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Anyone remember the s/h aircraft with the first two rows facing each other?

Anyone remember the s/h aircraft with the first two rows facing each other?

Old Sep 24, 14, 3:51 pm
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Wirelessly posted (BlackBerry: BlackBerry8530/ Profile/MIDP-2.1 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/417)

Here in the States, I recall flying on an AA mainline jet in the 60's that had such a seating configuration. I believe it was a Convair 990.
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Old Sep 24, 14, 4:33 pm
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Was this it?

The BEA then BA tridents had a mix of rear facing and forward facing seats.
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Old Sep 24, 14, 4:38 pm
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found some more from here

"I also recall that BA's European predecessor BEA had several rows of rear-facing seats at the front of the economy cabin on their Hawker-Siddeley Tridents. The rest of the cabin had forward-facing seats. (Possibly the same arrangement in first class but can't recall.) Between the last rear-facing row and first forward-facing row there was a unit attached to the floor with folding tray tables for each of the 6 seats. A few older BEA types (including the Airspeed Ambassador) had a similar layout with several rear-facing rows at the front.

Some Southwest 737s had (possibly still have but I think this has changed) 2.5 rows of rear-facing seats -- the first row, the row in front of the overwing exit, and the 2nd last row (one side only) forming a small "lounge" area. In the 2nd photo below, taken from the rear of a WN 737-300 a few years ago, you can see all the rear-facing seats if you enlarge it and look carefully. They have higher seatbacks, no doubt a safety requirement."

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Old Sep 24, 14, 4:46 pm
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I flew on a BA BAC1-11 GLA-CDG-GLA and IIRC it was the two over the wing exit row seats that faced each other...I was sat in one.
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Old Sep 24, 14, 5:07 pm
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BUD was a Trident 2 route for many years and I was excited when it went to a Trident 3. Great pic far above of the Trident! What great memories of the Tridents that picture brought. Thanks.
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Old Sep 24, 14, 6:20 pm
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My recollection from almost 50 years ago is that BA had some rear-facing seats on the Trident 2, but that all seats were front-facing on th e T1E and T3.
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Originally Posted by cornishsimon View Post
Yeap the DH8-300 was in that config, 50 seat total with BA/Brymon
I was on a BA Dash 8 in 2004 with this config - flying the mighty route MAN-BHD. I was the only person in the facing-each-other bit and it was a nice way to spread out... Wouldn't have been so good with three strangers!
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I recall taking a couple of flights from LCY to CDG with AF in (I think) 1992 where the first two rows faced each other, but I can't for the life of me recall what aircraft type it was. Those were the days when LCY was dramatically under utilised - it was usually like a ghost town, particularly on Sunday evenings !
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I recall seeing this on a Dan Air 1-11, as others have mentioend above, but I'm pretty certain they were exit rows rather than at the front.
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Flybe Nordic has the layout on their ATRs. It is also standard on Dash 8 300s. Always feel safer facing backwards
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Qantas currently operate the Dash 8 - 300 with this config.
Those aircraft are incredibly loud as a passenger! Ear plugs are required.
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(showing his age) Didn't the BEA Vanguards and Viscounts have them? I used to take them with my father up to Glasgow from time to time and distinctly remember this arrangement. It might have been on the Tridents tho which also operated the route.
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ATR 42 seat map

Row 1 C/D were rear facing and operating the LGW-NCL before the 737s took over the route in 2001 (?)
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The Tridents definitely had this layout and so did our charter 1-11 500s at BCAL. They used to have actually have the "meal" in the back of the seat. They were loaded for the round trip and the other was closed with a key. Never be allowed nowadays. People used to pick them open and eat two. Dan Air had the same arrangement I believe. London City airlines had those Dash 7s with rear facing front seats.
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A cars you are quite right, the city flyer fleet was ATR42and 72 and then a fleet if tight pitch narrow seat ARJs.....
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