How do I see BA flights only on

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Please see my edited post above.

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Originally Posted by origin View Post
I have to agree its getting a bit boring. If you are on the BA website, then you wan to fly with BA. Not AAnother or Iberia. Maybe they should launch another website for people who dont really care about the other airlines.

I really dont think it would be an issue if the BA website gave you the option along the lines of the aa website, perhaps:
1)- British Airways, Subsidiaries & franchisees only
2)- British Airways, Subsidiaries, franchisees and OW partners
3)- All Airlines

no doubt the BA website would default to option 2, but i think that this could be a good improvement on the current flight booking page on the website

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Sorry to revive this thread, but if anyone from BA is reading this could they please take some action in line with the comments contained in the posts above?

Just this morning I have fallen into the trap of assuming that the fares BA were quoting were for direct flights on BA - only to subsequently realise that the cheapest fares being shown were for indirect flights with IB.

I had booked myself a CAI-LHR-CAI CW itinerary where the LHR-CAI sector was going to tie-in with the LHR-CAI sector of the LHR-CAI-LHR CW itinerary for Mrs and Master PtF. However when I went to purchase their flights I was suddenly faced with the prospect of forking out additional megabucks for them to actually fly BA direct, rather than indirectly with IB at the cheapest fare initially quoted.

As a consequence we are now flying on different dates and I'll miss Master PtF's birthday. FFS BA, why can't you simply provide a 'direct flights' or 'BA flights only' option on the 'Create a trip' section of your home page?
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