release seats for AUP wasn’t ready then, or there were a lot of no shows...
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I asked at the ticket desk in the Heathrow First Class Lounge last week and was quoted 69 to Edinburgh. Have had 65 POUGs on my 4 trips in the last week; always when online checkin was open (corporate TA bookings). These invariably didn't work. A colleague had more success after phoning up (60).

The same colleague asked at LCY and was told that it was sold out, however, upon boarding said that there were 10 people in 5 rows with one seat pair each. I guess they didn't want to give them company!
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