Bronze member numbers

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Bronze member numbers

I've been watching the seat maps quite closely for an upcoming flight LHR - LAX on an A380 (1st Jan) and as the 7 day deadline approached and passed thought it would be interesting to note the Bronze effect on seat availability.

Some points first;

-someone has just nicked the last F seat as well...damn them!
-sample of 1 so only anecdotal
-very popular flight right now due to ex DUB sale then 1k sale, then world sale...also as flights back to North America go up a lot if one travels on the 3rd or 4th (weekend) before going back to work.
-I appreciate that some bronze members will be in bookings with SCH/GCH or have connecting flights so may not be all bronzes (or they may not care or know and not yet have booked a seat)
-the seat map was quite full pre 7 day period so plenty of people have paid to reserve seats (or are higher status) so this may also have some bronzes...
-imagine there will be some downgrades on this flight as very full...
-the 7 day automated email from BA may have caused some to look at the situation and reserve a seat or act as a reminder so this may not only be bronze members.
-some people may book late.
-I count the bassinet seats as available in both cases, this may not be true.

Anyway, shortly after the 7 day window passed the A380 seat map changed by more than 10%. (48 seats out of 469).

Numbers: (seats reserved)

Cabin / pre 7 day / post 7 day

F / 13 / 13 (obviously as you can choose the seat as soon as!) 14 total
CW / 71 / 79 (8 Bronze members) 97 total
WT+ / 26 / 42 (16 Bronze members) 55 total
WT / 127 / 151 / (24 Bronze members) 303 total

Interesting that the higher the cabin the lower the count (but in some ways makes sense as even 1 return in CW with a connection will make bronze so two of those and the person is Silver and would book earlier.

I wonder if 10% or higher is average on any given BA flight for Bronze members?

I would have thought the number to be between 20-30% to be honest but maybe I am wrong.

Thoughts? Discuss....
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Not quite sure what you are trying to demonstrate / prove.

you make a big assumption that 8/16/24 Bronzes have reserved seats in between your pre/post count.

These seats could have been reserved by a Silver / Gold booking booking / reserving late or someone without any status has paid for them.
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