Bare Feet in the Air

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Given the feedback openly received I am persuaded to delete the picture posted earlier.

Meanwhile, some may know that there is a website where full frontal (don't get me wrong, they're usually clothed) photos of passengers on London Underground and Overground trains are posted, apparently taken surreptitiously and without permission being sought or granted. And the tone of the website (and its sister websites for other cities) generally appears to be that of subjective comment on their appearance, nay, attractiveness.

I'm not saying it's right or wrong, just that here is a very prominent example of photographs taken in similar circumstances but featuring recognisable faces that continues unabashed.

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Originally Posted by delseyd View Post
Good grief What flight/aircraft was that? Makes note to avoid loos at all costs

Originally Posted by jbfield View Post
Looks more like an Airbus loo than a Boeing loo to me...and far too modern looking for one of the old 737's silver flappers...whilst it brings a tear to my eye, I'd be willing to bet it's G-DBCJ.
I'd say that was correct. I was on G-DBCJ on Friday and was a bit taken aback!
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[QUOTE=paulieuk;20716303In the example I posted their bare feet were all over the magazine holders, the magazines and safety cards, with the attendant potential transfer of bacteria and dead skin. The unsuspecting passengers on the next flight wouldn't expect the last human body parts to have touched them to be those prone to verrucae and athletes foot, for example.[/QUOTE]You think that's bad...
I recall watching a TV programme not long ago that showed an aircraft (albeit not BA) being cleaned during a turnaround...the crew found a used nappy in the seat-back pocket...they mentioned that they found things like that quite often!
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Originally Posted by Short Final View Post

a/ It is not a public place. It is private property.

b/ You are still pointing your camera at other passengers without their permission. All it needs is for the person to be able to recognise themselves because you have already given the location context.
I'm not for a minute saying that you are wrong but that would mean that practically every photograph on the Trip Report forum, for example, should not have been posted.
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As long as there is to picking of feet in the flight to Poughkeepsie
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you could have warned us about the pisser shot....
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a little OT but i love when people take photos of kids at parks and post them in the TR section but blur out their kids and leave the other kids photos unblurred. pretty classy touch if you ask me. as to feet posting, no issues personally. if you are picking them they can be photographed.
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Apparently there are more people who get annoyed at bare feet in the air. And this time we have pictures with faces on the internet!

So, if you are mr-giving-birth-inflight, please make yourself known
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I see another privacy debate coming up...
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Should be banned !!! especially people who put there scabby feet on the bulkheads!!!
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Thoroughly enjoying reading this thread... after hundreds of flights over the years, I am, by accident, about to board my first flight in flip flops ex-MCO! I meant to change before checkin but forgot and therefore my shoes and socks are somewhere in my case in the bowels of Orlando airport as I speak.. I have flip flop tan marks and somewhat dry heels... I will be opening that amenity pack and putting on the socks sharpish just in case any of those offended on this thread happen to be on the same flight as me
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Glad your putting your socks on for your sake - ever tried walking round an aircraft in white socks? No........... well try it and you will see how dirty aircraft actually are
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I'm as disappointed as any with inappropriate behaviour. Yet what disappoints me more is Passive Aggressive behaviour. Perhaps the raison d'etre of these forums increasingly.

So instead of saying to offending person - "do you mind, thats awful" instead we say to our partner / ourself "Dorothy see whats going on over there, thats a disgrace - im going to take a secret pic then post it to an internet forum (and vent my spleen)'

The fact is that communal travel is blighted by other people - those who put feet on seats, feet on bulkheads or perform strange contortions to get their feet in places you'd rather they not be (before we even get into noise from headphones or mobile phones) - is one of the reasons why travel can be so stressful.

Instead of thinking 'how does my behaviour impact on other people', its more common to just let it all hang out and believe a personal right to do as i please trumps all else. So unless people have the confidence and wherewithal to challenge inappropriate behaviour then this sort of discussion will become increasingly common, more frustrating and less helpful.
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I'd just like to say how thrilled I am that this thread has been resurrected after several months in absentia...
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Originally Posted by Speedbirdjclass View Post
Glad your putting your socks on for your sake - ever tried walking round an aircraft in white socks? No........... well try it and you will see how dirty aircraft actually are
Not sure that will make much of a difference, especially when going for a visit to the moist breeding ground that is the loo. Wellington boots seem to be the only somewhat safe choice.
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