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BA Forum Dashboard (please take a moment to read this sticky)

BA Forum Dashboard (please take a moment to read this sticky)

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Please read: This is a community-maintained wiki post containing the most important information from this thread. You may edit the Wiki once you have been on FT for 90 days and have made 90 posts.
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Welcome to the British Airways Executive Club forum or as it is more commonly known, the BA Board.

To our new members, you've probably got loads of very basic questions you'd like to have answered, and to our regulars who find themselves in need of a quick refresh, well, we've created this thread just for you. Treat it as your one stop quick fix whether it's about finding the best seat or any snippet of basic information about British Airways, the Executive Club or any other topic that is preying your mind, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience in our community and members are happy to share and help out wherever they can.

Please take a moment to read this sticky and the topics linked herein in case your question has been asked before and answered. It is always worth using the search this forum tool before posting - this allows you to find relevant threads previously posted on your topic. To help you get on your way, we've begun compiling links in the directory below to threads covering some of the more frequently discussed topics on the BAEC forum.

BA Executive Club: Our official BA liaison on FlyerTalk
We are very fortunate to have Jeni from BA on board. Her involvement is cherished here and the time and energy she puts in to assist individual members here is deeply appreciated. Jeni is happy to help with any specific questions individual members may have relating to their BAEC account. However, rather than posting personal questions on the open forum, instead we recommend you contact Jeni directly by personal message. Her handle is BA Executive Club. In order to assist Jeni, please include as much as the following information where possible:
  • your BAEC number
  • your name
  • any reference numbers you have, ie booking reference and/or customer relations case reference and/or ba,com incident numbers
  • any other relevant information
If you can provide this in your initial PM it may speed things along for you and result in a quicker response. Please note that all correspondence between FlyerTalk members and BA official representatives is treated confidentially and BA does not note your information for future posting information.

Due to the ever increasing volumes of private messages BA receives from FlyerTalk members, a new handle called BAMissingAvios was set up to manage and respond to all queries regarding Avios and Tier Points (from both BA and air partner flights and for non-air partners) as well as straight forward membership servicing queries.

Jeni is joined in an official capacity by Gavin (ba.com gavin) who is involved on mobile app development.

If you have a query you'd like to raise with BA but are unsure which username to direct your PM to, see the BAEC team changes thread for more information.

Some house rules
We kindly ask that you observe a few local house rules in addition to the standard Flyertalk Rules & Guidelines:
  • Sometimes people write the silliest of things; this doesn't mean you need to respond with a stick or respond at all for that matter. Even if you believe you are reading the words of a ranting lunatic, please respond with courtesy. When confronted with such a situation, please take a deep breath and consider how you can participate constructively and in a way that enhances the friendly relations among members.
  • We'd like to improve the ratio of signal to noise on the forum. It helps members seek out and locate specific information they are after. Remember also, excessive opinionation contributes to the noise and deminishes the effectiveness of the content.
  • Please help us minimise the number of thread mergers. Remember any significant news release or promotion will hit the forum very quickly and discussion on the topic may have already started so it is worth sweeping through the forum before launching a fresh thread.
  • We are tremendously fortunate to have amongst us true road warriors who know the airline products inside out, others expert in the Executive Club who possess the impressive ability to pick at the programme and present valueable titbits in a way that is very easy to follow. Furthermore, we are blessed to have several BA staff members in our community who offer a unique perspective to the discussions. Please do be mindful BA staff members (other than our official liaisons) contribute to this forum in their own time, their opinions may not necessary reflect the company line and moreover they are regular members just like the rest of us and thus are deserving of the same respect other members receive on the forum.

Introducing BA Forum Widgets
As you can see, we have introduced some changes to the way the stickies are organised. Taking our cue from the BD and EK forums, we adopted their best practices and modular approach whereby valuable content and FAQs launch from a single flexible sticky thread. This approach hands back more real estate to you for your daily reading and discussion, and avoids sticky overload. We've also given a great deal of thought into the efficiency and effectiveness this key information and content is presented to you. So in response to this we've adding widgets to the scene and we trust this graphically enhanced user interface will improve navigation and access to the threads you're looking for. Do note, widget functionality requires you to enable images in your user settings.

A traditional analogue list of the 2010 stickies is included for the Blackberry Brigade.

Thank you and enjoy the experience

LTN Phobia, Oxon Flyer, Petrus, and Prospero
Your BAEC Forum Moderators
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Arrow BA Forum Dashboard (please take a moment to read this sticky)

A great deal of information relating to the British Airways Executive Club programme is already available on the forum. The widgets below will direct you to the excellent resource threads written by members of our community. Not only is the BAEC comprehensively explained, there are many tips on how to maximise the programme to your benefit.

Core Executive Club Guides

Avios/Tier Point earning and Avios spending threads

Executive Club overview | Earning Avios and Tier Points | Your Guide to spending Avios | Household accounts | BA Chase beginners guide
Fuel surcharge mitigation | Tesco Clubcard | BA American Express | BA Chase Visa | Gate 365
Tier Point runs | EU airport turnaround guide | Redemption band anomalies | [Business Class on BA partners

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07 Hot links to associate forums on FlyerTalk

UK and Ireland forum

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06 BA Board Clinic threads

Award availability and fees | UuA incorrect credits | Earning on partners and codeshares | Booking Alaska Airlines awards | Lounge access rules LHR T3/T5
Pro-active online upgrades | Delays, operational quirks and oddities

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08 Your Feedback

Your BA Forum Feedback Thread

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09 Analogue list of 2010's BA Forum stickies

Caution: the content of the threads listed immediately below is now several years old and the detail is now largely superseded.
and, Your feedback

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Just a heads up. The dashboard has received a refresh as part of our new year spring clean. Further updates will appear during the week ahead.
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