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Tracking BA Fast Track and Priority Boarding

Tracking BA Fast Track and Priority Boarding

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Fast Track Security is generally offered by BA for passengers travelling in First, Club World, Club Europe and Business UK and Gold/oneworld Emerald (+1 guest) and Silver/oneworld Sapphire (+1 guest) members. This is a published benefit at LHR, LGW and JFK, but in practice is experienced as below.

Priority Boarding (previously called Fast Track Boarding) should be offered by BA for passengers travelling in First, Club World, Club Europe and Business UK and Gold/oneworld Emerald, Silver/oneworld Sapphire and Bronze/oneworld Ruby members. This is a published benefit for all airports, but in practice is experienced as below.

United Kingdom
LCY - City Airport Boarding: Yes but generally Emerald + CE only. No priority boarding for CW services. Security: No
LGW - Gatwick Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes - Premium Gatwick, usually separate entrance
LHR - Heathrow Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes - plus First Wing at T5 for F/Emerald pax
ABZ - Aberdeen Boarding: Yes (but you may miss it if in lounge). Security: Yes
BRS - Bristol: Boarding: Yes (but likely to be a bus). Security: Yes (premium security on the left side)
BHD - Belfast City George Best Boarding: Yes direct from lounge. Security: Yes also included in many car park tickets
CBG - Cambridge Boarding: No Security: No. Very low passenger numbers mean it's not an issue in either case.
EDI - Edinburgh Boarding: Yes (plus advance call in lounge). Security: Yes (left hand entrance)
GLA - Glasgow Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes
HUY - Humberside: Boarding: No. Security: No, but frankly unnecessary in both cases. Security only opens at 15 hrs for PM flights.
IOM - Isle of Man: Boarding: No. Security: No
INV - Inverness: Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes.
JER - Jersey Boarding: Yes. Security: No.
LBA - Leeds Bradford: Yes. Security: Yes
MAN - Manchester Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes
NCL - Newcastle upon Tyne Boarding: Yes (but you may miss it if in lounge). Security: Yes (right hand channel)
STN - Stansted Boarding Yes. Security: Yes

