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danam May 30, 16 3:40 pm

Real shame to lose this one. The updates have been an essential tool and nothing else comes close to this functionality.

mikebg May 30, 16 3:47 pm

Oh my goodness! Easily the most useful travel app ever! How on earth will we manage without it? I'd happily pay for a subscription if that might be able to bring it back.

mrvincent May 30, 16 3:47 pm

Just 2 days ago I had change of equipment resulting in my exit row seats needing to be updated. Will really miss this.

chris1979 May 30, 16 3:57 pm

Originally Posted by andset1191 (Post 26702356)
This is terribly sad news. One of the best apps I've ever used.

Thanks for the efforts. I've really valued them. It has helped me out more times than I care to remember!


Anything we can do to help get things back? Funding, angry letters, DYKWIA behaviour etc?

mikebg May 30, 16 4:11 pm

In the absence of anything else, I just downloaded the Amadeus app (checkmytrip). Well, at least its free! Here is my review, posted in the Apple App Store:

I guess you are forcing me to use this, having pushed 'MyFlights' into oblivion!

Well, it does contain the same information, and it of course remains to be seen how good its updating is, but the user interface is sorely lacking.

1) There is no need for a pretty picture of the destination. We are not babies. It takes up tons of screen space. MyFlights, which you have just killed, used just 2-3 lines for each flight on the main screen, fitting in 3 times as many flights as this app.

2) just the same idea: I don't need a lovely graphical picture of my flight taking up 1/3 of the screen, and then needing to press a 'more info' link. MyFlights had all the info on the first screen, with no pretty graphics.

3) No default name possible when entering a PNR. A major time saver.

Considering that it comes from Amadeus itself, one would expect more than a pretty toy!

fransknorge May 30, 16 4:24 pm

The Amadeus app does not have the aircraft type information, so is useless when it comes to monitoring equipment changes.

DaveNCL May 30, 16 4:35 pm

I can't add anymore to what has already been said, thanks schofs for your efforts here.

I only became aware of this around 18 months ago but have found it invaluable since.

To hopefully lighten the mood a little I have a DYKWIA curtesy of My Flights. Back in November I was travelling back from CDG and flights were cancelled / delayed due to high winds at LHR. I got to CDG about 50 minutes before the previous flight and the check in agent said I would be better on that flight as it was on approach and certain to return. That was the first piece of good news.

When I arrived at LHR I turned my phone back on and got an alert from My Flights for my next flight to NCL with an equipment change. When I got to the lounge I asked to be moved to row 9 for the exit row on the A321 as I was now in a normal row 11 instead of the exit for the original A320. When I got onboard I was the only one in the row and a guy back in row 11 was having a serious moan that he had booked an exit seat and he was no longer in it. Obviously he was in the same original row as me for the A320. This moaning got louder and louder to the point where he said "I don't know why BA still use these 767's!". I was tempted but did not correct him. :)

When boarding was complete he moved to my row and then the captain came on asking everyone to remain in their allocated seats due to trim. This resulted in more huffing and puffing as he moved back to row 10. Once airborne the cabin member asked if he would like to move back to the exit row and he declined in a sulk!

This all kept me entertained after a long week travelling Europe.

mikebg May 30, 16 4:35 pm

Originally Posted by fransknorge (Post 26702624)
The Amadeus app does not have the aircraft type information, so is useless when it comes to monitoring equipment changes.

Oh my! I would have put that into the review if I had realised. How totally pathetic.

IMH May 30, 16 5:04 pm

Originally Posted by mikebg (Post 26702511)
I'd happily pay for a subscription if that might be able to bring it back.

Ditto. Either way: thank you schofs.

Mapman May 30, 16 5:29 pm

This is very disappointing news to end the Bank Holiday weekend.

I will definitely miss the app delivering extremely useful equipment change intelligence that has helped me, like so many other FTers, make sure the seats I want are actually the ones I get.

Thanks from me to schofs for developing this - good luck in changing the minds of the powers that be...

Physci May 30, 16 5:31 pm

What is the new Amadeus app? I can see checkmytrip? If so it is rubbish. It doesn't even display the PNR on my bookings but rather the internal airline code ..... Quite pathetic.

shadowline May 31, 16 4:23 am

Thanks for the hard work on the app.

Hope to see it back soon

sebanto2001 May 31, 16 4:35 am

Thank you very much schofs for all the efforts you put on the MyFlights App. This was definitely one of the best app I had and one of the most useful to manage my travel.

Who will tell me now when my BAEC number is removed from IB, when BA or QR swap their equipments, when the error fares booked are or aren't being cancelled, all the tiny schedule changes that allow me to modify completely an itinerary... I will really miss this app and thanks again for your good work.

Lefly May 31, 16 5:04 am

Originally Posted by headingwest (Post 26702390)
OMG! This is terrible news. MyFlights is the best and most useful app that I'VE EVER HAD!!

Really sorry to hear this, schofs, but as others have already said - thank you so much for all your hard work.

I started to use it late, just months ago, but I agree on the feeling :(
It's a shame...

paul4040 May 31, 16 5:35 am

Wow, the Amadeus app is bloody awful, isn't it?

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