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Membership changes - Your feedback and questions

Membership changes - Your feedback and questions

Old Oct 19, 11, 7:50 am
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Membership changes - Your feedback and questions

Dear all

Thank you for all your feedback so far on the detail in our email yesterday.

As there are separate threads running on this (and rightly so as I realise the information means different things to different members), it is quite difficult to separate the outstanding questions that you have in order to answer them for you.

So, I am starting this thread to try and help with the following:

- questions and queries about the introduction of a Bronze tier
- the changes to Tier Points
- the changes to how your membership year will work
- the removal of the European thresholds

For general feedback, thoughts and observations please continue to add these to the current threads which are running. The intention of this is to identify any areas which you feel are not clear or covered in our communications on ba.com.

Warm regards


Your questions and answers amalgamated into one easy to follow post, thanks Globaliser

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Old Oct 19, 11, 7:56 am
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Q. If I am Euro-Gold at 3/12 with a 9/12 year-end then I only need 800 points by 9/12 to renew. That is clear. However, if I drop from Euro-Gold to Euro-Silver in September 2012, will I need 400 or 600 points to renew Euro-Silver in September 2013?
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Old Oct 19, 11, 7:59 am
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Thanks, Nicci!

Now that the new TP table has been published:
  1. [*]
  2. [*]
  3. [*]
(Taking advantage of this thread to re-post from here: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/briti...l#post17299109.)
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Old Oct 19, 11, 7:59 am
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Thanks for this Nicci. ^

Q. How is the tier point earning on partner airlines, currently linked with the 2000 mile rule for shorthaul/longhaul going to be affected?
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Old Oct 19, 11, 8:02 am
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I think there should be a way to have a one off adjustment to your membership year (or allow members in a household account to align all their accounts at least).

For me this year, if I take the flights I've currently hoping to take I'd reach silver by January after doing a CW flight for new year and then in the old scheme of things my membership date would have reset.

Now I'm supposed to be going to a wedding in Australia at the beginning of Feb, this will also likely be CW due to the length of the flight I consider that important. On the old scheme this would give me a bunch of points to help me on the way to gold on the new scheme I'd lose my tier points a few days later because my current membership year expires mid-Feb

So previously I had a good reason to fly BA to Australia even if the fares were higher, but now it makes sense to shop around for a better deal as those tier points will be meaningless to me.

Despite this in general I prefer the new way, but as people were used to the old way and might be relying on that behaviour I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for a one time change in the membership year.

As for bronze, not worth the plastic in my mind. Perhaps make ordering the card optional like is done for blue members. Still it's nice for those who would never make silver - they get a small benefit for their efforts.
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Old Oct 19, 11, 8:03 am
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Spanish Tier points reducing question

Thanks Nicci. I know you are only the messenger, I have the following question:

What ticket/fares are the tier points awarded reducing for on the Spanish routes? It just says "tier points will reduce".

I assume this means they are moving Business fares inline with BA UK Business and will reduce from 40TP to 20TP, despite it being a different service. If so, this means that:

November 2010 (old system): LHR-MAD-XXX-MAD-LHR = 160TP cost 450
November 2011 (enhanced): LHR-MAD-XXX-MAD-LHR = 120TP cost 780

If BA are reducing the Tierpoints for economy from 10TP to 5TP then

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Old Oct 19, 11, 8:03 am
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I just wanted to apologise in advance for all the comments on the next 471 pages.
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Old Oct 19, 11, 8:05 am
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Place a title in your questions

Perhaps everyone should put a title on their question, so Nicci doesn't have to spend twelveteen years sifting through the mud?

As Smirnoff has indicated, perhaps posters can help Nicci and leave out opinions/life stories/off topic waffle and keep their posts as simple questions.
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Old Oct 19, 11, 8:07 am
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Default country setting

I have a mundane but infuriating problem.

Originally Posted by Globaliser View Post
Now that the new TP table has been published:
Is it possible to stop the stupid web site switching default countries (typically from US -> UK ) everytime I click on one of these kindly posted links? It seems to be happening because BA tags 'en_gb' onto the URL then sets GB as the default (presumably via a cookie?) once you access the site the next time.
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Old Oct 19, 11, 8:09 am
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Redemptions in premium cabins restricted to particular tier?

Thanks Nicci.

Just to clear up a somewhat unhumorous rumour ( ) ....... are there any plans whatosever to restrict redemption access to premium cabins to any particular membership tier?
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Old Oct 19, 11, 8:09 am
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Originally Posted by Globaliser View Post
[*]What about the routes which are longer than HND and NRT but which don't feature in the list (CPT, HKG)?
HKG is both shorter in distance and time than NRT.

