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BotB May 23, 12 4:01 pm

The BA Cloud!
As there appears to be some interest in the weather and clouds on the BA forum I thought I would start a dedicated thread (with some excellent ideas from as yet undisclosed sources, they know who they are ^) to this aspect of travelling with BA...

Here goes;

This is the BA cloud gallery thread - please post photos of quizzical/interesting cloud formations from your BA point of departure/en route/destination such as from the seat of your BA flight in this thread, together with Flight no, time and location. It is hoped that this will promote discussion and through this we can all gain greater knowledge of the cloud characteristics over our home towns or while travelling to places with BA.

To ensure we keep this relevant to BA...please include a recognisable feature - city, royal blue engine nacelle, or some other distinguishable UK/BA item.

In addition and interspersed with good measure, we can post information on;

-Why the UK (and specifically airports BA use) receives the weather it does and how could this affect your flights or any delays in travelling when we get specific types of weather (this can include destination weather for BA flights as well if desired)

-Post detailed METAR or TAF (and any other relevant weather) information during periods of weather delays or interruption at an airport BA use in the hope it helps those travelling in their plans

-Provide some background on why we have weather at all instead of clear blue skies all the time and how this could affect your BA plans for vacations (thinking Hurricane, Tornado, Monsoon, etc... locations and seasons here)

-Provide a nice diversion for people flying BA while in one of the lounges or sitting in an airport by having some nice pictures to look at!

-post links to relevant sources for more information or where to go if you really get the 'weather' bug!

-have some fun ;)

Of course, any other BA related weather or cloud questions can also be included…just post and we'll see where this goes….

Hope this thread is of interest and gets everyone thinking and talking about the weather on our favourite airline ^

So, look up or out your seat window instead of looking down...and take lots of pictures ^

...first post with clouds or covering one of the above topics coming soon to a screen near you….^ ;)

Yahillwe May 23, 12 4:11 pm

No clouds where I am.... Just full grey skies. Guess those are clouds.

Prospero May 23, 12 4:16 pm

20 May 2012: BA0233 LHR-DME
I recently found myself cloudstruck by these tower formations
20.05.12 BA0233 East of Moscow
20.05.12 BA0233 East of Moscow

Prospero May 23, 12 4:17 pm

23 May 2012: BA0232 DME-LHR
23.05.12 BA0232 Poland
23.05.12 BA0232 German Coast

Prospero May 23, 12 4:18 pm

23 May 2012: BA1462 LHR-EDI
23.05.12 BA1462 Lancashire
23.05.12 BA1462 Lancashire

BotB May 23, 12 4:24 pm

Originally Posted by Yahillwe (Post 18630733)
No clouds where I am.... Just full grey skies. Guess those are clouds.


That would be Stratus clouds then Yahillwe, coming soon...a pictorial guide to the different cloud types!

BotB May 23, 12 4:37 pm

Excellent start to the thread Prospero ^^ Thanks!

Originally Posted by Prospero (Post 18630762)
I recently found myself cloudstruck by these tower formations
20.05.12 BA0233 East of Moscow
20.05.12 BA0233 East of Moscow

In future, I won't comment on every picture people post but where there is something that hasn't been noted before or where there is something that is not obvious I'll hope comments will enhance the viewing!

In these photos we have really good examples of towering Cumulus...(in METAR and TAF they are abbreviated to TCU)...while we have had pictures of these the reason they have formed is more important...We still need the isolated pockets of moisture and vertical motion from some lower level of convection....however, what is causing that convection is new...previously the TCU in pictures was from mid latitudes along the these photos the location is the Russian landscape...which effectively acts as a big frying pan in hot Summer like conditions such as this week...(you can also get this over the Prairies of Canada or the US States East of the Rockies)...The Sun bakes down on the dark coloured soil and due to the warm temperatures of the late Spring acts as a hob for any air above this surface...creating the convective air cycles we need to develop this Cumulus to great vertical heights as we see here...the isolated pockets are where there is more moisture, likely from local sources of water such as rivers or lakes below...

More on landscape and moisture in the different types of air masses coming soon!

Great pics...^

BotB May 23, 12 4:58 pm

Originally Posted by Prospero (Post 18630767)

A fantastic example of the striated 'anvil' formation of a mature Cumulonimbus (CB) cloud which probably is 35,000 feet thick vertically from base to that flat top...The top of the cloud is flat and 'sheared' due to the jet stream coming along on top of this cloud and the change in speed simply 'shear' the cloud cauliflower tops off causing the anvil shape with a bit of time. This cloud is likely 25 miles or more wide at the base and would be absolutely chucking it down with heavy showery rain (+RASH) and possibly lightning as well. The height that a CB can 'grow' to depends on where the cloud is formed and what season it happens Summer and over locations like the US/Canada/Russia you can get tops at 65,000 feet, whereas in Winter and over Europe the tops are much more modest at around 30,000 feet. This is generally a reflection of the height of the Tropopause at that location and season.

Originally Posted by Prospero (Post 18630777)
23.05.12 BA1462 Lancashire

The above picture shows two levels of moisture; one at mid levels producing the Altocumulus (AC), here of the floccus variety and a higher Cirrostratus (CS) layer...which is interesting as it shows mid level instability but higher level stability so once you were mid way between the AC and CS clouds you would find the ride should be smooth....time to press the call button for another drink...^
23.05.12 BA1462 Lancashire

A really good picture of AC floccus from above...below this would look very flat and just like cotton balls scattered in 2D on a blue background...but here you can see the 3 dimensional aspect of the cloud which again shows the instability at that height and the convective cycles where the upward vertical motion is where the white cloud bits are and the warmer air which can hold more moisture is subsiding where there is no cloud. (think of mini vertical circles with the direction being upward where there is cloud and downward where there is no cloud...this is why you get a 'patchwork' field of the clouds...the downward flows can be thought of as punching downward holes in the cloud deck...:D

One for the cloud atlas I would like to display on here, if you are in agreement Prospero to help ID different clouds, types and heights?;)

Jimmie76 May 23, 12 5:12 pm

Oh I thought you were talking about the BA Cloud Kinetic Sculpture at T5 :D Ooh and I need to send you a PM. ;)

Jimmie76 May 23, 12 5:48 pm

BotB YG cloud badge related PM. ;)

T8191 May 23, 12 5:53 pm

I've taken a couple of photos ... I'll post when I get back home to an iMac instead of an iPod. ;)

ColdWalker May 23, 12 11:25 pm

Great descriptions BotB

henkybaby May 24, 12 12:03 am

I definitely have too many. I will try to spread the love over a couple of days...

Easter Island

Approaching SYD from LAX

Somewhere in New Zealand

Between SYD and CHC (2x)

BotB May 24, 12 3:03 am

New option for Cloud Club design
Jimmy76 has been busy...what do you think?
cloudbadge2100 by Jimmy76, on Flickr

BotB May 24, 12 3:11 am

Originally Posted by henkybaby (Post 18632797)
I definitely have too many. I will try to spread the love over a couple of days...

Easter Island

Great colours here and a real feeling of being about mid level of the TCU clouds which are scattered around...not exactly sure why the very isolated small Cumulus clouds can develop into really skinny TCU here with the Cirrus (CI) cloud above but a nice picture and again a great perspective. ^

I just really like this one...a great perspective henkybaby ^ , you seem to have a way of portraying being on the plane as it is climbing or descending through the cloud layers...brilliant.

I particularly like the very strong deep blues at the top and the varying shades of white and grey of the clouds...looks like some fairly stable Altocumulus below and a layer of Cirrostratus above.

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