Incorrect Name on PNR

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Incorrect Name on PNR

Hello. I'm hoping somebody can help me with an issue. The Elder Wiggles decided to take a trip to Europe this summer and bought a ticket Europe bound from AAA-ORD-Europe on AA metal (001 ticket stock), and a return flight that's Europe-LHR-AAA on BA metal. Everything on Mother Wiggles' ticket is correct, but Father Wiggles' return ticket is having issues.

It looks like there is one PNR for the AA flights, and a separate PNR for the BA flights (though it's all under one ticket). If Father Wiggles' name were John Middleton Wiggles (First Name = "John", Middle Name = "Middleton", Last Name = "Wiggles"), then everything looks good on the AA PNR, but the BA PNR is showing this:

Iddleton John M Wiggles

Consequently, Mother Wiggles has called into AA and they've put the blame on BA. BA has said they fixed the issue for ticketing, but the website is still showing "Iddleton John M Wiggles" for the return flight and they said they can't fix what's being shown on the website which isn't very reassuring to Mother Wiggles.

Is there anything else we can do besides continuing to call BA? Mother Wiggles has been tirelessly calling BA to no avail.
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They should be fine - but understand concern. If they made the booking with AA and shows it as good I'd probably leave it, but wouldn't cut it too fine at the airport in case it does need a quick resolution.
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Do nothing. Get to the airport about 20 minutes earlier than you otherwise would, but say nothing, just hand over the relevant paperwork. Probably you would be fine anyway, but at worse the airport can have a go amending the ticket once its under their control. At this stage, it almost certainly falls into the "too difficult to fix" category.

The formal responsibility is with the issuing ticket airline (BA? AA?) but the ability of the other airline to fix something is very difficult. In the lead PNR is started on AA, it creates the shadow PNR on BA, but it is well known that the AA to BA to AA interface screws up names. Doubling up middle names is a favourite outcome.

Your mistake, incidentally, was to use a middle name at all. When travelling you should stick to your main surname, as spelt in the passport, and your usual first name. Two names, that's all. The big problem is patronymic and matronymic family names from the Spanish world, so airlines and airports are well versed in this area.
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Thank you so much, lorcancoyle & corporate-wage-slave!
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This is a non-issue and occurs routinely. Don't worry about multiple PNR's, each carrier will assign its own. All that matters is that each passenger has a ticket for each segment. As to names, so long as the jumble of names on the ticket matches the jumble of names on the passport, you will be fine on travel to the UK with AA/BA.

As C-W-S notes, whatever your name, I would always simply book under the convention of First Name followed by Last Name and not worry about other names and cultural conventions. There is no need and they simply complicate. However, both AA and BA are well able to handle these and your situation is routine when you consider the number of cultures which place multiple names in different orders.

Give yourself additional time at check-in so that if there are questions they can be worked out in a stress-free environment.
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Or if you do so like having all your middle names or multi-barrelled family names in the booking, simply avoid putting spaces in so that JOHNMIDDLETON runs together or OPPENHEIMERSMITHTHESECONDOFBLASTBURY.

Airline res systems have two fields for names; lastname/firstname - whatever you want to enter in there, feel free - just don't space it, as those don't translate well...
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I'd be inclined to give the Advanced passenger information section on MMB a check.

We have a similar problem for our holiday last year, but it was only spotted when I went to enter our infant's passport number prior to checkin. We have a double barrelled surname (i.e Firstname Middlename Surname1-Surname2) and both mine and my wife's names were shown in the API section as:

Given names: Surname2 Firstname Middlename
Surname (as shown on passport): Surname 1

Info was correct on our BAEC profiles but there was obviously some sort of issue when it got transposed. Glad I picked it up as we were flying to the US and I'm sure it could have caused us a bit of trouble...
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