MAN-LAS compared to MAN-ORD?

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MAN-LAS compared to MAN-ORD?

Due to some odd scheduling, and flying into a tiny airport, I can make MAN-CRW via LAS about as quick as I could via the soon-departed MAN-ORD route.

I presume PE is essentially the same? Is there an additional meal service? My grand plan is to have more sleeping time LAS-MAN, (as opposed to, say, EWR-MAN on CO) as I have to go straight to work on landing.

Also, is there is a star gold lounge in LAS? Or C only?
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PE is same on LAS/MAN as on the the ORD/MAN

Same meal service a little more time in between,

PE is goofd for sleep I like 10D as you can manually lift the leg rest flat as no one to climb over you, and managed some really decent sleep in that seat, often more than in the C cabin,

Would recommend it as a good route back if you need to sleep, aided by a couple of the lovely painkillers with the sleep adative built in, works wonders.

There is a *G Lounge that you can use but its in T1 rather than T2 so you have to leave time to shuffle back to T2 And clear the Security (30 mins always seems to be best). The lounge in T1 is in Departures upstairs BEFORE Security.
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Be aware that there have been some reports of the rapidly deteriating PE cabin on the ORD 330's I think the LAS service is OK but please check.

This thread gives you a flavour.
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Originally Posted by bmi goldenboy View Post
I think the LAS service is OK but please check.
Not necessarily. They have been swapping the two A330s on the ORD and LAS routes, so it depends on what is off to do the NBO charters for the MOD and then on to maintenence.

However, if I had the time I wouldn't hesitate on booking a PE fare to LAS even with the cabin needing some TLC. At 550 it is a cracking deal.
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Originally Posted by bmi goldenboy View Post
Be aware that there have been some reports of the rapidly deteriating PE cabin on the ORD 330's I think the LAS service is OK but please check.

This thread gives you a flavour.
One seat was broken in PE on the MAN-LAS flight on 4th Jan. The PE cabin on that route does seem to be the 'friends and family' cabin though, a significant number of people in PE were family and friends of crew and groundstaff that had been upgraded (and many were not even discreet about it). PE is always full on that route, but I doubt many people actually paid for it.
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Anyone been on the MAN-LAS route since MAN-ORD expired?

I managed (after an armed struggle, significant blood loss, and the threat of nuclear detonation - just a normal call with the ICC) to book a couple of PE seats in March, and I'm rather hoping that the PE cabin will have been given a bit of TLC. It's Mrs BTs first long-haul with BD, and I'm hoping my rave reviews of the product don't leave me embarrassed.

It also means I can enact plan A to say thanks to the crew, which was mucked up when I had to canx my Jan trip to LAS.
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After the MAN-LAS route expires, does anyone know what happens to the plane? Will it be refitted or just put, as is, onto another route? Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, btw!
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