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Legionayr Apr 22, 12 4:30 am

Compensation? [operational delays and involuntary reroute]
Good morning, all.

My wife and I flew CW out of FCO on Friday. On arriving at the airport we were informed that due to crew rest requirements, our flight was delayed an hour and that we would certainly miss our LHR connection to PHX. We were involuntarily rerouted through ORD and, since the plane was delayed yet further, we missed that one too. We ended up overnighting in London at an airport hotel (at BA's expense) and were put onto the direct PHX flight the next day.

Does BA usually award some kind of compensation in cases such as this? A few tens of thousands of Avios miles added to my collection would go a long way to alleviating my annoyance at losing a day out of my life.

As an aside, a bit of a rant. IMO a more useless group of human beings never wasted God's air than the airport employees at Fiumicino. From the BA employee who first rebooked us (and who strongly implied that since we'd booked with Avios we really didn't deserve any consideration at all); to the BA person who misinformed us as to the ETA of our delayed London flight; to the staff who constantly misdirected us in our search for the CW lounge (you can't get there from here was the final answer, not without going back through immigration and security - but why did it take conversations with five different people to ascertain this?); to the unhelpful restaurant staff, all were deplorable. A pox on them all.

henkybaby Apr 22, 12 4:41 am

From what I have heard, no compensation for delays at BA, just for cancelations. Now I have been in a similar scenario before (bought in AMS, departing from SFO) and I am pretty sure I received the standard €600 on top of the reimbursements for hotel costs etc.

Ex mainland Europe pax may be treated differently from ex UK pax.

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