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fripperies Mar 26, 12 6:17 pm

No you can't, yes you can
MAN-LHR-LAX in F with overnight layover at T5 Sofitel. Not wanting the hassle of luggage in LHR I rang You First to make sure I could check our bags through from MAN to LAX. The answer, regretfully but firmly, was that we couldn’t. By way of elaboration, I was told it used to be possible but not any more. (Nice gambit there - the classic non-explanatory explanation).

So at MAN we were surprised when the agent offered to check us through to LAX. I was wary of accepting. (We have not forgotten, nor indeed forgiven - are you listening, LH? - the Christmas we spent in Goa with our possessions marooned in BOM, courtesy of a check-in agent who promised us she had checked them through to GOI). Somewhat apprehensively, we went with it.

Thank you, check-in lady. Nul points, You First. BA do indeed have a secure holding area in LHR and our bags duly turned up on the carousel in LAX. Which is handy to know… but even handier if you know before you pack.

DVT Mar 26, 12 9:55 pm

^ I'm glad they did the right thing eventually! The miscommunication should be resolved, however.

onobond Mar 26, 12 11:16 pm

Thank you for posting your experiences. It's really good news for me, since I often plan an overnight in a LHR airport hotel, to catch a LH the next morning. Previous experiences of having luggage staying overnight in any airport have been disheartening. The very existence of a secure holding area means less schlepping of luggage to airport hotels.


Andriyko Mar 27, 12 3:14 am

AT KBP they do it be default. In fact, I often have to ask them to re-print the tags as we usually take our luggage at LHR. I was told that if teh connection is less than 24 hours they will check the bags through to teh final destination even with overnight connection.

redshift27 Mar 27, 12 12:18 pm

Should have asked us, not BA! ;)

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