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British Airways mixed fleet/worldwide fleet

British Airways mixed fleet/worldwide fleet

Old Jun 8, 15, 12:28 pm
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I've stopped thinking about the service I'm to get prior to the flight based on what fleet my crew comes from. I've had good and bad from both MF & WW. I judge the crew based on there performance during the flight now.

Pax shouldn't notice a difference from MF compared to a WW crew but in reality... when it comes to day to day operations MF seem to have more people that 'are less bothered' then WW.

The facts are:


- Decent pay
- More experience
- Most of them enjoy working for BA but I have found a few ones that are past their 'best before' date
- Legacy contract


- Bad pay (Most of them still live at home or share a house with other crew)
- Less experience
- Some love it and some hate it. Most are young and keen to see the world and this is how they do it. Sadly some see the 'working on the plane' part as more of a chore rather than the job they are being paid to do.
- High turnover (Some see it as a very short term thing while they choose what to do with their lives, rumour is that it's around 25% of that trained quit within the first 36mouths because of pay & low morale)
- On contract available for LHR based crew

I don't point the finger at anyone until they personally deliver a poor service, then I make sure someone up the chin of command hears about it.
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Old Jun 8, 15, 12:41 pm
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WW wear hats on the 787 too.

At first I thought the MF crews were as good as any other but of late I have had a number of poor experiences. I wrote recently about how a MF crew member did not know what a miniature JD bottle looked like, and on a MAN SHT the other day they really did not seem to know what they were doing and struggled to get the service done. I realise getting everyone a G+T and a shortbread on a MAN isn't easy and these guys seemed very new as they were constantly asking the CSM questions. I presume there is a not of newly hired MF crews of late, they are probably just finding their feet.

The other day on the above described MAN shuttle half the crew were wearing the service waistcoat, one was just in a shirt and the other still had his jacket on. The chap with the waistcoat took it off as "Cabin crew seats for landing" was called and produced his jacket that was screwed up in the overhead bin above the R3 door on a A321, it looked ridiculous like he had slept in it.

The comments about crews on Madrid runs surprise me. Of the EF crews I have found some of the 767 trained ones some of the best.

The WW crews on my LAX BWI and BOM trips of late have been excellent too.

I guess it all comes down to experience.
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Old Jun 8, 15, 2:07 pm
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Originally Posted by paul4040 View Post
Is ORY a MF destination? The female crew on my recent trip there had the hats (which look great, btw).
Yup, it is. I think CDG is not, but I tend to go through ORY at the moment so may be wrong.
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Old Jun 8, 15, 2:22 pm
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Originally Posted by Jonathan1974 View Post
Hats are worn by MF (female) cabin crew members and by WW and Mf on the A380.
Also WW crew on the 787.
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Old Jun 8, 15, 2:25 pm
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I wouldn't judge all crew by the MAD 767 afternoon flights!. That particular 767 route has a group of crew that bid for it regularly. I know that a lot of other crew avoid it!
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Old Jun 8, 15, 2:33 pm
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Can anyone tell me whether there is any rule of thumb re. MF or WW? Is it completely random or are certain routes or aircraft always one or the other?
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Old Jun 8, 15, 2:37 pm
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Originally Posted by gypsyjaney View Post
Can anyone tell me whether there is any rule of thumb re. MF or WW? Is it completely random or are certain routes or aircraft always one or the other?
They have their own routes but from time to time can be found operating each other's, due disruption or crew shortages on any of the fleets.

Likewise WW and E/F or LGW crew can operate each other's too.

For instance in Jully, WW crew will be operating the 767 rotations of IStanbul and Stockholm due to a shortage of E/F crew.

Routes swap between the fleets from season to season also.
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Old Jun 8, 15, 2:56 pm
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Originally Posted by Lynyrd View Post
WW wear hats on the 787 too.

I guess it all comes down to experience.
I think that sums it up.

On my last 747 flight operated by 'legacy' crew I was chatting with a few of them in the galley and during the conversation they were saying that the most junior of the 13 crew on board had done 13 years at BA!

When on MF operated flights I find the crew pleasant but often the service seems very long, disjointed and a little bit like the blind leading the blind. Again, speaking to the crew on my galley on my last MF flight (NBO) two of the crew on board were brand new (first flight).
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Sounds like a painful contrast in service levels, Jonathan1974.

I had some very ropey MF service when they had just started out, which shouldn't have happened - I think it is pretty widely accepted that the first set of MF staff didn't get enough training and support on how to do the job consistently and efficiently, but only on how to do the job, leading to a lot of service inconsistency or slowness. So BA threw them in at the deep end and it showed.

