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Club Europe Catering Guide 2017.

This thread outlines the new arrangements for Club Europe catering, introduced on Sunday 26 March 2017 and due to end on Tuesday 11 September 2018, based on 3 zones. A new Club Europe catering product is due to be launch on Wednesday 12 September 2018, and this is based on 4 bands. The main information piece - in terms of timings and the distance zones for the meals can be found in post 1. The following cross references the photos below against the matrix of options. In addition to the photos, some FTers have written extensively on their experiences so there is more to this thread than the pictures. Also note that there was an increase in food offered on some combinations shortly after the start-up, so the more recent photos may be the best place to start.The previous shorthaul catering guide, now locked but which had the previous 4 band system, is to be found here.

Numbers relate to the post number. Vegetarian means the alternative option provided as standard rather than the pre-ordered versions - which are VLML (Lacto-ovo), AVML (Asia) and VGML (Vegan) . There are differences between the offering in/out of LHR, LGW, LCY+STN. Last update: 833
Note posts before 1-832 are typically the April 2017 menu. 833 and above is from the menu for May 2017.
Chef's Chat sheets for:
CE LHR Summer 2017 - Rotation A

Short Band (UK, France, Ireland, BeNeLux, Germany)
Breakfast: 279, 570 (vegetarian), 629, 674, 821 (Express breakfast for MAN and LBA), 1343 (Vegan), 2285 (Express for LBA and MAN), 2445

Brunch: 180, 289, 469, 563, 685, 716, 2625 (AVML)

Lunch: 207, 545 (diabetic), 644 (first photo), 680 (VLML), 802, 928, 1322 (Kosher), 2284

Afternoon tea: 339, 404 (vegetarian), 480, 600 (VLML), 710 (including low lactose), 800, 882 (gluten free), 1281, 1322 (Kosher), 1673, 2679 (Kosher), 2792

Dinner: 563, 630 (VGML), 669 (Kosher Passover), 771 (VGML LCY) 799, 819 (AVML), 833 (May 2017 menu), 1283, 1287, 1674, 2446, 2616 (Kosher), 2793

Comments on difference between AVML and VLML here.
Medium Band (e.g. Madrid, Nice, Prague, Copenhagen)
Breakfast: 645 (vegetarian), 724 (vegetarian), 1003

Brunch: 199 (VLML), 600 (VLML), 659 (Kosher Passover)

Lunch: 239 (child), 251, 425, 641, 733

Afternoon tea: 332 (also includes vegetarian), 426 (GFML), 813 (Muslim)

Dinner: 456, 551 (also includes VLML), 666, 1004,
Long Band (e.g. Lisbon, Rome, Warsaw, Stockholm).

Breakfast: 195 (vegetarian)

Rest of the day: 306 (LFML), 345, 427, 443, 468, 597, 676, 687, 695, 783 (VLML)
NOT MAINTAINED AND OUT OF DATE: The complete Short Haul meal structure for the longer flights as of October 2017 is:

Meal 1: Chicken / red pepper risotto
Meal 2: Beef cheek
Meal 3: Chicken supreme / gnocchi
Meal 4: Miso glazed cod
Meal 5: Chicken khao soi
Meal 6: Hot smoked salmon linguine

Meal 1: Thyme roasted chicken
Meal 2: Spicy corn and paneer masala
Meal 3: Thai Penang chicken curry
Meal 4: Roasted red pepper tortellini
Meal 5: Beef and mushroom caserole
Meal 6: Tomato and four cheeses tortellini

Structured into:

Rotation A
LHR outbound
Meal 3
Meal 4
inbound to LHR
Meal 5
Meal 6

Rotation B
LHR outbound
Meal 5
Meal 6
inbound to LHR
Meal 1
Meal 2

Rotation C
LHR outbound
Meal 1
Meal 2
inbound to LHR
Meal 3
Meal 4
October 2017 = Rotation C
November 2017 = Rotation A
December 2017 = Rotation B
January 2018 = Rotation C
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Originally Posted by ringingup View Post
No menus handed out today on CAG-LGW. I canít remember. Do you normally get a menu on LGW services?
I have on all but one of my sectors which DBV-LGW but that was a pigs ear start to end. On all others both in and out of LGW I've always had a menu.
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Originally Posted by Rydeferry View Post
How did the Pigs Ear taste. I believe it is replacing Beef Cheek on LHR routes from 12Sept. Yummy.
On this slightly surreal post, a warm welcome to Flyertalk and the BA forum! I think it is a distinct minority of us who'll continue eating anything onboard if you are right but believe it or not, I'd personally pick well prepared pig's ears over the current afternoon tea sandwiches!
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This thread has now been archived, but there is still plenty to talk about.

Welcome to the new

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