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paulaf Oct 19, 15 7:16 am

Paphos - lounge?
Thinking of treating ourselves next year to Club for our holiday to Cyprus, flying to Paphos but is there a BA or even 3rd party lounge there we would be entitled to use, just can't remember seeing signs for one that's all?

nux Oct 19, 15 7:18 am

polemi Oct 19, 15 7:53 am

There is a third party lounge. Turn right, then right again once you enter the main gate area. (Perhaps fifty metres?) It really isn't up to much though. Quite small and dark, no view. Some warm snacks (usually) and the normal Cyprus wines and cheaper spirits.

The seating is more comfortable than that in the departure area. Depending on the time of day and number of charters going out the main area is usually very quiet anyway.

You can buy entry on-line (about £21) and since the difference between club and economy is marginal on board you may wish to buy the lounge or use the outside bar and save your cash/miles.

paulaf Oct 19, 15 10:09 am

So to clarify, reading the list of lounges, can we access the 3rd party lounge for free with our BA tickets? Don't really want to pay for lounge access to ask the tickets are £300 more than economy already.

paul4040 Oct 19, 15 10:12 am

Originally Posted by paulaf (Post 25585890)
So to clarify, reading the list of lounges, can we access the 3rd party lounge for free with our BA tickets? Don't really want to pay for lounge access to ask the tickets are £300 more than economy already.

No you can't unfortunately.

paulaf Oct 19, 15 10:18 am

Sorry so why does it say in post 9 of the list of lounges "Access Standard BA rules apply", I'm confused.

corporate-wage-slave Oct 19, 15 10:43 am

Paphos - lounge?
There is a note about it in the Wiki for the Europe lounge thread. BA did have access to the lounge but they ended the contract. However, greetings from Paphos, I will find out the latest developments tomorrow and will revert.

paulaf Oct 19, 15 10:45 am

Many thanks, look forward to hearing back from you tomorrow then, as I said it would be a treat so it would be a shame not to have lounge access, especially as there is a lounge there!

Behindthecurtain Oct 19, 15 11:25 am

PFO has a very nice outside bar, where you can relax and if like me you are a Niccoteenie, have a last minute fag or six. I never use a lounge here

Prospero Oct 19, 15 2:39 pm

Originally Posted by paulaf (Post 25585928)
Sorry so why does it say in post 9 of the list of lounges "Access Standard BA rules apply", I'm confused.

There are many airports served by BA that donít have a BA operated lounge (or a lounge operated by a oneworld partner airline). However, in the vast majority of such cases, BA has a contract arrangement with a local lounge provider which means if you are travelling on a BA flight you can use the contract lounge if you are travelling in business or first class or have oneworld Sapphire or Emerald status.

Coverage can be patchy and as corporate-wage-slave mentioned there are a few outstations without such an agreement in place - these outliers tend to be at airports where BAís service is seasonal

BA6501 Oct 19, 15 3:13 pm

Or BA has recently commenced operations there...

paulaf Oct 20, 15 2:34 am

BA have been flying to Paphos for a few years but yes I think its seasonal, we often fly there and yes I know the outside area well but as I said we wanted a treat, don't really mind if its a 3rd party lounge as have experienced those before and thought it was fine. Even it is seasonal if you book a club ticket it's not really on BA don't give lounge access I think especially as there is a premium lounge there if you look at the Paphos airport website.

polemi Oct 20, 15 2:56 am

It's very poor if BA don't cough up for the lounge, bearing in mind the £300 premium mentioned earlier for the Club ticket. The lounge costs around £20 for adults and under £10 for children. I'm sure BA would get it for considerably less than that.

I use the airport about twice a month and very rarely use the lounge. (Only if substantial delays). I sometimes take a posh pic-nic and sit outside as someone else suggested. I buy a bottle of wine from duty free and drink that. (I know that's not allowed but the airport doesn't seem to care).

corporate-wage-slave Oct 20, 15 5:13 am

Greetings from the Premium Lounge Paphos Airport, which is a cool refuge from the 28c hot sunny day that it is outside.

First the bad news: definitely no BA access at all, indeed only a few airlines give access here. The ones listed being Transaero, Aegean (which has stopped flying here) and Thomas Cook.

The not so bad news is that they accept Priority Pass, Lounge Key and Lounge Pass, and there's a walk-in cash fee of 30€. That's fairly stiff for the area so I suspect that is what drove BA to drop the lounge facility.

The good news is that the lounge is quite good. The airport has been tarted up since my last visit, when the rebuilding work was still on. It was quick and easy to get from landside arrival from the city bus through security and passports, was less than 5 minutes. For a Europe short haul lounge I give is 8 out of 10.

Here are some photos.

Food: sandwiches - tuna, egg and cress, cucumber, coleslaw: all taste home made. Pastries, baklava and croissants. Biscuits and local yoghurt. Two hot plates with the usual spring rolls, wontons, and local cheese pastries. Beer in fridge is Carlsberg and local Keo (4.5%).

International press (including UK), computers, TV screens, wifi (9.6 mbps down, 4.6 up), 2 PCs, power sockets (UK) and LAN sockets (not tested). Only downside is the bathrooms are outside the lounge, but right next door.

And as has been commented earlier, it's quite a small airport and there are a good selection of other places to eat and drink, and indeed smoke outdoors if you wish.

St Elmos Fire Oct 20, 15 5:32 am

At least by last September they were offering a credit of €15 per person at the food and beverage outlets having ended the contract some time previously. Not the best.

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