Not Allowed to Charge iPad in CW seat!

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Not Allowed to Charge iPad in CW seat!

Yoink! iPad AC/USB charge ceremoniously and without warning, removed by CSD.

"I'm sorry sir but you're not allowed to leave this in if the device is not in use".

Me "sorry, I don't understand it..." I was cut off mid flow.

CSD:"You can only have it plugged in while you are using the device, otherwise it must be removed."

Me, still trying to get a word in, and being as shocked as my iPad was at being cut off so abruptly: "but it takes less than".

No dice, she who shall henceforth be referred to as Steamtrain, carried on "the engineers have told me that it's not allowed. They get very hot".

For me, there are obvious issues here:

Electricity: an iPad charger draws around 2 amps, far less than the majority of laptops which would take around twice that much. I sincerely doubt that the CW seat, even on an ageing BA 747 would have any problem with that.

Service from a CSD: I was really surprised by the manner in which she appeared from behind the bulkhead (I was in 64A) and removed the plug without even an "excuse me Sir" and then presented her explanation afterwards. A CSD should know better.

She knew it had only been plugged in for about 30 minutes as she'd wafted by earlier while I was head down and plugging it in and asked if I was ok... I told her I was just connecting my iPad.

I didn't want to start a probably pointless discussion about the comparative current demands of various electrical devices. And something about her demeanour triggered the schoolboy-afraid-of-the-headmistress effect in me and I didn't question her methodology either.

So, are we not allowed to charge iPads now, only use them??? If not, this ought to be communicated in a much more appropriate manner.

All this, and they forgot to offer me any scones. Overall they weren't the best crew I've had, but then we all have good days and bad at work.

Oh and I am posting this semi-moan having just submitted two well-done's for recent flights
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I am surprised she even managed to spot you doing this in 64A.

But I can't justify her approach. What I do know is that the onboard power system isn't set up to charge batteries, and I've heard of iPads getting very hot in certain circumstances. But even so, there must be a hundred better ways of dissuading you. Never mind the implications of her damaging your toy in the process.
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Odd. Last time I sat in 64A, about two hours into the flight a staff member appeared with a Macbook Pro, explained that the plug at a seat in F wasn't working and asked if she could charge it from my seat. I agreed. About four hours later she reappeared, took the laptop and produced an iPhone, explaining that said customer now wished to charge that instead...
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On a recent flight the CSD, as part of their normal announcement made a point of telling people that if you seat is equipped with a power socket that the power is only enough to keep your device topped up whilst using it and that it's not powerful enough to charge devices, so please unplug your devices when not in use.

Or words to that effect, first and only time i've heard that announcement. Something new maybe??
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Not Allowed to Charge iPad in CW seat!

Strange. On the way to Vegas in Old first, they did not have the cable to connect an iPad, so the CSD suggested that when I wanted to eat, she would take it to a spare CW Seat and charge it up... Which she very kindly did
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I have seen BA flight crew, charge up their macbook mid flight via the power sockets on the flight deck of a 747.

So I cannot imagine there should be an issue with a pax charging an ipad.

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On a few occasions BA staff have taken my laptop to charge in CW, particularly when I've been upgraded to Old F and haven't had my Empower kit with me (the current on-board kits in F don't come with the right connectors to power a laptop).
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The official rules say you cannot charge.
The plugs also do not charge my old laptop at all. It does run the computer though when charging is disabled / battery is removed.
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I believe the iPad has the same current draw when recharging regardless of whether in use or not.

Please report this, it is appaling crew behaviour like this that spoils trips. [EDITED TO ADD: That is regardless of whether it is prohibited or not, the behaviour is appaling.]

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Say you'r using your ipad to keep your feet warm, satisfying the "using" part. Perhaps you could open the case and put up the picture show?

You just had a cabin crew on a grumpy day.
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Very different from CWLCY where there are 2 plug sockets per seat and I had my MacBook and iPhone charging and in use for much of the flight. The option to do this is one of the selling points of the service...
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Tried to charge my BB Bold via the USB port in NF on a 744 a few weeks ago, and I don't think my BB liked it. It was off, but the normal red message flashing light flashed orange throughout the 'charge'. When I unplugged it about 90 mins later when we landed, the battery had gone up a bit, but I don't think the phone was all that happy...
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But can I plug this in

For when I'm watching films on my iPad!

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Originally Posted by DWFI View Post
The plugs also do not charge my old laptop at all. It does run the computer though when charging is disabled / battery is removed.
This is probably a limitation of the in-seat system providing only 70 watts Many larger laptops draw 90 watts and higher, which prevents charging the battery.
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My guess is that it was about the Lithium Ion battery incidents and had nothing to do with power consumptions etc.

The way she had handled it was wrong, but I believe she was correct about the rule that you can't charge a device although you can use the power to use the device.
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