To UuA or not to UUA... (to First)

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To UuA or not to UUA... (to First)

Hi everyone

Thanks for all your advice on here.

Today, Iím a bit indecisive. Iím travelling from London to New York next week in CW. There is currently availability to upgrade using Avios to First. Should I go for it?

Here are all the pros and cons:
  • I have travelled in First twice before, once in New First, once in Old First, both times on the 747. This aircraft will be New First 747. So, not a new experience.
  • I am a Concorde Room cardholder so I will be able to use that lounge anyway.
  • My seat is currently on the upper deck (64A).
  • I can afford the Avios, if you know what I mean. The cost is 20,000 which I see as being £200.
  • For the return journey, the flight is fairly full in CW. Reading the tea-leaves (or maybe mis-reading them), there is a tiny possibility of an op-up to First. I would value a Ďfreeí upgrade more than a paid upgrade. Someone wrote on here recently the UuA seemed to turn off the possibility of an opup.
  • As an irregular First traveller, I suppose my ego does like the feeling of being in First class.
  • There is currently only one seat selected in First so the cabin might be quiet.
  • Avios devaluation will make this more expensive if I want to do it some other time.

Is it good value? 20,000 Avios for better seat and catering. Would you do it?
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To UuA or not to UUA... (to First)

The Avios changes actually make the UuA from CW to F cheaper on a Zone 5 flight. It will cost 18,000 Avios from 28 April.

If you are Avios rich though, why not?
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Welcome to Flyertalk TravelFarWide

Originally Posted by TravelFarWide View Post
Is it good value? 20,000 Avios for better seat and catering. Would you do it?
Welcome to Flyertalk TravelFarWide, welcome to the BA forum. It's great to see you here, please continue to play an active role here, we like to see new people joining us. Welcome on board.

Only you can decide on value, it's not easily abdicated. Some people think Tescos is better value than Waitrose, others will argue the opposite. Neither group is wrong or right. The key thing, I would suggest, is what else would you do with the Avios? Particularly, as you noted, that there are changes afoot which may make this transaction more troublesome. Personally I would not do it, since I'm totally happy in CW, a lot of other travellers would relish the opportunity.
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Curious, as iWife and I were discussing this earlier today.

Under the "Neue Ordnung", our 'traditional' UuA from WT+ to CW becomes extremely expensive in Avios terms. The concept of just paying for the bloody CW seat [in a Sale, of course] and then UuA to F becomes much more appealing [for a given value of appealing]. Might as well be disappointed in greater comfort whilst burning off the devalued Avios, I say

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I tend to start from the Why Not? side.
OP gives some fair reasons why not, for their case.

Still, F is rare enough for me to (still) be something I always look forward too. As long as I have the avios I'm inclined to go F when I get the chance and the higher cabin looks the nicer option (so maybe not 64k to 5e on a 747 ).
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Speaking as someone who's done the CCR, but never F, I'd definitely do it once to try it.

If you're avios rich then there's a strong element of 'why not' but effectively 'F' seems like CWP. As my 'yes, definitely' price for WTP over WT is £150 then £200 for F over CW would seem to be worth it, but I'd hardly be kicking myself if I had something else lined up for the avios.

So er... pick one and then don't worry about it?
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This falls into the "do whatever" category, I think.

Short flight and you already have the next best seat on the plane, but you're basically saying that the upgrade won't be at a significant cost to you. Given that you apparently fly a ton if you've got a CCR card and have only flown F twice I'd have thought it arguably worth it just for a change of scenery if nothing else.
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Originally Posted by T8191 View Post
The concept of just paying for the bloody CW seat [in a Sale, of course] and then UuA to F becomes much more appealing [for a given value of appealing].
Welcome to the slippery slope

You'll be GGL in no time.
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Welcome to Flyertalk TravelFarWide.

I had a 64K in December for a flight to JFK. At check in, the OH and I paid o upgrade to F and really enjoyed the CCR (realise you get this anyway), the service, food and wine at the start of our holiday.

If you have the Avios and do not have any immediate or future pressing use of them, then I would certainly consider doing it.

64A and CW will be fine but for those of us who do not travel F all the time, it is still a treat and one that you can get relatively cheaper on this occasion.

Please let us know what you decide.
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I was in a very similar situation for next week, except flying home from JFK (on the day flight), had 64K and don't have a CCR card.

Dithered for about 10 mins and then took the upgrade.

As EuropeanPete says, I see enough of the CW seat that the change to F (which I've only done 3 sectors in with BA) is very welcome. And the CCR in JFK
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If you normally fly Club anyway and don't need the Avios for any other plans, then its a compete no brainer, even on a 747 where the UD CW->F hard product leap is not as great as CW->F on a 777
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