AAL - Aalborg Boarding No. Security No but in both cases meretricious
AAR - Aarhus Boarding No. Security Yes for all BA passengers.
ACE - Arrecife Boarding Yes. Security No
AGP - Málaga Boarding Yes and enforced. Security Yes (to the right of main security)
ALC - Alicante Boarding: Yes. Security: No
AMS - Amsterdam Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes
ANE - Angers Boarding: Yes, strictly enforced. Security: No, single security channel at very small airport
ARN - Stockholm Arlanda Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes (separate line to the front of security, but not separate x-rays)
ATH - Athens Boarding: Yes (not always enforced). Security: Yes (separate line including separate x-rays)
BCN - Barcelona Boarding: Yes Security: Yes (business class only) - Carril Rŕpid is on the left of main security.
BGO - Bergen Boarding Yes but you may end up waiting on the bridge Security: No can be delays there on Sunday evenings and Monday mornings
BIO - Bilbao Boarding Yes Fast track No
BIQ - Biarritz Boarding Yes, separate lane. Fast track No but security is quick.
BJV - Bodrum Boarding Yes Fast track No but security is quick.
BLL - Billund Boarding No Security: Yes for business class
BLQ - Bologna Boarding Yes but of limited value due to bus transfer Security: Yes via the back exit of the Marconi Business Lounge, however it is only open during peak hours.
BOD - Bordeaux Boarding Yes Security: No but long delays at security are unlikely
BRI - Bari Boarding: Yes. Security: No
BRU - Brussels Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes right hand lane, scan your own boarding pass. CE only.
BSL - Basle Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes
BUD - Budapest Boarding: Yes. Security: No
CAG - Cagliari Boarding: Yes Security: No
CAT - Catania Boarding: Yes Security: No
CDG - Paris Charles de Gaulle Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes, Acces no. 1
CFU - Corfu/Kerkyra Boarding: No pointless, bus + unsheltered apron wait. Board last. Security: No allow extra time peak season / school holidays, otherwise it's swift.
CHQ - Chania Boarding: Yes, but it's a bus transfer so it gets you on the first bus. Security: No but fairly efficient away from peak weekends.
CMF - Chambéry Boarding Yes but it's a bus. Security: No allow for plenty of time on Saturdays.
CPH - Copenhagen Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes but may need an airport issued boarding pass if not CE as the BA mobile BP isn't coded to work the priority security machines, otherwise the staff will let you through.
DBV - Dubrovnik Boarding: Occasionally. Security: No but very small airport and very laidback.
DLM - Dalaman Boarding: Yes. Security: No
DME - Moscow Boarding: Yes. Separate gate if on 747, separate line if on 767. Security: Yes, take the diplomatic corridor to the left when upstairs before the BP check
DUB - Dublin Boarding: Yes (announced with separate lane and signage, not always enforced). Security: Yes - to the right of main security
DUS - Dusseldorf Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes (red priority markings on floor)
EGC - Bergerac Boarding: Yes but long walk on apron to aircraft results in survival of the fittest. Security: Yes, of surreal uselessness in this tiny airport.
FAO - Faro Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes, CE only
FCO - Rome Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes
FDH - Friedrichshafen Boarding: No - bus transfer. Security: No and allow extra time in ski season
FLR - Florence Boarding: No - bus transfer. Security: No
FRA - Frankfurt Boarding: Usually. Security: Yes
FSC - Figari, Boarding Yes -short walk across apron to aircraft. Security: No
FUE - Fuerteventura: Boarding Yes provided not a bus to aircraft. Security: No
GIB - Gibraltar Boarding Yes. Security: No but small airport
GOA - Genoa Boarding: You must be joking. Security: No
GOT - Gothenburg Boarding: Yes. Security: No except on AY metal.
GRX - Granada Boarding: Yesbut of limited value due to walk to aircraft.
GVA - Geneva Boarding: Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes (requires scanning of BP - no non-status guests in Y. If status in Y, or CE on BACF, you'll need a BP printed at the check-in counter; app and home-printed BPs do not currently work).
HAJ - Hannover Boarding: Yes. Security: No (but airport is small and efficient)
HAM - Hamburg Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes, get stamp from desk but not essential
HEL - Helsinki Boarding: Yes. Security: Officially No, but Practically Yes with CE and BA Gold (probably even with other OWEs.) No if travelling ET with BA Gold+
IBZ - Ibiza Boarding: No. Security: No
INN - Innsbruck Boarding: No. Security: Did not try, although there is a separate First/Business Queue unsure of BA eligiblity
IST - Istanbul Boarding: Yes, but doesn't always work. Security: Yes, not for transit, Immigration: Yes, requires a fast track pass (handed out by BA) for entry and exit, CE passengers only
JMK - Mykonos: Boarding: Yes bit of a walk to aircraft so depends how fast you are; largely useless if bus transfer to aircraft. Security: No.
JSI - Skiathos Boarding: No but bus transfer anyway. Security: No.
JTR - Santorini Thira Boarding: Yes but for bus so largely useless. Security: No. Only opens up approx an hour before flight.
KEF - Keflavík Boarding: No and currently bus due to airport rebuilding. Security: No, but swift at the time of BA's flights.
KGS - Kos Boarding: Yes but for bus so largely useless. Security: No.
KLX - Kalamata Boarding: Yes but walk across apron so you may get outpaced. Security: No, only opens about 75 minutes before departure, but it's quick.
KRK - Kraków Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes,
LCA - Larnaca Boarding: Yes. Security: No
LEI - Almeria Boarding: Yes. Security: No,
LIG - Limoges Boarding: Yes. Security: No
LIN - Milan Linate Boarding: Yes but for bus. Security: Yes
LIS - Lisbon Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes, CE only
LPA - Las Palmas Boarding: Not really due to passport control, of limited value if bus. Security: No
LUX - Luxembourg Boarding: Yes. Security: No
LYS - Lyon Boarding: Yes but not always enforced. Security: No
MAD - Madrid Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes
MAH - Mahón Boarding: No, passport check at gate and bus, so pointless. Security: No
MLA - Malta Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes
MRS - Marseille Boarding Yes. Security: Yes Corridor on left bypasses cattle pens before security
MUC - Munich Boarding: Yes verbal announcement/gate dependent. Security: Yes
MXP - Milan Malpensa Boarding Yes but doesn't work well. Security: Yes - furthest lane
NAP - Naples Boarding: Yes, short walk to the plane - Security: Yes
NCE - Nice Boarding: Yes Security: No (there is a VIP channel but BA haven't bought into it, it's rarely quicker that way due to crew/staff use).
OLB - Olbia Boarding: Yes Security: No (there is a separate channel but I was denied access)
OPO - Porto Boarding: Yes Security: Yes ("Green Path" to left of main security).
ORY - Paris Orly Boarding: Yes Security: Yes - Gold/Emerald only
OSL - Oslo Boarding: Yes but you may end up waiting on the bridge. Security: Yes new since Dec 2015.
OTP - Bucharest Boarding Yes, but only at first call, no separate lane. Security: No
PFO - Paphos Boarding: No bus transfer. Security: No but usually quick anyway.
PMI - Palma de Mallorca Boarding: Yes, but sometimes bus transfer and not always enforced. Security: Sometimes , separate fast track screening lane but hit and miss whether they let BA pax use it. Security generally efficient.
PMO - Boarding: YesSecurity: Not yet , the airport is currently under reconstruction and Fast Track has only recently been opened.
PRG - Prague Boarding: Yes. Security: No security at gate. Imigration Fast Tack: Yes
PSA - Pisa Boarding Yes (bus so limited value) Security: No
PUY - Pula Boarding Yes Security: No
RHO - Rhodes Boarding Yes (bus so limited value) Security: No unless PriorityPass (see PP website for local procedures and this post). Allow extra time Sat PM and Sun AM.
RTM - Rotterdam Boarding No (bus transfer), Security: No
SKG - Thessaloniki Boarding: No, bus boarding. Security: Yes for CE, left hand lane.
SOF - Sofia Boarding: Yes. Security: No but queues are rarely long.
SPU - Split Boarding: No generally, but not always, bus transfer. Security: No but queues are rarely long.
STR - Suttgart Boarding: Yes separate gate area. Security: Yes (certain entrances only).
SVG - Stavanger Boarding: Yes but you may be kept waiting on the bridge. Security: No, there is a fast track but BA isn't included.
SVQ - Seville Boarding: Yes but the staggered layout of the boarding area makes it ineffectual. Security: No, no fast track for anyone at this airport
SZG - Salzburg Boarding: No (Schengen passports and bus at the gate). Security: Yes
TFS - Tenerife South Boarding: Yes. Security: No
TIA - Tirana Boarding: No bus transfer, CE encouraged into front bus, due to bus placement by steps. Security: No but very swift anyway
TLS - Toulouse Boarding Yes. Security: Yes scan your BP through the reader
TRN - Turin Boarding Yes Security: Yes
TXL - Berlin Boarding: Yes but largely useless if bus transfer for flights to LCY. Security: No
UIP - Quimper Boarding: Yes Security: No, only one security channel, small airport
VCE - Venice Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes
VIE - Vienna Boarding: Sometimes, but totally unenforced and often useless due to gate layout and people queuing before announcement. Security: No
VLC - Valencia Boarding Yes and enforced. Security: No but fairly slick anyway.
VRN - Verona Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes - note landside lounge and security relatively hard to find.
WAW - Warsaw Boarding: Yes, in theory Fast track lane not controlled and ET boarding at same time. Security: Yes - very quick.
ZAG - Zagreb Boarding: No (bus boarding). Security: No but see post 226.
ZRH - Zurich Boarding: Yes (may not be signed or clearly announced), Security: Yes (lane says "Business/First" and normally enforced)
ZTH - Zakynthos/Zante Boarding: Yes but bus transfers reduces the value, Security: No but it's usually fairly swift.

