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Buy on board: Information guide for BA shorthaul economy services

Buy on board: Information guide for BA shorthaul economy services

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Please read: This is a community-maintained wiki post containing the most important information from this thread. You may edit the Wiki once you have been on FT for 90 days and have made 90 posts.
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This thread is an information based guide for the implementation of buy on board for shorthaul, focusing specifically on information for what is available for purchase and how to buy items from the menu. The first post has the current menu and an FAQ, by all means ask other questions if not already answered. This thread is not concerned with the rights or wrongs of the decision to introduce buy on board.

There is a separate thread for experiences, anecdotes, reactions and related comments, which is to be found here:
Buy on board: Experiences and reactions from BA's shorthaul economy services

If you have an opinion about the concept of Buy on Board, the right thread is:
Buy on board: Implemented on BA short haul - opinions on the concept

Photos of current BoB menu (January 2020) can be found in post #153

Menu archive:
October-December 2019 menu post 5 (separate thread)
May-September 2019 menu post 150
January-April 2019 menu post 144
September-December 2018 menu post 125
May-September 2018 menu post 115
January-April 2018 menu post 112
Autumn/Winter 2017 menu post 94
Summer 2017 menu post 91
January 2017 menu post 43
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Old May 1, 18, 5:39 pm
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Glad that BA kept the mushroom and cheese toastie in the menu. I really like it, and it seems to be a popular choice among passengers. Thank you for posting KARFA.
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Old May 2, 18, 2:16 am
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Originally Posted by BA6948 View Post
It is very meh! Nothing really exciting in the new menu.
Perhaps you’re right. But, either way, I am of the view that - as regards the menu content itself - any periodic changes are ultimately a peripheral issue.

Far more important is the matter of adequate supplies being loaded, so that all passengers who wish to make use of BoB are actually given the chance to do so. Sadly however, the same probems seen when BoB was first launched, well over a year ago, continue. As highlighted just a couple of days ago by FT member ThatT1Feeling ........

No hot food available CPH-LHR last Thursday evening.
It was a rammed-full A321 with only 5 or 6 rows of CE - so about as many ET pax as BA can get on a shorthaul service (other than the 767s), and apparently all of the hot food was consumed on the outbound flight. Could have been a real moneyspinner for BA if they'd been a little more brave about how much they loaded onto the flight.”

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Old May 2, 18, 2:20 am
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Originally Posted by Andriyko View Post
Thank you for posting KARFA.
KARFA is online now  
Old May 8, 18, 3:50 am
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Is it just me or are BA increasingly running out of BOB flights? Had a few instances of this in recent history e.g. LHR-PRG this weekend, 7.30am flight sat in middle section of the plane and they had already run out of cider, most lager options, had no regular tonic water and only 2 cans of slimline...(don't judge me for the early drinking, was a stag!). Given it was first flight of the day leaving their home base you would have thought they would be better stocked? Despite the route, it was mainly couples on board so not a particularly raucous flight with people ordering copious amounts of alcohol! Similar issue on the way back (although less severe), and a friend had a recent Y class trip to Vegas they ran out of alcohol completely after 1.5hrs on board, BA's rather passive aggressive response was "we are sorry you could not get your second free alcoholic beverage". Is it a concerted effort to reduce air rage, alcohol related diversions etc, or can they stock less with new aircraft configs? Given they are now charging for it, and cans of beer are hardly perishable, I would think they would stock more....never really had the same issues on European trips with EZY and the likes
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Old Sep 7, 18, 2:28 pm
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New menu from September 2018:

KARFA is online now  
Old Sep 7, 18, 2:43 pm
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As I flew back on a domestic flight this evening, the most striking thing to note about the new Sep-Dec 2018 Menu is that BA have taken the opportunity to devalue Avios. By my back-of-an-envelope calculations, the value proposition has slipped from ~ 0.75p / Avios to ~ 0.65p / Avios for pretty much all the items on the menu. Most depressingly, the Wasabi peas that i almost always accompany with my can of Tribute lifted from the lounge have increased from 200 Avios to 230 Avios. Increases on hot drinks look to be even more significant. That's enough to have me rooting around in my hand luggage looking for my credit card (about to be replaced, thanks BA).

What with all the seemingly endless amount of IT cockups, here's hoping that this is about as far in devaluing Avios as BA will dare to go right now.
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Old Sep 8, 18, 10:00 am
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It seems the bacon roll has vanished. So there isn’t any breakfast option except porridge and only one hot option. For the rest, all food options are bread. The menu looks a little underwhelming to be honest especially for those in Band 4. What happened to « you’ll change your mind about airline food? ». AY, OS, SN and even EI (delicious full breakfast) do it better!
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Old Sep 8, 18, 10:13 am
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And no salad... just sandwiches or sandwiches.
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Old Sep 8, 18, 11:26 am
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That dark and stormy is desperately short of limes - and arguably bitters too.
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Old Sep 8, 18, 1:56 pm
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The first thing I saw, the porridge, looked good! Then I noticed the word "flavour" and checked. Yup, there's no maple syrup in it at all. Not BA's fault of course but I thought M&S was better than that.
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Old Sep 8, 18, 2:07 pm
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Random musing... haven’t seen the BA logo against a black background, as per the front cover, in at least a decade. Makes it look dated.
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Old Sep 8, 18, 4:58 pm
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Lots and lots and lots of carbs.

would be nice to see a salad with some sort of protein on the menu. M&S offer plenty of them.
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Old Sep 8, 18, 5:50 pm
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The BoB menu just keeps getting worse. I'll continue to refrain from making any purchases unless I'm really peckish on board.

As others have said, there's no healthy options. The lemon chicken and harissa salad was really good when they first implemented BoB, not that they used to stock many but nevertheless. They continue to hike up the prices and avios cost too. The one I noticed straight away is the + £0.15 hike on the soft drinks.

It'd be a good service if they served genuinely good stuff, but they're worsening the service and increasing the price.
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Old Sep 9, 18, 3:23 am
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A bit sad I won't be offered the choice of Sipsmith gin or Adnams beer on my band 4 CE next week. Yes I know I could cough up the avios/cash.... Very glad not to be stuck with the BOB food selection. Even worse is that M&S do some really decent stuff but the choices for BOB are so poor.
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Old Sep 9, 18, 3:45 am
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Originally Posted by cameramaker View Post
... they're worsening the service and increasing the price.
Any Avios redemption inflation?

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