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new lounge rules for gold? [End of Open Doors for Golds]

new lounge rules for gold? [End of Open Doors for Golds]

Old May 20, 11, 8:14 am
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Not asked here either, surprisingly. Used it once or twice and it was a nice perk. Given that there won't be any Open Doors pax at T5 and many overseas lounges were exempt because they weren't BA-operated, I do wonder exactly how much it can have cost them. Maybe EZY moving in to the North terminal at LGW made the difference.

Anyway, between this and the cocktail bar at Galleries Club, I'm getting supremely relaxed about my drop from Gold to Silver next month.
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Old May 20, 11, 8:15 am
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This is a big loss to me personally as I regularly avail of this benefit when flying on routes not served by BA or One World. I cannot see the cost saving this is offering BA, as it only applied for BA-operated lounges (which is annoying, but understandable as third party lounges carry a cost to BA)

BAEC should be adding benefits to the programme, not removing them.

Others have already pointed out that this diminishes the difference between Silver and Gold, so I'm probably not alone in contemplating a soft landing this year.
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Old May 20, 11, 8:16 am
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Just received the email as well...

It was not a benefit I used much, but it was very much appreciated when I did - mostly in SEA and SFO when flying routes that neither BA nor any of its oneworld partners operate (SFO-SEA/SEA-SFO comes to mind), or even in one case when the Delta lounge to which I had access was jammed, but the BA lounge in SEA was empty as the BA flights were later in the day, and BA were using it only for contracted passengers from a non-OW airline (I think perhaps Korean or some such). The disruption to BA, their lounges, or their guests was certainly minimal in all the circumstances that I would have used them - and it certainly kept me feeling some appreciation for BA even when flying between airports that neither they nor their partners served.

The next time I walk past a BA lounge under such circumstances, I will have nothing but annoying thoughts at how they've weakened the value of my loyalty to them, and I'll be all the more inclined to try for status in the competing alliances, so that I will still have access under as many circumstances as possible.

As for BA, perhaps a drop back to Silver over the next couple years will be in the works. The little things that made Gold special just seem to be disappearing, so why not try out the other alliances, particularly on itineraries that don't necessarily involve those little islands off the north cost of Europe?
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Old May 20, 11, 8:16 am
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Platinum Iberia Benefits -

They still have open doors! - Shocker!
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Old May 20, 11, 8:17 am
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Originally Posted by HIDDY View Post
Is their any other FFP that offers such a benefit?
Many did or do - off the top of my head LH, SQ and CX.
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Old May 20, 11, 8:17 am
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I have used this on average probably once or twice a year and I am not happy now!

This really was something that differentiated BA from the rest of the FFP crowd. I have never found it resulted in overcrowded lounges which could be justification for removing the benefit.

I also quite doubt the claim that the decision was also based on feedback from executive club members unless perhaps it was not Golds they asked.

This is a real let down!
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Old May 20, 11, 8:17 am
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Agree, this is disgraceful and disingenuous. To pretend this comes as a result of feedback from EC members is insulting. It seems to me that loyal EC gold members are being treated as 2nd class citizens when compared to people flying with One World partners. I personally am sick of this constant nibbling away that we experience. How dare they decide that BA frequent flyers are less valuable that people that may actually never or only rarely fly on BA.

This forum has a powerful voice, we should use it to register our extreme disgust.

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Old May 20, 11, 8:18 am
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Well, I wasn't going to bother, but now I will simply have to go to the BA lounge in LGW north when I fly easyjet in two weeks, and make maximum use of the benefit

Shame I gotta drive at the other end...
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Old May 20, 11, 8:20 am
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More polishing of my bloody gold (in the same vein as I'm really looking forward to my upcoming lower deck 747 flight since the upper deck provision was polished away and it's full now).

Surely there (a) aren't that many golds (any students writing a thesis out there these days? how many are we?) and (b) aren't that many glasses of bog-standard wine and bowls of soup that are being consumed.

