! [Trip Report: LHR-JFK CW]

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! [Trip Report: LHR-JFK CW]

Well after reading many trip reports on here I thought I would attempt to write my own.

As some of you will know, this will hopefully be one of those trips that I will remember for a very, very long time, hopefully for all the right reasons!

My girlfriend, Kirsty absolutely loves New York and after being together for over five years I thought it was about time I asked 'the question', so what better place to ask than in the Big Apple.

I started planning this trip last year. I booked a couple of WT+ tickets back in october and MFU'd them to CW, rather than spend a whole week in New York I thought it would be nice to start out in Boston, somewhere neither of us have visited but had always wanted to. The whole trip was a surprise Christmas present, which I must admit I did give to her early so there was more time to look forward to the trip. I'm crap at keeping secrets like that, my excitement would have got the better of me!

So, over the last few months we've booked our hotels in Boston "The Lenox", the Amtrak to Penn Station in New York and our Hotel in NY "Hilton Garden Inn"

We arrive in NY on Tuesday afternoon and I've booked us a table at the River Cafe www.rivercafe.com for Tuesday evening. I'm hoping that by the time we leave I will be a part kept man! lol.

At T-24 yesterday I was logged in and choosing our seats. 63 J/K. I've already pre-booked our seats for the return 64 A/B as we will probably be out on the town at T-24 for our departure. Plus I wanted to ensure we got the upper deck for our night flight home.

So here we are on the day of departure. Our trip to LHR T5 was mared with road works on the car park that is the M25, but we left with plenty of time to spare. I'd booked valet parking which was a breeze. Pull up, get out, hand over keys and walk into the terminal, bliss.

Despite it being the first day of Half Term the Club bag drops were not too busy and with only one family in front of us at fast track security we breezed through. We both had new passports and wandered over to the IRIS room to get our eyes pictured, only to be told that it's being discontinued and that registration is no longer required as the new machines in arrival do it all at the same time.

So we wandered to galleries south and whilst ascending I popped in to the Elemis Spa to see if there where any treatments available. I woke up this morning with a real crick in my neck so was "chuffed" (lol) to manage to get a chair appointment for 15:00.

Galleries south was busy to say the least, we arrived at about 13:15 and lunch was in full swing. I opted for the beef madras which was very nice, the beef just melting in the mouth, although it was a mission to find some chinaware to put it on! The lounge has quietened down now, I'm sitting here sipping a large Johnny Walker, purely for medicinal purposes you understand, writting this whilst Kirsty sits opposite me oblivious to what lies ahead

So, that's the first part or my first ever trip report. I will try and update it as much as I can as the trip goes on, but the next installment might have to wait until after we get to NY.

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She's not reading, is she? Wouldn't want the game given away on FT!
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Best of luck, had you arrived in NY 2 days earlier I would have treated you to dinner. I hope the weather stays as wonderful as it is now. Best of luck.

LA is still a possibility, depending on our timing.

Lucky lady
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Sounds lovely.

Best of luck popping the question!
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Good luck! My husband proposed to me in New York, it's a great location to choose.
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Looking forward to the next episode
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Would you like me to add a title?
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Good luck I hope it al goes well. Shame the weather isnt as good as last week.
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Hope u have a great time and that the answer is yes!
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I am sure that you will have a great time! Best of luck with the proposal.
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I did almost exactly the same on, using BA flights to China (and onto Japan) last year - best of luck.

However, as someone currently organising a bank busting wedding I can thoroughly recommend running away to get married.

One suggestion (which worked for me), is to get a BA Amex, and put wedding spend on it to trigger a 2-4-1 for a First return for your honeymoon!
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Originally Posted by JamieT View Post
Good luck! My husband proposed to me in New York, it's a great location to choose.
Malta was cool in our case ... outside a shoe-shop in down-town Valetta.
I don't know what came over me, but 30+ years later it proved to be a good decision

Best of luck/happiness to the OP. Pictures, please!!
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Paris for us....I spent the trip pretending not to know what Mr HH was planning

Piece of advice...if you already have the ring, and it's in a box, make sure the box is not in a pocket that squadges against her when you hug!
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I did the same with my girlfriend some 23 years ago, and flew to NYC. I wanted to propose on the top of the Empire State Building, but it was January and so cold that I bottled it! The moment seemed to have passed, but I eventually did propose under the least romantic circumstances possible, a university halls of residence in Chelmsford, Essex.

Fortunately despite all she said yes, and is still my wife!

Best of luck to you, and I am sure it will live up to expectations!
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And the award for the most minimalist thread title goes to...

The funny thing is though that I think that the "!" sums up the situation quite well.

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