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KARFA 2020-01-02 04:14:05

(Wikipost) Buy on board: Information guide for BA shorthaul economy services
This thread is an information based guide for the implementation of buy on board for shorthaul, focusing specifically on information for what is available for purchase and how to buy items from the menu. The first post has the current menu and an FAQ, by all means ask other questions if not already answered. This thread is not concerned with the rights or wrongs of the decision to introduce buy on board.

There is a separate thread for experiences, anecdotes, reactions and related comments, which is to be found here:
Buy on board: Experiences and reactions from BA's shorthaul economy services

If you have an opinion about the concept of Buy on Board, the right thread is:
Buy on board: Implemented on BA short haul - opinions on the concept

Photos of current BoB menu (January 2020) can be found in post #153

Menu archive:
October-December 2019 menu post 5 (separate thread)
May-September 2019 menu post 150
January-April 2019 menu post 144
September-December 2018 menu post 125
May-September 2018 menu post 115
January-April 2018 menu post 112
Autumn/Winter 2017 menu post 94
Summer 2017 menu post 91
January 2017 menu post 43

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