BA to Tampa, Orlando or Miami with airmiles

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BA to Tampa, Orlando or Miami with airmiles

Is it just me or are there fewer Reward flights available to Florida? Want to fly business class.

Have enough Avios to get to all 3 named destinations but due to lack of reward flights in October and November 2013, I am seriously thinking of booking now with BA half price sale. Using cash and Avios upgrade option from premium economy to business, the cost is about 1,160 whereas half price sale cost is about 1,650.
Dilemma is that my Dad has pre-existing medical conditions so is too early to book now (4 months in advance) and get travel insurance for cancellation due to the length of time between booking and flight departure. So booking now would involve a major risk.

My questions are:
Are BA likely to have another half price sale (end of August maybe) which will be better timing for us as it will be nearer departure date and insurance will be less problematic?
Since Avios took over, are there generally fewer reward seats available or should I leave it nearer the time and cross my fingers and everything else.

We are not tied to any dates but prefer to go late October and early November for about 3 weeks.

Any advice greatly appreciated.
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Have you looked at partner carriers? AA, AB, EI and IB all fly to South Florida from Europe. (On AB, the routing would be STN-DUS-RSW/MIA.)
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Hi Thanks. I meant to add that due to Dad's medical condition we only fly non stop so I think we are limited to BA although Virgin fly to Orlando non stop.
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Last week of October and first week of November are UK school holiday times so you will be very lucky to find a good deal now. Following weeks you may have more of a chance.
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a lot depends where you final destination will be ?

IMO TPA/MCO/MIA in that order is the best choice simply for nicest airport/best immigration experience -ranging from good in tampa to hell hole in Miami.

I would suggest RSW but you said non-stop
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Tampa airport and the staff are superb. Far Far better than MCO and MIA
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We prefer to fly in and out of Tampa as it is a lovely airport but can use Orlando and Miami to give us more choice.

I guess what I am asking is whether BA usually have another sale in August or September when I can look for another cheap deal.
The reward deals are lacking but I know they get updated on a regular basis.
If we don't use the airmiles by end November we lose them.

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We have flown to Florida a fair bit, and since FT helpers introduced us to 2-4-1, a fair bit in J & F.

Miami has always been difficult, but we've usually found Tuesday flights in F. Out of school hols, so mid-November, there is usually some mid-week availability to TPA & MCO, in J, but I guess you need to book further ahead or take a chance on last minute bookings.
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