North America, Central America, South America and Caribbean (being updated for TSA Precheck - Partial Precheck see post 476 below)
AUS - Austin Boarding: Yes Priority security: Yes - with check in behind you turn left then go down the right most lane at security.
BDA - Bermuda Boarding: Yes - separate gate used. Security: No
BNA - Nashville Boarding: Yes. Priority security: Yes. TSA Precheck: Full
BOS - Boston Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes for CW and First.
BWI - (good morning) Baltimore: Boarding: Yes Security: No
DEN - Denver Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes
DFW - Dallas Fort Worth Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes
EWR- Newark Boarding: Yes. Security: Partial short cut to TSA document check
IAH - Houston George Bush Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes
GCM - Grand Cayman Boarding: Yes. Security No
IAD - Washington Boarding: Yes. Priority Security: Yes fast-lane to documents check. TSA Precheck: Yes use central queue block
JFK - New York Boarding: Yes. Priority Security: Yes (F escorted to front). TSA Precheck: Partial
KIN - Kingston, Jamaica Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes. Ticket issued at Bag-drop for eligible pax.
LAS - Las Vegas Boarding Yes. Security: Yes
LAX - Los Angeles Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes
MCO - Orlando Boarding: Yes. Security Yes
MIA - Miami Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes
MSY - New Orleans Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes, left hand side
ORD - Chicago Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes
PHL - Philadelphia Boarding: Yes. Security: No
PHX - Phoenix Boarding Yes also special last boarding call from lounge. Security: Yes
SAN - San Diego Boarding Yes. Security: Yes
SCL - Santiago de Chile Boarding Yes. Security: Yes - upstairs by the Gatsby restaurant.
SEA - Seattle Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes
SFO - San Francisco Boarding: Yes from lounge (at gate on A380). Security: Yes
SJC - San José USA Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes (partial, only as far as the TSA documents check)
SJO - San José Costa Rica Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes use the far left hand lane, not well signposted.
YUL - Montreal Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes (only for CW passengers, not for OW elites)
YVR - Vancouver Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes (not on boarding pass and no indication on sign, but staff are helpful)
YYC - Calgary Boarding: Yes (Group One not used). Security: Yes (for CW, unknown for OW elites)
YYZ - Toronto Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes (not on the sign but insist on it / Amex Plat lane)

