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Which J do you prefer for TATL - BA 747,777,787 or AA 777?

Which J do you prefer for TATL - BA 747,777,787 or AA 777?

Old Aug 8, 16, 7:14 pm
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Which J do you prefer for TATL - BA 747,777,787 or AA 777?

Hi, I'm planning a DUB-HNL run later this year and only really have decisions to make on the LHR-NYC segment (apart from deciding not to B2B DUB).

Options are BA 747 or 777 and one option in 787 to EWR.

or.... could take a few options in the AA777? (booked as a BA flight)

I cant confirm anywhere if the AA plane(s) is the 777-300ER?, which looks nice J layout, but a friend is exec plat AA and gets wi-fi on AA when he visits the in-laws in DFW.

Is it worth going from T5 to T3 to get the AA flight? If not, do you have strong opinions on a preference for the three BA options? Will be traveling with Mrs WJ and spending 2-3 nights at HNL.

Not worried about the EWR-JFK transfer if needed.

Finally, if this post should be in another thread, can a mod please move it Thanks.

(Been lurking and getting benefit from FT for about 3 years and only recently started posting - and this will be my first TP run )
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Old Aug 8, 16, 10:51 pm
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There will be those who disagree but imo the AA77W J product is way better than CW - unless it's the 747 UD which is great in its own unique way.
Having flown the 77W for the first time a year ago I certainly wouldn't chose BA J for TATL.
Try a dummy booking on AA.com that will tell you if it's a 77W or not.
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Old Aug 8, 16, 10:52 pm
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Is CWLCY not an option?

See also:
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Old Aug 8, 16, 11:20 pm
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In general, I will always take AA westbound to JFK and BA (747 UD only - 64K) eastbound from JFK. I will always take a T5-T3 connection if it requires it, it only takes 15mins really. I also cannot wait for the CX lounge in T3 to open and this will be the icing on the cake. I, however, find AA T3 lounges poor though, and usually stick to BA as CX has been closed for refurb.

The hard product of AA is so much better than CW, in either the 77W or 772s.

The reason for BA 747 UD on the return is BA manages a sleeper service which AA do not, hence I get a much better sleep on this journey/direction than on AA. As I hit the pillow as soon as gear is up, I am not bothered about BA's poorer catering/soft product as all I consume is literally a bottle of water (if I get one!), having likely eaten in NYC or the lounge.

There are other options for TATL that you missed, notably the A380 and A318 on BA and the ex-US A330 (the BA 767 service has just ended), which is an excellent product in my opinion, however, does not get as good reviews on this particular board for some reason (I think there is some sort of stigma about US).
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Old Aug 8, 16, 11:21 pm
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Originally Posted by Mr 1A View Post
There will be those who disagree but imo the AA77W J product is way better than CW - unless it's the 747 UD which is great in its own unique way.
Exactly my sentiments also - but I chose one or the other depending on the direction and the need to sleep
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Old Aug 9, 16, 12:21 am
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Concur with the other posters!

AA westbound, BA 747 UD home. AA really have upped their game and I vastly prefer their product on the day flight to the US.

Doing this very thing in a few days time for work - our TA very good at booking ITA itineraries I send them (which I think was a tip that was posted on here)
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Old Aug 9, 16, 2:00 am
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"AA 777" means little because 77W, 772, and 777 have entirely different J cabins and all three are used by AA!

Frankly, if I were to rank AA-BA LHR transatlantic J seats, I'd probably go:

AA 77W - BA 744UD - AA 772 - BA 388UD - BA 388LD - BA 787 - BA 777 - BA 747LD - AA 777 (unrefurbished).

However, for full disclosure, I typically choose BA personally for a mixture of CCR lounge access ex-LHR/JFK (or to an extent IAD for the dining room), ability to GUF to F, or CWLCY for the relaxing ride and pre-clearance. Exceptions are ex-LAX/MIA because the 77W comfort on the longer LAX flight really is nice (in theory you could also use the nicer OW lounge with the new corridor but I don't bother to cross half the airport for that) and for MIA if I can get a good plane, I can pair it with the Amex Centurion lounge which is very much nicer than the BA lounge.
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Old Aug 9, 16, 2:35 am
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AA currently schedule only has 1/3 flights to JFK on the 77W with the true reverse herringbone seats, usually it's the last flight of the day. To check it, it's the only AA flight with F class.

Taking BA has the advantage of being able to UuA, and BA F is quite good on a day flight. I would say in order of preference AA 77W > BA 787 > BA 744 UD > AA 772 > BA 318
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Old Aug 9, 16, 2:36 am
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I came back from LAX in April on the 77W and had one of the best sleeps I've had on a plane - pretty much 8 sound hours. Very comfortable. Perhaps helped by the drinks in the Qantas First lounge beforehand
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Old Aug 9, 16, 3:23 am
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OK, thanks very much for the speedy responses all - very helpful!

Special thanks to nux for the pointers to previous resources !

ITA (using time bars) makes it easier, but the point made about using dummy booking on aa.com is excellent for checking the variant.

much appreciated and will book very soon now. wj
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Old Aug 9, 16, 3:38 am
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The A318 - quite the best service on the North Atlantic IMHO
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Old Aug 9, 16, 3:57 am
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Westbound: AA. Because I will mostly be awake, so their WiFi is useful while their habit of leaving the lights on and FAA-imposed ineffective curtains are irrelevant. The seat is good and the IFE is better than most BA (except Super-J).

Eastbound: BA 744 UD or A380 UD. Because I will want to sleep, so the quieter BA staff and actual effective galley curtains combined with the comfortable seat for sleep will ensure better rest.
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Old Aug 9, 16, 4:15 am
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You won't get a no-refurbished AA 777 on the LHR route anymore apparently, saw AA announced recently it's now fully flatbed.

And I also saw that the 772 that are refurbished are being refurbished again with yet another new seat in J (the same one QR use on the 787/A380/A359) - first one has already been done. They'll be using this on the 772, replacing the Zodiac one they'd already started fitting due to supply issues
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Old Aug 9, 16, 4:21 am
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AA all the way. But only niggle I have with the AA seat is the coffin like feeling my feet get when trying to sleep.
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Old Aug 9, 16, 4:22 am
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I took the AA 777 a couple of weeks ago and REALLY liked it. Very comfy. Only mildly annoyed that my assigned seat (1A - a window for the day flight) was inop and I got reassigned 7H, a seat in the centre of the cabin.

The food on AA is not brilliant, as we well know. But the cabin design is lovely, the duvet and pillows add some comfort over the spartan BA offerings, and so overall I have to say it gives BA a run for it's money. I'm quite happy to trade that for most any seat on a BA 777 or 747 (maybe not 62J ;-)

(Edited to add - oh yes, and wifi on the eastbound daytime flight was fantastic and reasonably priced!)
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