Congratulations on reaching Silver

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Congratulations on reaching Silver

Hi All,

So my sister and I were booked on a BA flight to London last week. She recently made it to Silver, but as I hold the same Tier already for quite a while we didnt expect anything new to happen. Just before takeoff a crew member came to us, we sat right behind the curtrain in window and middle seat. The lady greeted us and congratulated my sis for becoming a Silver member and whether she knew all the benefits - like drinking champagne in the lounge. We had a good laugh with her but I felt a bit curious because I didnt get such a greeting, neither did our seat neighbours, who where also at least silver, too (saw them in the lounge).

Is this a normal procedure to have a chat with new silver tier members?

Oh and it didnt stop here. The same happend the next day on the transatlantic sector again.
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What happens is that the computer generates a message on to the CSM or CSD's iPad and they are supposed to pass on the company's congratulations to newly minted Silver. And probably, from the long term perspective, this is probably a genuine thank you from BA, on the basis that new Golds are already captured, hook, line and sinker in many cases (but they are also supposed to get a greet out too). Consistent application? Wrong airline, but there again, very few airlines do this sort of iPad tailored targeting at all. So yes normal, and by all means pass on this forum's congratulations to your sister too!
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yes - when I first made Silver I got a special welcome / mention the first time I went to the lounge at LGW: obviously flagged up on the system

the first time I made Gold I got absolutely nothing...but that was one of the JetTime operated flights to CPH so perhaps no surprise

once you make Gold you get the occasional "iPad welcome" from the lead crew member on board - sometimes very natural, sometimes not...done right, it's quite nice and a chance to chat a bit more about whatever's on your mind re: BA
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When I made silver the CSM on my next flight came and congratulated me after takeoff. When I later made gold I got nothing similar although I have had the normal greeting for golds a couple of times since.
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On the way from DUS-LHR as our start of a trip to Singapore and my girlfriend was welcomed to Bronze by the purser. She is now silver, I wonder if she'll get a welcome on the way back.
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Nothing on the plane, first time at silver. But I did have the lady at check in make a remark (paraphrased) "Oh I see it's your first flight as silver. I'm meant to tell you how to use our lounges, but this is LCY so...."

First time travelling gold I was greeted by, what seemed like a bouncer that seemed to be herding me toward the club lounge, until I showed my gold bordered phone app at which point he became more welcoming.

It was early, but I didn't think I looked particularly scruffy!
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On my first BA flight as a Gold, some FA who I never saw again (perhaps the CSD/CSM/SCCM/whatever, I don't really get the titles) walked past with the manifest looking a bit lost, turned around, caught my eye and said my name, then just nodded and walked off!

I was in WTP on that flight.
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Though I'd done a couple of OW flights after qualifying, on my first BA flight as silver, CSD came back to WT, congratulated me firm handshake and asked the lovely lady in charge of our aisle to take "extra good care of [me]".

Attracted a few stares, but appreciated the gesture nonetheless.
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I had a 'welcome to Silver' greeting back in the day flying back from YVR in WTP, when I first made Gold I was congratulated whilst sitting in a middle seat, row 20+ in ET on a packed flight to Oslo.

That's been about it on BA- however on AY J longhaul legs from HEL to the Far East (been doing a lot of these recently) I consistently get greeted by name, handshake, often a chat (invariably about the A350 / their incredible Napue Rye Gin) and overall a genuine pleasure from the senior cabin person (not sure of the AY title) that I have chosen to fly Finnair.

No material benefits to the above, but makes a good and lasting impression on the brand.
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MrD and I first made silver together.
Our first flight afterwards (LHR-HND WTP) the senior crew member cane and welcomed me but not my husband sitting next to me. He did ask if I used the lounge and to make sure I did on my inbound flight.
In our case BA has been a bit weird, MrD gets all the promo emails and I get none. In September of last year travelling in Y on the same booking I got upgraded and he didn't ! It all worked out in the end (the one time I didn't really want an upgrade as I was in exit row seats and ended up at the back of WTP middle seat - doh !!
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1s time I made Silver, about 5 years ago, I was travelling in Y from Houston to London and one of the crew came up to my wife and I, congratulated us and asked us if we wanted a glass of Champagne
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No welcome on silver, no welcome on gold and never any special recognition.

My first flight as gold I was flying LHR - HND in WT and politely asked for an eyemask. Was firmly told that I didn't get one in WT and the only ones she had were for the crew.
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My wife got a lovely welcome to silver from the crew on a MIA-LHR flight last year. A week later neither me or my daughter got one, but the service was excellent in WTP that evening!
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Nothing for silver, but I did get a CSD welcome on my first flight in CW!
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Was on LGW - TPA in January when the CSM congratulated a passenger near me for reaching bronze.

Another passenger near me had to try very hard to stifle their laugh...
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