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SEW247 Aug 11, 15 3:29 am

Seat Selection on Malaysian Airways
Hi everyone

A quick question! As a BA Gold, is it possible to circumvent Malaysian Airways trying to charge me to select seats on one of their flights, booked from their website?!

I've called their call centre and they are adamant that I need to pay for my seats! Is this correct? And if not, what is the most efficient way to get around this and select my own seats?



gms Aug 11, 15 4:42 am

I assume you are travelling in Economy? If so, then you will have to pay to pre-select seats. No way round it other than to wait until online check-in (which opens 48 hours before departure).

If in business then you should be able to select a seat.

I believe the same rule applies to Malaysian's own frequent fliers.

KARFA Aug 11, 15 4:51 am

Email them, I did so about 6 months ago and asked for a seat reservation when sat in Y (avios booking).

[email protected]

shefgab Aug 11, 15 5:23 am

The last time I booked on MH, I declined to pay to reserve a seat when booking on their website, assuming I could select for free afterwards. This didn't happen. On MMB, I couldn't even pay for seats. I called the London office, and was told I couldn't select a seat now. At OLCI I was preassigned a seat I couldn't then change :mad:

However, I believe YMMV.

(to be fair to MH, I only paid 60 rtn KUL-RGN, so got an amazing deal, which they no doubt lost money on, given all my lounging in KUL!)

nov11 Aug 11, 15 11:21 am

Originally Posted by shefgab (Post 25252934)
At OLCI I was preassigned a seat I couldn't then change :mad:

The OLCI has a new UI and you can now change your seats even after you check-in (biggest improvement!). Previously, you can change your seats before you finalize your check-in.

Having that said, if you want seats, just OLCI 48 hours prior to departure and you should be able to get decent seats other than bulkhead and exits which are assigned at the airport.

jerry a. laska Aug 11, 15 11:24 am

Also see:

TGflyergirl Aug 11, 15 10:53 pm

There's two things at play here, and they differ depending on the method used to purchase the MH ticket.

If you booked it as an Avios Redemption, you CAN assign a non-bulkhead, non-emex seat for free via the Qatarairways website, using the amadeus reference that BA provides.

If you bought it directly from MH, using their own res system, there is no other avenue for you to preassign a seat other than through their own system, for which you'll have to pay.

I'd wait till OLCI - seats usually available aplenty.

charlesrhona Aug 12, 15 12:47 am

I have found that if you book Malaysian through the likes of Expedia or Opodo then you can request seats via there site. These go into the system as unconfirmed and stay that way until just before travel date. On all but one occasion Malaysia have honoured the seats requested at no charge. A bit of a lottery I know but worth trying.

eminere Aug 12, 15 5:16 am

What is "Malaysian Airways"?

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