BA5 on 10 November is 11 hrs 50 mins and 6,222 miles (per the tool to calculate miles collected from flights). BA25 is 11 hrs 40 mins and BA27 is 11 hrs 45 mins and 5,979 miles.

I would agree, CPT is just over 6,000 miles and can only assume that BA have missed this by accident.
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Old Oct 19, 11, 8:15 am
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Re-iterating Nicci's request, can we keep this thread focussed on

- questions and queries about the introduction of a Bronze tier
- the changes to Tier Points
- the changes to how your membership year will work
- the removal of the European thresholds

No other questions, no whinging, no Facebook status updates please.

Moderator, BAEC
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Old Oct 19, 11, 8:23 am
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1) The ability to renew at the reduced thresholds applies only to members who will have earned that tier at the date stated in our communications. If you downgrade to Silver, Bronze or Blue then you will need the higher Tier Points to attain the next tier again

2) a) Is the "over 6000 mile" destinations list complete, and accurate?
The list is accurate for the BA network but not complete (see Cape
Town below)
b)What about the routes which are longer than HND and NRT but
which don't feature in the list (CPT, HKG)?
Cape Town is over 6000 miles but Hong Kong is lower according the
airport mileage tables that we use to calculate distance
c)What are the new TP earning rates for LHR-SYD?
For LHR-SYD you will earn 60,120,150,240,360 Tier Points respectively (discount economy, full fare economy, World Traveller Plus, Club World and First)


d)Will these new TP earning rates also apply to flying on OW partners, or
are they solely for flying on BA/BA codes?
This will apply to oneworld partners

3) thanks for your feedback layz

4) AJ London - the new tier point table is the one you should use now to calculate this - the tier point calculator will be updated on 16 November to reflect the changes for BA and partners

5) globalste - the tier point earning classes won't change - it will be the values themnselves

6) bernardd - feedback noted

7) uk1 - I did clarify this already! I can confirm there are absolutely no plans at all to restrict availability for rewards by tier!!

8) LCY-JFK will earn the same Tier Points as First from LHR-JFK as per today

9) David-A – I’m sorry we have no current plans to allow for attaining tiers at the reduced levels after the time stated. We will take into account your feedback

10) henners – we will continue to issue communications – this is the best way to keep up with the changes

11) David –A – in answer to your question please see my response to question 1. If you drop a tier after the date stated you must earn the new Tier Point levels to either renew at the tier you changed to this applies both for renew and attain

12) All tiers will still enjoy a soft landing

13) srbrenna – I’m afraid we have no plans to align the membership years within an HHA as the individual accounts need to retain their individual membership years for progressing through the tiers and in the event they leave the HHA again. We will not be changing anything to the HHA structure.

14) a) Stifle – the answer is no to both your questions I’m afraid. I cannot change the date you will earn Silver and you will need to earn Gold under the current rules

b) LCY-JFK will earn 210 Tier Points

15) Tobias-UK – the Tier Point changes will apply to oneworld partners as they do today

16) G-BOAC – yes the same will apply to partners – so if a partner flight is over 6000 miles then they will receive the Tier Points published that will apply to BA

17) Following year refers to your following membership year

18) traveller42 – yes if you are a European member who achieves Silver or Gold by March then you will be able to renew at the reduced thresholds – this is renewal only not attain or if you downgraded before or after March

19) dark_horse – I can’t comment I’m afraid. We have a communications schedule for the whole customer base. While we are happy to support queries from whichever channel we receive them, including Flyertalk, I cannot discuss that schedule outside of BA

20) What is happening to flights under 2000 miles on partners that have J & F cabins? Do they still earn the current number of TPs?
Both LHR-Tel Aviv and Moscow (when it moves to a 4 cabin service) will be awarded 35, 70, 90, 140 and 210 Tier Points respectively

21) Also are the earning rates changing for the other current non normal TP flights like LHR-HEL?
Helsinki will remain unchanged

22) If one earns sufficient TP's for retaining the current tier by the date stated (march 2012), do they then renew for the next year, even if the member end of year is after that date? Or does the requirement TP 'jump' on 3/12 leaving said member needing more TP's?
In this scenario, if you have earned the required amount of Tier Points at the current levels to renew at your current tier by then you will renew at your current tier. If you downgrade or attain the next tier after this time you will need to do so at the new levels (I hope I have understood this question please let me know if not)

23) Also I second geo-womble's question about whether higher TPs will be awarded on flights already booked for after 16 Nov.
The Tier Point changes will take effect for flights travelling from 16 November regardless of when they are booked

24. Also support the idea of allowing people to make a one-off adjustment for their membership year, any chance of this happening?
Unfortunately not – we get many requests like this but it isn’t fair to the majority of members who earn in the membership year as stated

