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zenith2010 Jan 23, 11 11:25 pm

BA future travel credit question
Hi All,

I'm quite new here and this is my first post on the BA forum; my apologies if what I ask / propose below is considered not okay.

Somewhile ago, a family member had a very unpleasant experience with BA, and after much back & forth, the airline gave away a future travel credit of a few hundred USD -- which can be used by the person himself or any family, and can be "put towards the cost of any British Airways service". It is "not renewable" and expires about a year from now.

The immediate family has no travel plans (atleast on the routes BA serves), and realistically speaking, the person himself would prefer another airline after that experience with BA. But it would be shame to let the that much worth of credit go away unused. What do y'all suggest we do? Is there any other way we can cash in on it with BA other than boarding their plane? Can we "give it away" to a friend or someone who could make use of this discount? How do we go about it? We're not driven by the need to make money here, but if someone's interested, we're willing to offer the voucher at a discount. It'd be a win-win. How good is BA in honoring such a travel credit for someone other than the aggrieved person himself?


zenith2010 Jan 23, 11 11:28 pm

Please feel free to message me in private if necessary. Thanks!

JAXBA Jan 24, 11 9:11 am

Hello zenith2010, welcome to the BA board.

It sounds like you have a CR credit or possibly an MCO. They can often be used by any immediate family member but if the last name is different, proof of family relationship is required - BA wants the aggrieved customer to give them another chance, or at least one of their relatives - so it isn't possible to 'gift' it to someone unrelated.

Other than using it towards a flight though, it is possible to use it towards British Airways Holidays products such as hotel or car rental - you can search for those on if you're interested, and then call 1-877-4-A-VACATION
(1-877-428-2228) to book. Maybe it could find some use there?

zenith2010 Jan 24, 11 10:41 pm

Thanks JAXBA for the info. You're right - it is a CR credit. I had half suspected it would be difficult for non-family to use the credit. Although the option to book vacation / hotel / car rental sounds interesting!

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