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Where is your happy place? (A collection of inspirational travel ideas from FT’ers)

Where is your happy place? (A collection of inspirational travel ideas from FT’ers)

Old Aug 24, 12, 11:57 am
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Question Where is your happy place? (A collection of inspirational travel ideas from FT’ers)

It’s bank holiday weekend in the UK. Too many of us are probably stuck at home, it’ll be raining outside (if you are in the UK), James Bond will be on the telly, and not a lot else.

But where would you rather be? Please don’t real off a list of your preferred five star hotels. This is a chance to name your number one ‘happy place’. The single location, anywhere in the world, where you’d rather be, given the time and means to get there. And so we can all learn from each other (and hopefully get useful hints), how do you get there with BA / OneWorld (we are all Avios redeemers at heart).^

My happy place
To kick off, as my profile has said for months (see box left), Moab is my happy place. Small – but AMAZING – town in Utah, USA, bordered on all sides by stunning red rock scenery and two incredible National Parks. It's 'adventure central' - you can do whatever floats your boat. Hiking, exploring, 4x4ing, ATVing, painting, rock climbing, base jumping, canoeing, moutain biking, scenic flights or just relaxing and soaking up the sun in cowboy country.

There’s luxury accommodation if you want to spend $$$$, or there are motels if basic is more your style/budget. You can even camp or take an RV (not my style, but all folks are different). Moab and the surrounding area was even the focal point for the movie http://www.foxsearchlight.com/127hours/. If you like it busy go at Easter, if you prefer it more quiet go in the Summer. Somtimes its hot, somtimes its cold - but the scenery is always outstanding.

Put me anywhere in the world for a few days to relax, have fun and be happy – I’d pick Moab.

You can get there via a BA flight to PHX, LAS or DEN, and then a long (but incredibly scenic drive), or you can fly into DFW and connect with AA to GJT, and then take a much shorter drive from there. Flying direct to Moab isn’t really practical, but can be done via DEN (but not on OW).


I’d recommend it, for lone travellers, couples or families. I can't wait to be back (soon I hope).

Now, how about you?
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Old Aug 24, 12, 12:26 pm
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Nice idea ^

Mine is the island of Tanna which belongs to Vanuatu. In some ways it is just another South Pacific paradise island. However...

* There is sufficiently little tourism that the locals aren't jaded at all, but enough to ensure the basic facilities are in place
* there is an active volcano - Mt Yasur - which you can climb and witness a proper eruption. Proper as in boulders being hurled in the air, lava glow
* pristine waters. Snorkelling from out hotel was off a 30metre wall with huge amounts of fish, turtles
* visiting villages was an experience of being welcomed into someone's community not being fleeced for every penny

On the one bad weather day we ate fish and got mashed on unoaked Australian Chardonnay.

Nearest OW options are either Auckland, Sydney or Brisbane followed up with a Virgin or Air Vanuatu flight to Port Vila followed by another puddle jumper to Tanna. It keeps the riff raf out.

The other happy place is London. I wouldn't live anywhere else and can easily spend weeks without going outside zone 2.
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Old Aug 24, 12, 12:33 pm
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Mine is Mammoth Lakes in California.

Amazing skiing in winter, terrific scenery and biking/horseriding/hiking/watersports oppportunities in summer. It's also only a 3 hour drive to Reno if you fancy a wee gamble on the weekends

I'm utterly biased as my brother and his family live out there, but thought I'd share anyway.

We usually get there with BA GLA-LHR-LAX or SFO, either way it's about a 7 hour scenic drive to get there (especially from SFO, driving thorugh Yosemite). There are Horizon Air Flights every day directly to Mammoth, if the drive doesn't float your boat...

Sigh... want to be there now
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Old Aug 24, 12, 1:00 pm
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Can I choose several? The far North of Arnhem Land in Australia, the Dead Sea, Nice, and... London!
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Old Aug 24, 12, 1:10 pm
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Mine is off the coast of Thailand near the Simeon Islands.. Incredible Place and Incredible Diving
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Old Aug 24, 12, 1:12 pm
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Richmond Park with the dog.
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Old Aug 24, 12, 1:17 pm
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I have many but whenever I think of escaping I think about Springdale in Utah... No idea why.
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Old Aug 24, 12, 1:44 pm
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The West Highland Line.

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Old Aug 24, 12, 1:44 pm
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I am sorry to say that my real happy place is in Scotland. Okay not during the summer, because of the little biting flies.


Overlooking Loch Ard. The food wont make you ill. Everyone speaks some form of the English language. The weather is okay, usually (unless you visit during the winter time) You can go and ski if needed. The enjoy sailing and well drinking.

you can do the Dukes pass in all weathers, I would recormend during good weather only. http://www.incallander.co.uk/drive1.htm

Flying OW well BA from LHR or LGW.
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Old Aug 24, 12, 1:56 pm
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For now I'll settle for a day at Half Moon Bay in Antigua.

No hotel there anymore since a big hurricane a few years ago, but many happy memories of body surfing on the waves there. Lovely beach.

If I had some spare cash I'd stay at the Curtain Bluff hotel (and hire a yacht for a day out of English Harbour).
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Old Aug 24, 12, 1:56 pm
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Some cracking suggestions so early on.

And two in Utah already. Way to go henkybaby. I certainly need to check out Springdale on my next Utah sortie.

Swanhunter - that does sound an idylic place, but you need real stamina to get there. As you say, it keeps the riff raf out, and that's what counts.

And I love the fact that some people feel so positive about the place they live too, or places closer to home. My second choice would be the Hebrides of Scotland. Come rain or shine, its such a friendly and beautiful place, I can't help but smile when I'm up there (which is several times a year). I guess the fact it is so close to home, a few hours on two quick flights, means sometimes it just doesn't feel special enough though - as it's too easy to get there. I appreciate it more when, each October, I drive up to North Uist by car. Somehow watching the world go by in the car for 12 hours and a ferry journey makes it more rewarding when you finally arrive.^

Thanks for the amazing suggestions though. Keep this rolling, and I'll need a few million more Avios
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Old Aug 24, 12, 2:02 pm
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Southern Chile...
Kind people in wine country w/ spectacular wilderness
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Old Aug 24, 12, 2:04 pm
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1. Watching the sun set over Ipanema beach from Arpoador Rocks in GIG.

2. Watching the world go by in Parc La Fontaine after a stroll down the bustling Rue St Denis in YUL.

3. Any view of Manhattan island from a suitably high up vantage point at night. However frustrating New York can be, it's impossible not to be in awe of the view.
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Old Aug 24, 12, 2:08 pm
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I have to say Utah is as far from my happy place as things could be

I don't have a single place. I love Sydney, adore spending time there. I also love a quiet relaxing holiday in the private villa on the beach I rent now and then on Crete. The Amalfi coast is also amazing. And a few days driving down the Great Ocean Road can be pure enjoyment as well.

Oh, and I always enjoy coming home to my beloved London.
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Old Aug 24, 12, 2:11 pm
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Well 747_not_777 I agree Moab is a great place, currently en route from a holiday in Southern Utah. It reminded Mrs P and I of our home town, Lewes in Sussex...slightly alternative!

However as much as we enjoyed our trip and last year's in Colorado, the Isles of Scilly is our happy place, It as great when BA Helicopters used tofly there (although TP and Avios/Miles didn't exist in those days) and not bad whilst BIH operated the service, but now sadly soon to end.

Outside the UK, anywhere along the coast between San Francisco and San Diego (excepting the LA area) or the Olympic Nationalk Park area across to Seattle is our favourite place(s).
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