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lsquare Aug 8, 22 12:42 pm

Originally Posted by Never Stansted (Post 34496786)
Agreed. The Centurion desserts in particular are delicious - really innovative and up to the standards of a good restaurant.

Yes! I had this chocolate dessert earlier this summer and it was absolutely fantastic. Since it's buffet style, I had as many as I could stuff into my tummy!

marcopizzaiuolo Aug 8, 22 5:08 pm

Originally Posted by layz (Post 34495822)
There does seem to be a lack of signage for the Centurion Lounge. All the lounges in T3 are lettered and Centurion has A, but I've not seen any signs directing to the A lounge. I never bothered looking for it as the CX F lounge is perfect for me and delays at security meant no lounge hopping time.

it is quite well hidden indeed, took me good 20 minutes going around the departure lounge to find it.

if you look at the map

4th page (departure lounge) you will find it right at the top, between shops 20 and 23 (Accesorize and Ted Baker)

Clon75 Aug 15, 22 3:56 pm

Lounge Surfing at T3?
Rookie here so just seeing if my plan stacks up

So am planning to use some points for a flight to Spain in a few months and thought I would try and maximise the value. Am planning on booking to Madrid in Businesson the IB operated A350 evening flight. Will be arriving from Dublin in the morning and staying airside then.

Have only been in the BA and VS lounges at LHR but with departing from.T3 there are several other lounges including Qantas and Cathay Pacific to try as well as the BA one and AA if it reopens by then.

Is there any restrictions on how long before a fliggt you can access these lounges or going to multiple ones on the same day? I would be there maybe as early as 10am and flight is 6.45pm. I have also checked to make sure there are Qantas and Cathay flughts departing in the evening (Sunday in November) that I am planning to go so.hopefully those lounges would be open.

Of the 3 where would be the best to go to first for a lateish breakfast?

Are there any issues here that I havent thought of?

Many thanks

FlightDetective Aug 15, 22 4:14 pm

Originally Posted by Clon75 (Post 34517120)
Is there any restrictions on how long before a flight you can access these lounges or going to multiple ones on the same day? I would be there maybe as early as 10am and flight is 6.45pm. I have also checked to make sure there are Qantas and Cathay flights departing in the evening (Sunday in November) that I am planning to go so.hopefully those lounges would be open.

There is no restriction on how long you can stay in the lounges. I was once in the Cathay Pacific lounge from about 9:30am to 6:30pm, no problem. You're also welcome to go back and forth into any of the lounges as much as you like.

All of them should be open, so have a lovely day! Plan on taking a shower as well if you want (maybe in Qantas or Cathay), get the Dan Dan Noodles in the Cathay Pacific lounge, Gin in the Qantas lounge and so on. Not sure who does the best breakfast though!

Have fun!

crazyarmadillo Aug 15, 22 4:25 pm

The Cathay lounge seems to very popular with many.

But I've never been there tho.


mikeyfly Aug 15, 22 4:29 pm

No problem with your plan, but it’ll become very tiresome in my opinion. I think four hours would be plenty to maximise value and lounge hop. Over 8 hours on purpose sounds far too long

chris1922Mk2 Aug 15, 22 5:21 pm

Back in June I "surfed" the three lounges in T3. Started in Cathay, and found it be tranquil, quiet and welcoming, superb food and bar service. After a while decided to try QANTAS, and found it to be awfully bare, insipid, and upstairs was like a school canteen. The gin bar downstairs didn't make up for the disappointment. So, next stop BA. Took a while to get in, as so many pax were "chancing" it, using a spouses Gold card, etc. Finally I was waved in, to discover a rammed, zoo like experience, with no spares seats for my party of four. Grim doesn't begin to describe it. I turned on my heel, and made my way promptly to the calm serenity of the Cathay lounge where I stayed until my flight. YMMV, but personally I wouldn't bother, and just make yourself comfortable in Cathay's excellent provision.

PETER01 Aug 15, 22 5:28 pm

Lots of interesting reading in this thread Clon75 and welcome to the BA Board.

tomparskate Aug 15, 22 6:21 pm

I've lounge surfed many times in T3 and love it.

American Lounge is worth visiting too, Last time I was there they had Moet! And the fastest WiFi if you are needing to catch up on work.

BA lounge is also fine to chill for a bit for sure

HiAperture Aug 15, 22 7:25 pm

Qantas had excellent barista coffee upstairs when I was there at breakfast time back pre-covid.

Cathay is the best one, with the noodle bar and showers for sure.

xenole Aug 16, 22 1:35 am

Sign outside the Qantas lounge says it doesn't open until 8am, so no good for earlier starts.
CX lounge open though.

Took me 5 mins tops to get through T3 Fast Track earlier (between 6:30am-7am). E-gates didn't work (telling me to remove the face covering I wasn't wearing), and someone slow in front of me unpacking (took longer on the tube from T4 to T1/2/3).
Escalator still down near thr BA D check in area.

Never Stansted Aug 16, 22 1:55 am

If you have Amex Platinum it’s worth including the Centurion Lounge in your trip.

I wouldn’t bother with the BA lounge. Thoroughly dismal space that was dirty the last couple of times I went through it.

sondra_finchley Aug 16, 22 1:58 am

We did Cathay in advance of a Finnair flight and it was so comfortable and chill (for an airport lounge) that we decided to stay and not chance the Qantas lounge. I got some dim sum, partner got cocktails from a chatty bartender, lots of self serve coffee/drinks and snacks about as well. Loads of different types of seating so you can tuck in and work, make a private phone call, eat at a proper table, or you can sit by the big windows and watch the tarmac. Good bathrooms. Everything clean and tables cleared promptly.

However, great as a lounge can be, we were pretty done after an hour and a half. Good wifi but eventually you want to get going on your trip!

TheChangingMan Aug 16, 22 2:36 am

They bartender in the Cathay lounge can mix a mean Negroni. But eight hours is a long time to kill.

xenole Aug 16, 22 2:47 am

I've got 3hrs left before my flight and I'm on my 5th glass of Moet ;)
Going to be wasted by the time I stagger to my flight at this rate!

Even 4hrs in the CCR seemed like overkill in my opinion. Only so much you can eat and drink at the end of the day.

Seems the downstairs restaurant bit of the QF kounge doesnt open until 9am anway.

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