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Buy on board: Experiences and reactions from BA's shorthaul economy service

Buy on board: Experiences and reactions from BA's shorthaul economy service

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This thread focuses on experiences and reactions for the implementation of buy on board for shorthaul, mainly led by impressions taken from flying on board British Airways' shorthaul services.

An information thread exists for your questions, particularly if they are on factual matters, here:
Buy on board: Information guide for BA shorthaul economy services

If you have an opinion about the concept of Buy on Board, the right thread is:
Buy on board: Implemented on BA short haul - opinions on the concept

Photos of current BoB menu (September 2018) post #125 in information thread
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Originally Posted by adrianjc32 View Post
This customer had a large quantity of crisps (over triple what was quoted), multiple pastries (on plates), almost 30 magazines, bottles of water and various other items. Way above any normal behaviour. It's not about upsetting anyone, but equally there were other customers who wanted food and drink and in this one case the customer wasn't thinking about the wider picture.
Hahahahahahahahaha brilliant

There are some odd people around
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Sitting on LGW-AMS in CE. There is a M&S brochure in CE. Captain mentioned BOB in the flight announcement with "first day of a brace new world fir BA"
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Also, notice that still water is on the menu: http://www.britishairways.com/en-gb/...my-drinks-menu

This being the case, is comp water also off the menu? Can someone flying check? This rather worries me. Surely water has to be provided free of charge?
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I'd be interested to know from others who have had expereince whether a potable water cup with ice is provided free of charge. I assume not based on the 'hot water debacle'!
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Interestingly no menus in the seatbacks on my BCN - LHR. Maybe the crew hand them out on a silver platter as part of the new enhanced service 😂
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Report from BA1474 (LHR-GLA) this morning.
Started off well - shiny new menus, well-rehearsed announcement on takeoff from the Purser explaining that food and drink is available to purchase from the M&S menu in your seat pocket.

Soon went downhill though. The technology is a clear let down, or more accurately, according to the crew they have not had any trial/training period on using the tech and this is the first morning properly getting to grips with it. Plenty of asking each other how to do something.
Trolley layouts were a nightmare, my colleague's yoghurt was on one trolley and a spoon for the yoghurt on another trolley. Lots of dashing between trolleys.
The POS they have on board stopped printing receipts - and given a good proportion of pax will be travelling for work and claiming expenses, this meant the Purser had to go and write out receipts by hand for various parties, us included.
We also confused them as me and my colleagues were in 3DEF and 2F, and 3E was paying on his corporate card. One person on each trolley serving and the other taking payment meant this got very confused and took some time to put across what we needed to pay for (as they do not put it through the POS as you ask for it in the first instance).
Service was very slow and I'm sure they'll get used to it, but it was a bit of a joke this morning.

Not all bad though, although they were clearly being let down by technology and lack of training, the crew remained apologetic, polite and professional.
I had a bacon roll and a coffee, I thought the quality of the bacon roll was great, and the coffee is a glorified filter coffee where the ground coffee goes in the cup, and there is a filter on the lid for you to drink through. The quality of both items was in my opinion decent, and I think the M&S partnership is strong.
The hot food orders are also taken as the first order of service before the trolley is brought along, which helps get things going and means that actually the timing of my drink and food arriving was about perfect.
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Thanks for the report hcuk94. I guess teething problems were to be expected.

I am slightly disappointed that BA missed the opportunity to dress their sales assistants cabin crew in Percy Pig outfits.

Did you get a chance to gauge general feedback from those around you who you did not know? Did people seem to generally accept the BoB concept? Any people surprised or any dissenters? Did you notice if they made it through the whole cabin during the flight time available?
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Thirty eight posts have been moved to the http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/briti...hort-haul.html thread.

Moderator: BA forum
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Originally Posted by nbevan View Post
Captain apologised that inadequate BoB food had been loaded for our flight to TXL this morning!
Will this become the new announcement: "Rather than a complimentary selection, inadequate BoB food has been loaded." ?
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Just boarded BA701 VIE-LHR, announced in the holding pen that only tea, coffee and water would be available on the return back to London. Not sure yet if they've sold all the food or didn't load any from Heathrow
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Bottled water is available to buy, both sparkling and still.

If you don't want to buy bottled water you can request the potable water and when able to, the crew will bring you a glass. Nowadays though, most customers will prefer to drink bottled water in much the same way as when purchasing water in other types or retail outlets.

This is Inline with the practises of most other UK airlines that now offer BOB.
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Only 4 made de purchase on the BRU LHR this morning.

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A friend of mine flew LHR-Italy this morning. He said only bottles of water has been loaded! Not sure if Club were properly catered for or not.

So seems like some successes, some major fails!

I really think they should have done some actual in flight testing to check everything worked (like a band 4 ex-LGW, so not business heavy and a long flight to sort problems) rather than go live across the board on day 1. Maybe they didn't learn anything from the disasterous opening of T5?
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Just walking through T5 and I noticed Pret has finished its revamp and was very busy -busier than I've ever seen it -all tills open so five/six and each queue three or four deep. Must just be lunchtime, I thought.

Get to lounge and read Flyertalk. Penny drops.

So maybe some passengers are reacting to BOB by buying before boarding.
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