Wrong passenger gender on the reservation

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Wrong passenger gender on the reservation

Hello All,

Sorry for new topic, can't find any info, but for future this topic should be easily searchable .
I have reservation for return LHR-EDI flight, for two passengers, one person has 'Mr' instead 'Miss', I guess this gender mismatch could be a source of problems at the airport?, or it doesn't really matter?.
I guess it is worth to have it corrected, called ICC, female agent told me that she "will send information to the airport", whatever it may be (if she do it anyway). Could anything else be done in this situation?

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The rule of thumb is that up to three mistakes are permitted in a passenger's name before questions are raised at check in. However this tends to be applied more to spelling errors e.g. Jon instead of John or v.v. not sure if this is extended to the gender of the passenger.

If the 'Mr' who should be 'Miss' has a quite obviously female forename then I can't see a problem considering that the ICC have put notes in the booking to this effect. Might be more difficult if the traveller has a more gender ambiguous name.
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I had this problem once - I asked the ICC to put a note in the PNR indicating the wrong gender had been entered. Wasn't a problem.

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...although when you pass through the photograph-checking chicane prior to entering the domestic pier you might find they are staring at your Adam's Apple...
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and welcome to Flyertalk and the bmi board Mr/Ms piotro
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Thanks for help, 'Miss' will be "delighted" to find increased attention from the staff at airport .

(Mr) Piotr
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i went through with a group about two weeks ago on the Belfast to Heathrow run for a day return, and everybody had been booked in as Mrs! Albeit that the bulk of the party were male. Didn't cause any problems in any direction.

The name is the same name as in the passport, and you could always cross dress for the day to give the security staff some amusement
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