Help! BA-VS interlining of bags @ LHR

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Help! BA-VS interlining of bags @ LHR

A friend is flying PRG-LAX tomorrow through LHR.
BA connecting to VS and it is on the same PNR.

The connection is illegal by a few min (85 min). BA are saying they will not check the bags through and they have to be picked up at LHR and rechecked at T3. Obviously this won't work!

BA PRG will apparently not give a reason for not wanting to do this and I'm pretty sure they haven't even looked at the reservation. I know BA and VS hate each other but this is a bit silly. Does anyone know if they do have an interline bags agreement?

Rez is BA Club -> Virgin Upper Class not that is should make a difference!

Neither airline seem to want to get involved.

All advice welcomed .. I only know UA and WN.
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If it is an illegal connection then no, bags will not be through checked. How was it booked on one pnr though? Usually an illegal connection gets rejected.
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You've rather provided the answer in your post. If the connection is below the MCT, then the first airline will decline to check the bags through. Indeed, your friend will also probably have to accept that the airlines will not be liable for any misconnect either, so one hopes he has a flexible ticket.

The reason for this is not so much bloody-mindedness, but pure economics. If the bags are mishandled at LHR and do not make the VS flight, BA will be liable (as original accepting carrier) for all the costs of reuniting your friend and his bags.

So the moral of the story? Don't book connections under the MCT.
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Thanks ... but ...

I'm almost sure that they didn't pull up the reservation.
Sounded more like it was blanket no interline with VS thing.

I was a bit puzzled about the single PNR thing too. I also thought that if it was below the MCT then you couldn't book it.

Is 90 min indeed the T5-T3 MCT still?
I saw some notes about reducing it.
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On they will not let you book under the 90 min MCT, but I have done dummy bookings elsewhere and been offered connecting flights that are just crazy and impossible to meet. I always think there will be unsuspecting inexperienced passengers out there who are in for a shock!

How did you friend book his flight? Unless something has chnaged I understand bags can be interlined between BA and VS if on the same PNR, but that doesn't always happen. However, given the MCT this is unlikely to happen.
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According to BAA, the T5 to T3 minimum connection time is 90 minutes
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BA and VS have an interline agreement, so that is not the problem. If it is on one PNR, then it would have been OK. I can only imagine that there has been a schedule change since the ticket was issued and that it is now an "illegal" connection.

Why not change the VS flight to VS23, which then affords a legal connection from either the BA855 or BA853?
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Well actually, since VS are not oneworld, it would have to be on one ticket and not just one PNR to be able to interline between BA and VS.
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Originally Posted by phil94028 View Post

All advice welcomed
I'm afraid my advice will be a very simple one - fly with hand luggage only. This is likely to be the only way it will work. It is very unlikely that he will be able to make the connection if he has to collect the luggage, based on how long it took me to collect my luggage at T5 a few days ago - 25-30 minutes after I walked off the aeroplane. Even if his flight is on time, it could be tight.
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