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Sign47 Feb 1, 16 6:39 am

Positioning Flight question and luggage
I've never done a positioning flight (in order to fly cheaper in a premium cabin) but I've been doing some research and I've got a question perhaps some helpful FT board members can answer.

Lets say I want to fly London - Hong Kong in Club but the flights are 3,000 + on BA. However, if I was to fly from Stockholm/CPH/OSL etc.. the price is only 1,500. The flight would be via LHR.
e.g. CPH-LHR (BA) 20 hour transfer in LHR. Then LHR-HKG.

I understand in order to achieve this I need to buy a flight or redeem Avios to get to CPH.

However, as a London resident rather than spend 20 hours in LHR am I free to go home for the night? And secondly can I check in my luggage for the long haul flight when I return after the 20 hour layover. Or can I only give BA my hold luggage at the beginning of my ticketed travel?

Apologies for a basic question but we were all inexperienced flyers at some point. Let me know if I need to clarify any of the information or if I've got muddled and incoherent.

UKtravelbear Feb 1, 16 6:43 am

You're questions have been asked and answered many times before

Yes you can go home.

Yes yiu can check your bags in on the day of your long haul flight.

AlisonB84 Feb 1, 16 6:43 am

Yes you are free to go home for the night and yes you can check in your luggage when you return to Heathrow after the 20 hours!

Even easier if you can travel with hand luggage only though!

Andriyko Feb 1, 16 6:44 am

Of course you don't have to stay at LHR during your connection (and I am not even sure that it is possible). You can check in your bags at any connection point, so bringing them just for the LHR-HKG segment would be fine.

Sign47 Feb 1, 16 6:52 am

Many thanks for the answers. I appreciate the time you've taken to help me. We can let this thread drift to the end of FT and be forgotten. Or help someone else through the search function.

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