More recently (over the last year or so) I have found MF service to be often very good, still variable but much improved. Variable service quality is a chronic BA problem, unfortunately - I've had a couple of right grumpy sods on MF routes and on WW routes.

I think that MF are now as good as any other BA crew, I really can't tell the difference just from service quality any more.

I can't remember the complexities of the hats any more and the rule of thumb that MF all look young isn't true either, plenty join BA after varied careers in other jobs, so these days I really can't tell them apart well. Unless the Cabin Service whichever shows up or I hear a PA with the title, then I can work it out from the Director or Manager.
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Last week flight to iah in cw worldwide crew were great. Las to Lhr mixed were bordering on embarrassing with rudeness and total lack of attentiveness.
Does anybody know if Den is mixed?
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Mixed Fleet is here to stay!

At the recent BA open day, staff were telling me BA get a high percentage of positive feedback about their products and services including Mixed Fleet, unless of course BA are deliberately lying.

A tip I was given on the weekend from many staff was to complain directly to BA Exec Club - Gold line, regardless of your flyer status. In addition to completing your post flight surveys.

MF I think have been around for close to 5 years now and BA have no plans to removing/replacing them, surely it’s now time to lump it or leave it?

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mixed fleet vs worldwide on longhaul

Wouldn't have raised the topic myself, but as the thread has been started I feel I should add my personal perception.

This is my general experience of Club World flights to and from USA destinations over the past couple of years. This is very general, but I find the experienced WW crews to be much better than the MF crews, and the flight experience so much more enjoyable. For example :
While the MF crew are often enthusiastic, their lack of experience often really shows up in the service. All those little things that make a flight so much more enjoyable, like consistency of service, topping up drinks, offering a glass of water without having to ask, timely clearing of dishes during the meal service, knowing the drinks in the bar and noticing and remembering particular passenger preferences ... often these are missing. This lack of experience really does show and it affects the end result.

Also the MF crews often appear tired on USA to LHR legs, and go through the minimum motions necessary to get the service completed.

The WW crews seem to me to be much more sensitive to the passengers' moods and personality and respond accordingly. Things like this can turn a boring 7 hours into something quite enjoyable.

I feel there is a clear difference, and I much prefer the experienced crews.
I agree that there is a lot of variability and you get better and worse in both crews,which is not a good trait. Consistency is surprisingly important on long haul flights , it helps the feeling of familiarity and relaxation.

Just my personal thoughts on the basis of my experience, and not wishing to offend any one.
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My 'regular' route went MF few months ago, and the service is definitely friendlier and less gruff. Haven't noticed lack of experience, to be honest. They genuinely seem pleased to be doing their job.
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I really don't think that this is a MF/ WW issue, more an issue with individuals.

I recently flew 4 sectors on another carrier and on one sector hubby and I were in the centre pair and the gulf in service between the two aisles was so obvious as to be embarrassing for us. I won't go into details but just wanted to point out that it may not be the fleet that are the problem, more likely one or two individuals.
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Old Jun 9, 15, 4:39 pm
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I had been relatively indifferent until doing 10 sectors between LHR and EWR in F over an 8 week period.

The difference between WW and MF is startling, and instantly recognisable. Following one of the best F services I've had, delivered by a WW crew, the return was MF and could not have been more disappointing.

In isolation, no individual incident is worthy of note - but the sheer volume was significant:

- taken to wrong seat, I had to let the delightful young lady know that we were on the wrong side of the cabin, I wouldn't have followed if she hadn't set off with my boarding card
- having just finished unpacking all of my work, laptop and notes ... I was asked to move seats so a couple could sit together. Of course I agreed, but it was very inconvenient and was known to the crew before I was seated. Being told "God would bless me for moving" was ... interesting
- no placeholders for drinks
- drinks spilt (on the ground) because CC was looking around the cabin whilst pouring
- wrong wine
- no cutlery
- cutlery laid incorrectly
- napkin and random knife left after dinner service
- no offer of cheese, no dessert wine
- flat champagne later in the flight
- table not laid for afternoon tea
- terrible PA throughout
- chipped coffee cup

Now, for the purposes of balance and context. I'm a business traveller, but the companies are mine and so I do care about value. I've never complained in my life of flying BA, but made my views known to the CSM (politely) who said "I do apologise Sir, we do have a young crew".

If that had been a special trip in F for an anniversary etc ... then I think it would be an awful display by BA.

Now for the complete lack of balance. Despite all of their failings, this was the single most attractive crew of any airline I've ever flown. Seriously, it looked like a combined selection process had been conducted by the Swedish Female volleyball team and Tatler Magazine ... perhaps MF isn't all that bad.
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