I think I blew it....!! :-(

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I think I blew it....!! :-(

Tried like hell to get the 646 return tickets to Phoenix ( for late July ) yesterday, but kept on getting a 'flight sold out' message on the BA website.... I guess that means that 'bucket' was sold out... Getting through to BA to query was an impossibility.... recorded message was essentially ' we are very busy, please use the BA.com web site' and was then cut off...

In any event, today the tickets are 735 return... Thats almost a 400 rise for a family of 4!!!

I guess I will just have to regularly trawl kayak and the other sites now in the hope of picking up a bargain somewhere.... Painful and very time consuming!

Wish me Luck


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Prudence and patience is key when buying airfare. Wait for the next sale which will happen within 3 months.
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Did you try on expedia or AA.com? Just becuase it is a BA sale fare, doesn't mean you have to buy it on BA.com, unless you are doing an MFU.
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Check expedia.com not the UK site, well, check that as well.
I got fares equiv to the BA sale prices last year some days after the BA site sale ended.
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Try also:


Also, sign up to www.quidco.com and search flights through their travel partners, some of whom have 1 or 2% cash back on flights.

Kayak is my bestest friend ))
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I find Skyscanner.net better as it checks Expedia and BA.com as well as a couple of other websites all at the same time. It's always shown the cheapest prices when i have been looking.
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You haven't missed out on much. To recreate the "PHX in July" feeling go to your local pizzeria and climb in the oven. Great place any other time of the year mind.
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