Can any of you top this?

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Can any of you top this?
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Have just e-mailed Candace. Brings back fantastic memories. We lived through this service in 1981 and have loads of stories!!!

Our routing with Pan Am can be seen at (scroll down to the bottom, 1981) if you are interested, and we have kept all the boarding cards, tickets, menus, but most important, all the memories:-::-:
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Incredible. Toth's the man!
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Wow, wow, wow!

I once dated a guy who had four Pan-Am vintage F seats as his main TV viewing sofa. I thought he was nuts then. Now, I think he's pretty cool. He also used to serve me drinks from a vintage beverage cart.

I wish I had all of that now.

Thanks for posting. Really cool. ^^^
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Can I top that? Not quite. I have some menus, amenity kits, PJs etc. from various airlines, but I don't have the time or inclination to replicate a full scale BA F cabin. I'd rather spend the money actually flying F!

The guy's quite clearly very dedicated to his cause, and good on him!
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That is what I call a REAL aero enthusiast! ^ Doff cap.

I never did Pan Am in a 747 only in 707s which shows my age... and I think once in a DC8.

But I can really relate to this guy. I flew a lot as a young lad and remember taking everything I could get hold of (legally ) off the aircraft. I had bags of stuff at home, sugar, salt, pepper, cups, glasses, cutley, wipes, soaps, headsets, you name it... if it could be had off the plane I would get it.

Incidentally one of my proudest aquisitions (aged about 12 I think) were two tins (cans for our across the pond friends) of Evian off Air France. A blue one with bubbles and a pink one with still water.

This article REALLY takes me back...
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Originally seen on 'Paul Merton in India'

Potentially beaten by this guy -
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This just goes to show just how good the seats in F and C are these days.

All credit to the guy for following his passion.
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Boldly going..

C'mon, planes are so 20th century...
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I think the below are pretty strange
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