LHR T5 Parking

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LHR T5 Parking

For those of you who are regulars i'd appreciate your experiences as I cant believe the prices being shown and haven't driven for a while:

I need to drive to T5, arrive at car park at 13:00 on a Tuesday and will be leaving car park around 22:00 the next day, so basically 1 1/2 days parking. Am travelling 2nd Feb

Im getting Pod at 66, Short Stay at 96 and meet and greet 108 on official Heathrow website and 66 meet and greet with Purple Parking.

These prices seen absolutely ridiculous - is this normal? I was going to book today but I'm wondering if any of you use a tactic I.e not booking too far in advance / not too late. My preference is meet and greet as I want to get off my flight and get home without too much hassle.

Many thanks!
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Try looking at www.holidayextras.co.uk That site will provide more options. For example, for the dates and times provided, I can see T5 long-stay at 43.

The pod price you quoted seems about right. Although sometimes I have noticed that the price for pod drops a fortnight before I need to use it. But, I think the general rule of thumb is the further out booked the cheaper it will be (not necessarily pod, that is).

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Short Stay

I booked on Heathrow Parking site, through Quidco

I got 6 days parking, for 126 in the T5 Short Stay, so your price does seems very high!
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That seems about in line with what it costs, I'm afraid. You're paying for 2 days parking (and would at any other London airport).

I would go with pod parking, it's barely harder than any "meet and greet" sort of service (as long as you can walk OK - but if you've managed to walk from the aircraft to the customs exit, it's probably less walking to your car from there than already done from the aircraft door). I have never had to wait more than a minute or so for a pod, and usually there's one waiting for you.
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It sometimes gets cheaper by the day when you book something like 5 days but you can't leave 3 days early. Half the time, parking for the weekend costs as much a the flights etc. you're taking.

Last time I flew out of LHR, it was cheaper for me to park at Manchester Airport and fly down.

I've got flights next month and parking is a rip off if you want to be somewhere near the airport. Still a few cheaper than going by train though.

Pods are pretty fast anyway. Always been a few there and I wouldn't really want someone else driving my car to be honest.
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I always use purple parking meet and greet. Great service, really speedy check-in/out and a decent price
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I have a similar length trip to the OP and am seeing the same prices. An alternative is the Business T5 car park is about 55 and only adds about 5 mins to the total journey time (and drops off at the Southern end of departures which is better for premium check-in desks) versus Pods.

However, those are pretty much the standard drive-up prices for Business/Pod parking (28 and 34/day respectively) so no need to book in advance, unless an offer shows up in the days before your trip.
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I've been using justpark.com and booking either in nearby driveways and getting an Uber to and fro (ca 30 for a week plus 14 Uber fares), or in the Thistle hotel and taking the Pod into the terminal. Slightly more complicated than short stay car parks but I reckon I have saved a few hundred pounds over the last few months compared with on airport charges.
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The business park is fine. A few hundred metres further down the road from the Pod Parking.
I luckily got a space about 10ft from the bus stop near the entrance last time I used it early morning. Had a 2 min wait for the bus and closer to 10 on the return but easy enough to find it and get in and out.
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Personally I would park in Hatton Cross Tube Station Car Park and then take a very quick tube ride to T5. It's 11.50 per day. Otherwise, there are plenty of places a very short walk from a nearby tube station:

Hounslow East - Parking in the side roads are outside he CPZ.

Hounslow Central - Ample parking around Bulsrode Avenue and Bulstrode Gardens and adjacent roads.

Osterley - North side of the Great West Road (A4) which is the same side as the station. Also to the south of the A4, the entire area is outside the CPZ. Osterley Station Car park is 6.30 per day.

Hounslow West Tube Station Car Park is 5.50 per day.

You will find using the tube much quicker than using an offsite Airport car park and shuttle bus.
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LHR T5 Parking

Purple Parking Meet and Greet - usually £59 for that length of stay - great service in my experience
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I seldom use Purple Parking now (I've largely given up driving to LHR, partly because of the cost of parking), but when I have done, the meet and greet service has usually been great - and occasionally it has even saved me from missing flights.
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Hounslow West tube. 5 per day and no charge at weekends. Use it often on leisure trips.

If you are booking for short periods you don't get offers for the short stay/business car park. Am paying 31 for the POD tomorrow, but only as I have my mother with me so Hounslow West and the tube is not an option.
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Originally Posted by SukiB View Post
Personally I would park in Hatton Cross Tube Station Car Park and then take a very quick tube ride to T5. It's 11.50 per day. Otherwise, there are plenty of places a very short walk from a nearby tube station:
Is this still do-able?

Looking at options for next week for 3 days (Thurs, Fri, Sat).

47 for business parking
57 for POD parking
100 to park at the Thistle + room + POD charges
28 to park at Hatton Cross Tube Station.

Was looking at possibly driving down to LHR, arriving around 4:30am.
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I always take my motorbike, park less than 50 metres from the door of T5 and it's free
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