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BA Dictionary

I have looked for, but not found, a Dictionary for BA. So I thought I would start a thread.

Two obvious entries

Once upon a time, this meant, "to improve the quality, amount, or strength of something"
Now it means "the cheapskate beancounters from BA have got at this once reasonable arrangement, and have either removed it or made it cheap". This does not apply to BA Board members, of course, who fly First for life.

"A short delay".
Once upon a time this meant, "to make something happen at a later time than originally planned or expected".
It now means, "We have your money, and really don't care whether or not you fly today, tomorrow, or ever, really"
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Yes this could prove entertaining

As in Elemis Spa available whenever you fly long-haul into or out of London Heathrow and New York JFK

Translation - sometimes

As in "a direct line to our dedicated team of customer support staff"

Translation - minimum wage call center staff with a highly variable knowledge

As in Bronze card holder can speed through the airport by using our business class check-in desks and priority boarding

Translation - futher clog up the already clogged up security lanes

Priority boarding
The first 50% of those on the aircraft.
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Executive: Everyone.

Customer Feedback: Accountants orders.

First: Business

Fuel Surcharge: Oh, did we say fuel? We meant, erm, squirrels.
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I absolutely agree that we've let you down on this occasion: Tough
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Haha, reminds me of this promo dictionary BA themselves produced in 2005:
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We really appreciate your support as a Blue/Bronze/Silver/Gold/Guest List Executive Club Member: We don't give a toss if you fly with us or not.

We listened to our customers and they told us that: We designed a survey that could only possibly produce the answers that we wanted to hear.

Catering appropriate to the time of day: We don't think any time of the day is appropriate for the sort of catering service that you'd like.
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Welcome on board

Sit down keep your mouth shut and your finger off the call button.
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Short Flight

Any flight up to about 3 and a half hours
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''access to comfortable private lounges''

find a quiet spot and you'll feel like you've won the lottery.
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Originally Posted by scottishpoet View Post
Short Flight

Any flight up to about 3 and a half hours
Much longer than that! With a good wind I've heard JFK-LON described as a short flight.
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Operational Reasons

"You have been moved out of 1A for Operational Reasons"

The captain's wife is flying with us today.
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(from First: we make sure everything meets our meticulous standards

BA definition of 'meticulous': the minimum standard we think we can possibly get away with
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Some of the guys at Business Traveler are on the case too suggesting alternative to 'To Fly to Serve'.
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From one of my deliverables books - enjoy!...


AOC = Air Operatorís Certificate
ASR = Advance Seat Reservation
ATB = Automated Ticket & Boarding Pass (a printer)
ATPCO = Airline Tariff Publishing Company
ATV = Average Ticket Value
BSP = Billing & Settlement Plan
Chart 1 = RBD information for the fare owning carrier and for secondary carriers participating on the fare
Chart 2 = RBD information for the carrier who is on the ticket but does not own the fare (which can include YY fares)
CRS = Computer Reservation System
CTMIN = Circle Trip Minimum
CUG = Closed User Group
CXR = Carrier (i.e. an airline)
DCS = Departure Control System
EBT = Excess Baggage Ticket
EMD = Electronic Miscellaneous Document
ePMP = Electronic Prorate Manual (Passenger)
FFP = Frequent Flyer Programme
FIM = Flight Interruption Manifest
FIT = Flexible Independent Travel
GDS = Global Distribution System
GSA = General Sales Agent
IBE = Internet Booking Engine
IT = Inclusive Tour
LCC = Low Cost Carrier(s)
LPM = Lufthansa Process Management
MCO = either Miscellaneous Charges Order or Money Collection Order
MCT = Minimum Connection Time
MIDT = Market Information Data Tape
MITA = Multilateral Interline Traffic Agreement
MPD = Multipurpose Document
MSC = Most Significant Carrier
OAL = Other Airline
OW = One Way
PAX = Passengers
PDEW = (Flights or Pax) Per Day Each Way
PFM = Prorate Factor Miles
PIR = Property Irregularity Report (for missing baggage)
Q Charge = Fuel Charge or Carrier Charge filed within a fare
RA = Revenue Accounting
RAM = IATA Revenue Accounting Manual
RBD = Revenue Booking Designator
RESO = IATA Resolution
RT = Return
PRM = Pricing & Revenue Management
SIS = Simplified Interline Settlement
SPA = Special Prorate Agreement
TAT = Transitional Automated Ticket
TC1, TC2, TC3 = Tariff Conference Areas 1, 2 and 3
TO = Tour Operator
VFR = Visiting Friends & Relatives
VPM = Value Per Prorate Factor Mile
VQ = Airport Tax
XBAG = Excess Baggage
YQ = Fuel Surcharge or Carrier Surcharge filed separately to the fare
YR = Fuel Surcharge or Carrier Surcharge filed separately to the fare
YY = IATA fare


ASK = Available Seat Kilometres
ASM = Available Seat Miles
ATV = Revenue / Number of Passengers on any one flight or across a group of flights
Load Factor = RPK / ASK = RPM / ASM across the network
RASK = Revenue Per Available Seat Kilometre
RASM = Revenue Per Available Seat Mile
RPK = Revenue Passenger Kilometres
RPM = Revenue Passenger Miles
Seat Factor = Number of passengers / number of available seat on any one flight or across a group of flights
Spill = cost of selling seats at a lower rather than a higher fare = an airline is said to spill revenue when seats are sold to passengers at a lower fare than could have been achieved otherwise Ė spillage costs should be weighed against the benefits of selling other seats at higher fares had the spillage costs been lower
Spoil = cost of leaving seats unsold = an airline is said to spoil a seat when the door of the aircraft closes for departure and the seat in question is unsold Ė spoilage costs should be weighed against the benefits of selling other seats at higher fares than might have been achieved had the spoilage costs been lower
Unit revenue = Revenue / ASK or Revenue / ASM
Yield = Revenue / RPK or Revenue / RPM
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Carrier surcharge (on award flight) - Guaranteed Cash Revenue (on award flight)
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