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foodoo Feb 22, 15 4:10 pm

BA Companion Voucher one way quesion
Apologies firstly if my question has already been answered. I am looking to book a BA companion voucher however I am aware that you need to book the first leg as soon as the flight becomes available, rather than wait until the return leg becomes available as the first leg may have gone if waiting to book the return leg. My question is that can you book your first leg of your companion voucher as a one way flight to get the best deal and then book the return flight using the companion voucher at a later date? I know that you can't do this online. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

louie-m Feb 22, 15 4:20 pm

If it's a UK 2-4-1 then yes.

corporate-wage-slave Feb 22, 15 4:23 pm

Welcome to Flyertalk foodoo
Welcome to Flyertalk foodoo, welcome in particular to the BA Board, and I very much hope your post today will be the first of many. Please make yourself at home, welcome on board.

I think you have had your answer. My understanding is that you won't be charged a telephone service fee if you add on the return later. I believe it's OK to book the initial service either online or by calling, as you indicate you definitely need to call for the return service.

Flexible preferences Feb 22, 15 4:24 pm

Yes you can. You just keep an eye on the return and ring up to add it to your booking as soon as it becomes available. I did this for my parents, and waited until YouFirst opened to add the return, however if you didn't want to wait 7 or so hours for UK offices to open you can call any BA outstation like HKG to add the return as soon as the seats are released at around 1am UK time.

My understanding is that at least two CW and Y seats are now guaranteed for redemption for every flight.

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