Middle East & Africa
AUH - Abu Dhabi Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes
BAH - Bahrain Boarding: Yes Security: Yes (including for Bronzes- head to First & Business Class check in at far left of terminal).
BEY - Beirut Boarding: Yes, but you will wait on jetbridge for 5 minutes. Security: No
CAI- Cairo Boarding: No. Security: No (at gate security)
CPT- Cape Town Boarding: Yes. Security:No
DOH - Doha Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes (Club World/First pax only). Immigration: Yes for CW/F PAX (at least).
DXB - Dubai Boarding: Yes. Security: No
KWI - Kuwait Boarding: Kind of. There's a priority lane (usual BA sign) into the at-gate security. Security (main airport): Yes. Lane is signed Business/First; check-in agent indicated we could use it (G and SCH travelling in W), but we didn't test it as there was zero queue for the regular lanes.
TLV - Tel Aviv Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes (Inform queue manager that you're travelling in F/CW to be expedited for interview at check-in; F/CW receive priority security)
JED - Jeddah Boarding : No. Security: No
JNB- Johannesburg: Yes. Security No
RUH - Riyadh Boarding Yes. Security: No

Asia and Australasia
BKK - Bangkok Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes
BOM - Mumbai (Bombay) Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes -for emerald
BLR - Bengalaru (Bangalore) Boarding: Yes - separate gate. Security: Unsure
DEL - New Delhi Boarding: Yes. Security+Emmigration(+immigration): Yes for CW/F, No for status.
HKG - Hong Kong Boarding: Yes. Security: No (However it is very efficient )
HND - Tokyo Haneda Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes (Only if you have BAEC status and flying BA metal - OW status is not enough)
ICN - Seoul Boarding: Yes. Security: Partially If in F, you can get escorted through the diplomatic channel. Assume not however, security at ICN is rigourous and not quick, allow >75 mins from security to BA departure.
KUL - Kuala Lumpur Boarding: Yes. Security: No
NRT - Tokyo Narita Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes
SIN - Singapore Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes (at gate) Immigration: No
SYD - Sydney Boarding: Yes. Security: Yes (need to get express path card at checkin) Arrivals (passport and quarantine): Only for premium cabins, unless you ask nicely (need express path card, which BA hand out on the plane) (though British citizens with epassport can also use smartgate which can be fast as well)
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Originally Posted by Mordac View Post
Interesting experience at T5 Fast Track North this morning. Security person insists I remove my laptop from its bag sleeve (in addition to being generally overly precious with everything). Is this an actual new rule, or (as I suspect), this person might have been pulled off the MAN security team?

Hmmm LHR never asks me to remove the sleeve. MAN always does. Although as there were so many trays on the conveyor in MAN waiting to be collected by screened passengers, my laptop was under the scanner for absolutely ages. I am surprised it wasn't fried
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I've been asked to remove my laptop from its sleeve at LHR. Tedious.
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Anyone know if GGLs have the ability to take two additional non-status pax through Fast Track at LHR T5 or is it just one as per standard Golds?
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Originally Posted by Lolbert View Post
Anyone know if GGLs have the ability to take two additional non-status pax through Fast Track at LHR T5 or is it just one as per standard Golds?
GGL can guest two people to the First Class lounge, so they can take 2 pax through the First wing. Not sure about regular fast track facilities.
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Gothenburg GOT airport. BA Business class passengers can use fast track. (Tested today)

can someone please update the info wiki thing?

thank you
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If travelling HBO from T3, how should I get my partner through fast track as my +1? Do I need to go to the BA check in desk and ask for a print out?

Her boarding card on app doesn't say fast track... mine does.... both group 1 tho
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Originally Posted by Sailbot3310 View Post
If travelling HBO from T3, how should I get my partner through fast track as my +1? Do I need to go to the BA check in desk and ask for a print out?

Her boarding card on app doesn't say fast track... mine does.... both group 1 tho
You should just be able to present them together to the person manning fast track.
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Should the Wiki differentiate between BA and other OneWorld status for Fast Track Security? For example at GVA on the weekend travelling in Y, I am QF Sapphire but confirmed with the agent I was not eligible for Fast Track Security (and entry was denied upon scanning). BA Sapphire are of course eligible and have "FAST TRACK" printed at the top of the BP now.
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