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Globaliser 2017-11-15 14:27:51

(Wikipost) FT BA Flight Simulator Outing to Heathrow [UK] 20/27 October 2017

Its back again! Simulator choice this year is 747 and 777. One of the 747 simulators is actually going this year so you may want to try them before they all go. No one will be forced to fly on something they dont want though, and I would imagine the 747 is the one most want (and should) try.

Previous Trip Reports for the Simulators
Each simulator holds 4 people and one instructor. The total cost of a 4 hour session in one simulator would be 1,700 (this is cheaper than BA offer to the public), and this would give around 55-60 minutes of time per person on the controls although we would rotate during the session so this would be split in to a number of smaller time chunks. Please note that the prices on the BAFT website are quoted as 1,700 excluding VAT per simulator, but we have been offered them for a price of 1,700, including VAT.

As we are charged per simulator generally a group in multiples of 4 would be ideal, with cost per person being 425. If we only had three people for example we would still have to pay 1,700 so the cost per person increases to 567 per person, although we would each get a bit more time at the controls. If we end up with 5 though it may well make sense to go to 1 simulator to reduce the cost and have say 45/50 minutes each per simulator.

Basically once we confirm numbers we can make a choice if we don't have a multiple of 4, although a multiple of 4 would be ideal.

Once the date is confirmed and booked each person would pay their share directly to BAFT, this is likely to be around September or early October when payment is due. It would be non-refundable so if you don't show you would unfortunately not get your money back, but this stops those that do show all of a sudden having to cover any no-show's share. If you do commit and pay and find in a few months you can't make it one option may be to see if a friend, work colleague, or other FT'er can come and take your place and they can pay you directly for your share which you have already paid to BAFT.

I will ensure that we are absolutely not going to be in a situation on the day where I am asking those that have come along to dip in to their pockets to cover any additional cost. Sorry this seems a bit harsh, but I don't think anyone wants to turn up finding instead of 3,400 divided by 8 it is suddenly only divided by 6.

Dates & Times
Unfortunately weekends are not possible for a group booking, so the options are weekdays. My own preference would be a Friday and probably 1900-2300 as (coming from the regions) I would only need to take half a day off work and wouldn't have to worry about getting back for working the next day. For those in London or around the South East you could come in the evening and there would be no need for any holiday being used.

If we booked for a date more than 3 months in advance we can hopefully get our choice of date & time. I have already confirmed with BA that the dates offered below are available.

Attendees and Groups
See post 127 for the group lists -

Standby list -

The simulators are all now at the new Engineering Base at Heathrow near Hatton Cross tube station - they used to be at Cranebank which is where we went in 2014, but they were moved last year and our 2015 and 2016 visits were at the new facility. More details here.

As this is part of a secure area you would need a passport or other photo ID to enter.



BA835 DUB-LHR (ETA: 1425) EI147, datschi
BA1343 LBA-LHR (ETA: 1535) KARFA,
BA753 BSL-LHR (ETA: 1240) florens


BA1343 LBA-LHR (ETA: 1535) KARFA, S_W_S



Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow at Hatton Cross: florens, KARFA, flatlander
Sheraton Heathrow: headinclouds


Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow at Hatton Cross: KARFA, S_W_S


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