25. a) Any changes to GGL qualifying (i.e. will Europe be brought into line with UK)?
Europe GGL thresholds will be aligned with the Rest of World levels

b) Any changes to GGL benefits
We haven’t communicated anything on this

26) a) I would like to echo squeeler's question above in post 43, and would like to ask if this harmonisation of levels will also apply to GUF2 thresholds, and the silver partner card as well?
Yes these will be the same as the rest of the world in terms of alignment

b) Presumably Concorde Room card will still be available at the eye-watering TP level of 5,000 as well?
The Concorde Room card can be earned by any member who earns 5000 Tier Points

27) I would like to echo this again Nicci as I think we are talking about the same thing but still not understanding what the answer is:

Spanish Tierpoints currently issued (each way):

Business: 40TP
Flex Y: 20TP
Economy: 10TP

What will be the new tier points earned and will it effect flights already booked?

As mentioned by Hannibal, we and many others book these flights quite far in advance and will be pretty p'ed if we forked out for a ticket but the tier points don't allow us to renew.

Any flights taken within domestic Spain ONLY from 16 November will earn the new Tier Point levels of 5 Tier Points for discount economy, 10 for full fare economy and 20 for Club Europe.

28) What TPs would be for non BA OW flights that fall into this category? Are they considered short haul flights and this no change? Would it remain at 40 & 60 for J & F for these flights?
Where you were earning 20,40 and 60 Tier Points, you will continue to earn this with the exception of flights within domestic Spain

29) IMH – I’m sorry – the answer is that you cannot choose your membership year or change it

30) What will Open Skies flights earn as of 11/16? I believe they are currently earning 180 TPs in Biz Bed, 120 in Biz Seats-- will they go to 210/140, 140/90, or something else? They will go to 210/140

31) I am currently not an EC member. If I sign up with a European address, then fly FCO-MAD-EZE-MAD-FCO in business in December/January, would I then become Silver and then have two more 400TP renewals?
Yes – provided you earned enough to renew ie you will have earned the 400 Tier Points by 1 March 2012

Further, if I sign up for EC the day before my first segment (in 12/11) would I then, under the new rules, be in effect Silver until 12/13 regardless of later activity? (and Bronze for another year).
I’m not sure I follow this sorry – is this the same questions as above?

32) Mauritius is over 6000 miles and needs to be added to the list – apologies for that

33) I'm euro-blue. Will have 360 points before Nov 16 and become bronze. On Nov 16 I fly FCO-HKG-MEL in CW arriving Nov 17 for 280 pts becoming euro-silver, returning Nov 22 MEL-HKG-FCO in CW for a further 280, giving me 960 pts and euro-gold? My membership year ends July 2012, so that means I retain gold until July 2013?
Yes that is correct

34) bjorns – thank you for your feedback – we will monitor the feedback of members like yourself who are concerned that the introduction of Bronze has had an impact on our Silver and Gold members

35) Has the BA team considered what will happen at the JFK outstation when Ruby's/Bronze will be allowed to use the Premium Check-in Area? Bronze benefits does not include Fast Track security, however at JFK T7 the Club check-in desks are in a dedicated premium area with it's own security channel that Silvers/Golds and CW/F passengers may use.

This is a logistical problem BA need to look at, or there will be bad blood among Bronzies because they get rejected and have to walk back to the main departure area, or, Elite members and Premium Pax will be upset because the Premium security becomes not so premium.

Bronze members at JFK can check in at the Premium Check-in area but will not be able to use Fast Track, as you say, it is not a benefit of Bronze. We will monitor feedback on this after launch too – thank you – good question!

36) Question: will the new bunches of bronze people get access to all seats at d -7 or will some sections be reserved to gold and/or silver? When flying economy short haul, not the whole cabin is available at reservation and many seats only open up at d - 3 so many of us change our assignments at that time. Are we now in competition with bronze then?
Bronze members will be able to pre-allocate their seats –7days as Silver and Gold members do today, with the exception of emergency exit rows.

37) The title says it all.....with the alignment of TP thresholds, as an EU member am I now eligible for the second GUF2 at 3500TPs?

I will be back to answer more questions soon


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Spanish Tier points reducing questions

1. How much will we earn?


2. Does that include bookings made before but flown after November 16th?

My re-qualification plan includes 2 domestic flights with Iberia, if I'd
earn less than 2x10TPs the plan would go belly-up.
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LCY - JFK tier points

Many thanks for all of the information posted (most useful to read)

My question: will the LCY - JFK and return earn the same number of tier points as is the case at the moment (i.e. 180 each way)?


[Many thanks for the response - good news!]

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