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Howard Long May 22, 14 8:05 am

Weird goings on at, anyone else?

I've been unable to directly access my flight this evening through my account for the last 24 hours, but if I plug in the locator ref I can get to it, but it doesn't appear in my upcoming flights.

Last night, I accessed the flight OK through the old BA app on my iPhone, but the app's now updated itself and I can no longer see or access this evening's flight through the new app at all.

Then about 15 minutes ago I received a link from asking me to reset my password. The link (within the embedded HTML) looks kosher:

PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND DIRECTLY TO THIS EMAIL. Responses go to an automated email box that we are unable to read or reply from. For contact information, please see ‘How to contact us’ below.

Dear Mr Long,

You have asked to reset your password.

Choose your new password and access your account:

If the link doesn't work, please copy and paste it into your browser.

Warm regards,

James Hillier
from the Executive Club
(not I have deliberately mangled the link parameters above)

So is this just me or is anyone else having problems?

c1223 May 22, 14 8:10 am

Well if you didn't ask for a password reset then someone may be trying to gain access to your account. So it'd be wise to change your email password & BA password and any other passwords which are the same as that just in case.

Could of course be a system error of some description, but better to be safe than sorry.

DrGee May 22, 14 8:57 am

My upcoming bookings have also disappeared from the "Welcome to your Executive Club" page. I can get to the bookings by using the reference though.

I haven't, as yet, had any emails asking me change a password.

Looks like there's a bit of an IT screw up if you ask me.

Rambuster May 22, 14 8:58 am

This happened to me after installing the latest iPhone BA app!

Howard Long May 22, 14 9:05 am

SOLVED: Interesting, I reset my password and the upcoming flights now appear through the browser and the app. Note that I did not use the link supplied, as a general rule I don't follow links sent in emails for account related stuff, invariably these days they are phishing emails, although the emailed one at least did go to

DrGee May 22, 14 9:12 am

Logged out of the BA Android app and the bookings appeared on the web page. Could be coincidence but all seems fine now.

sjharte May 23, 14 1:48 am

I woke up to serve emails from BA claiming that I has asked to reset my password.

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