And I, too, resent the notion that this was based on Exec Club member feedback. Pretentious pseudo-marketing speak -- cobblers!

I did use it, it did further reinforce my loyalty to the BA brand, and I do feel glad I status matched with BD a couple of years ago, and I will be maintaining *G going forward -- and I used to be one of the most BA loyal fliers out there. Wouldn't even consider anything else.
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Old May 20, 11, 8:21 am
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Originally Posted by HIDDY View Post
Encouraging you to fly with your competitors seems to me to be a weird way of running your business.
All those Gold card holders drinking and eating in your lounge then buggering off when the Easyjet flights start boarding.
I fully agree with this. Purchase of GB and EZ move to North Terminal at LGW must have had a big effect. Why else the signs saying "terraces only" and "no guests" if not flying BA and using open doors?

I can see why prople like it, but why encourage your competition? Why do people expect premium treatment without paying for it, even flying with the competition? If I want to use a lounge when flying other than BA/OW, I either buy a J/F ticket or use PP. Indeed in most circumstances, open doors would be of no benefit, as there is no BA lounge to use anyway.

I can't say I'm surprised at this change, said as someone who pays every single penny to get and keep a gold card out of my own pocket. I can understand those who get a gold card at work's expense, but use EZ when it's their money, being disappointed, but was this really a benefit that encouraged loyalty? Clearly BA thought not.
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Old May 20, 11, 8:21 am
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Also had the email, is April fools day on the 20th of May this year?.

The customer feedback line is clearly garbage. I don't work in PR and clearly neither does anyone at waterside but isn't the general practice to soften bad news with something of less value but that could be seen as a perk? Increased tier bonus miles? Reduced TP requirement for renewal? GUF2 and 2000 TP?

I think I'll end up doing the domestic (EDI/MAN) travel on BMI. The only reason for flying with BA was to keep gold and the associated benefits. Now that the GF lounge at T5 is packed all the time and various other benefits have been withdrawn from gold or added to silver I can't see the point in making any effort at all to maintain it.

BMI is much better domestically and now seems to have better gold benefits.
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Old May 20, 11, 8:23 am
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E mail

Just got this from BA.

Dear Dr squeeler,

As you know, we are always seeking ways of enhancing the travelling experience of our best customers. Lounge access via the "Anytime Access" programe was a special benefit we gave to all Gold Executive Club members. We carried out an extensive consultation with our best customers. Many said that "Anytime Access" was not a benefit they valued, so we decided to take it away from them.

You were one of the customers who replied, saying that you really valued this benefit (although we see that you have only used it once in the last 5 years) so we have decided to make a special case for you and a few other "special" customers who replied in the same way to the question. We will soon send you a new gold card endorsed with the note "Eat, Drink, and be Merry on the House with BA with whomever you fly". I hope you will continue to drink your corner when you fly with our competitors.

Yours etc. etc.

PS Please do not tell those buggers on Flyertalk about this special deal, they will just moan like hell.
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Old May 20, 11, 8:25 am
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Hi all, don't post on here very often - in fact haven't been on for so long have forgotten my details and had to re-register.

IMO this is not a good move. I have to juggle my schedule as it is to keep my BA Gold status valid, with their flights often being more expensive and after this will find it harder to do so.

I do not use the perk very often, but it has been very useful to me on a few occasions.

I agree with the sentiment that maybe it is because the facility is being overused by members who fly a lot of budget airlines, but to counter that, they are still at Gold status so BA are making money in some way!
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Old May 20, 11, 8:26 am
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For those who disapprove of this decision can I suggest that you do as I have done and register your disapproval by email to the BA Exec Club?
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Old May 20, 11, 8:29 am
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Originally Posted by Lolbert View Post
For those who disapprove of this decision can I suggest that you do as I have done and register your disapproval by email to the BA Exec Club?
What address?

This is one thing that really set BA apart, and now it's gone.

I used to use this often at AMS since the walk to the crowded KL lounge is an extra 150 meters or so. And I made good use of it at several other airports from time to time.
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