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laurajoyce Jan 8, 11 10:51 am

Award Booking with Partner Airline (online)
Is it not possible to see IB/AA flights when looking for award tickets online? I'm checking for BOS-MAD and no routing through JFK is showing up. And when I check JFK-MAD it's only showing me routings through LHR. (seems strange given that both AA and IB have direct flights) I'm trying to see if I can get the taxes/fees down by avoiding LHR (generally an AA flyer and don't have much experience booking on BA).


LukasVIE Jan 8, 11 11:27 am

There should be a button on to "include partners" but generally is not too good when it comes to including partner awards. The best way to get those is by calling. You should mention that you couldn't do it online and they will waive the offline booking fee!

globalste Jan 8, 11 11:37 am

Hang on, which website are you booking on and with what miles?

laurajoyce Jan 8, 11 12:03 pm

Originally Posted by globalste (Post 15612281)
Hang on, which website are you booking on and with what miles? with BA miles.

I recall in the past that when the day that I requested wasn't available a calendar would appear with available dates and "include partner airlines" on the left. But for the searches I'm trying today only BA metal options are available and I can't see any option to include partners.

I guess I'll just call them.

LukasVIE Jan 8, 11 12:14 pm

Ok there is one PAINFULLY slow way to get those partner awards on

You have to choose a date where there is no availability for BA but availability for partner airlines and it should be something like November 16 2011 far in the should now give you the option to include partners. Click on that button and BA shows partner awards. From that page you have to "click your way" through to your desired date (you have to press this button "check availability for up to 7 days earlier") after is really slow!

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