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No bottled water on long-haul - is this the latest enhancement?

No bottled water on long-haul - is this the latest enhancement?

Old Nov 30, 10, 8:50 am
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No bottled water on long-haul - is this the latest enhancement?


I am annoyed. It's trivial, but that's not the point!

I flew back from Providenciales with BA last month. I was flying with my better half on two one-way, full fare CW tickets paid for by yours truly (the reason for which is an entrely different story!).

Everthing was fine, except that there was not enough water for the 8 hours on board. They had a jug of the stuff that was being despatched into small glasses if you went to the galley to ask in the night, but no bottled water. The cabin crew were very apologetic, especially in the morning when there were a lot of thirsty people. I wrote to customer services. This is their response:

Dear Monkeyjinx,

I am sorry there was no bottled water available on your recent flight with us from Providenciales. Thank you for contacting us about this.

Like many other airlines, British Airways has been affected by the current economic changes and has taken action across the business to ensure we are able to survive the current economic downturn. Following feedback from our customers, we have found that expectations of us as an airline have changed too.

It is important to balance these changing expectations with taking action to reduce our costs where it is sensible to do so. This will make our business competitive and sustainable for the future. We have focused on removing cost in areas where there should be no or minimal impact to our customers or in areas where customers have told us the current offering offers little or no value to their in-flight experience.

We recognise it is vital to maintain the high standards that we pride ourselves on and that we continue to deliver value for money to our customers as part of our commitment to remain a full-service airline. This includes delivering world-class service consistently. Please be assured that we are confident the changes we have made do not compromise this. Your experience as a customer will always be our top priority.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We recognise we are operating in an increasingly competitive market, and hope that you will continue to choose British Airways as your carrier of choice.

Best regards

British Airways Customer Relations
Is this right? Who are these customers who think that water "adds nothing to their in-flight experience"?! I would be more upset if they stopped carry Gin & Tonic, but really?

Rant over.

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Old Nov 30, 10, 8:57 am
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It was probably a generic forum that someone who actually viewed your letter "personalized" by writing your name and the issue "bottled water." I doubt a single person ever told BA they could take away bottled water.
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Old Nov 30, 10, 8:57 am
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I suspect you got a crappy cut and paste email as opposed to any considered response to the problem. I also suspect that a catering cock up meant no water was loaded rather than BA cutting back on water.
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Old Nov 30, 10, 8:57 am
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I always thought that they dished out bottles of water to save money on cabin crew bringing glasses to the seats.

Maybe bottled water will be reinstated if cabin crew have to spend a lot more time answering call buttons to get Sir a glass of water.
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Old Nov 30, 10, 9:02 am
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There was bottled water in CW on BA196 IAH-LHR as recently as the night before last so maybe it was nothing more than a catering foul up?
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Old Nov 30, 10, 9:03 am
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Completely unacceptable on long haul. Staying hydrated is essential for health and well being. I can understand the desire to reduce the weight of stuff on board, but this is the wrong thing to cut. Bottled water doesn't go off quickly, and if uncapped will stay sterile. So perhaps give bottles out on demand, to minimise waste, instead.

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Old Nov 30, 10, 9:15 am
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"Your comfort and safety is very important to us....enhance and promote your wellbeing during our flight..."

I guess water on request is still water -you just have to ask for it. After all, "If there's anything we can do to make your journey more comfortable, please let us know as we pass through the cabin or use your call-button and we'll be more than happy to help."

I'm confident that this isn't another enhancement and someone in CR just thinking that it is!! After all, it's always "a pleasure" to have been "looking after" us.

As you can tell, I'm bored -I've been travelling since v early this morning and am currently sat on an aircraft that was meant to push back an hour ago. Ho hum, all good things come to those who wait.
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Old Nov 30, 10, 9:23 am
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Had you been issued with a individual bottle earlier?
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Old Nov 30, 10, 9:30 am
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Originally Posted by Swanhunter View Post
I suspect you got a crappy cut and paste email as opposed to any considered response to the problem.
I got this email word for word over a year ago when I complained about the loss of the salads on UK Dom.

Standard response.....
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Old Nov 30, 10, 10:06 am
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We had bottled water in CW on my ANU-LGW flight last Sunday (and the outward flight too).
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Old Nov 30, 10, 10:17 am
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Bottled water as usual in the 4 CW flights I've taken this month including Sunday's EZE-GRU-LHR.

Had to ask for a newspaper on each one though, bizarrely.
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Old Nov 30, 10, 10:21 am
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Bottled water should be standard CW service, they come round after the meal service with a 500ml bottle of Highland Spring out of a wicker basket.
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Old Nov 30, 10, 10:35 am
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Hiddy - as far as I remember, there was no water handed out on the flight (except for the normal glass with your meal). I normally bring on a bottle anyway, but forgot this time and had a lovely hydrating glass of champagne instead!

It is not really the lack of a bottle (as such) that bothered me, but the lack of water full stop!

If this is a "cut and paste" e-mail response issue (which I suspect it is) they should stop doing it as it makes me feel much, much more annoyed than the original problem did!
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Old Nov 30, 10, 10:41 am
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Do you seriously think this letter was anything less than an automated piece of nonsense. You would have had the same answer if you had complained there had been no defibrillator on board when you suffered heart failure.
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Old Nov 30, 10, 11:04 am
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Cut and paste response.

On all 6 segments of CW Longhaul I've taken this month I've had bottled water on all of them. Seems like a catering error to me.
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