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DC Partner: Mastercard baggage compensation

DC Partner: Mastercard baggage compensation

Old Dec 21, 08, 5:26 am
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Mastercard baggage compensation


This should technically belong in the SK forum but asking as a part of any insurance tied to the bmi mastercard. I booked a flight on SAS and they have now misplaced my luggage - mine was the only one missing and they had no clue it was missing so I assume the tag has fallen off. Does the bmi card come with any luggage insurance. Through SAS I am only insured for up to SDR 1000 (ca £900) which does not go very long in covering my contents. I do have private travel insurance but rather not call on that.

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Old Dec 21, 08, 1:58 pm
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The airline is liable for up to SDR 1000 and you should be able to claim this without resorting to insurance. Not ideal if your loss is greater than this but better than nothing.

If your baggage was seriously valuable you might consider going after them for breach of contract.
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Old Dec 21, 08, 2:21 pm
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There's nothing in the literature I got from MBNA which suggests that luggage insurance is a benfit of the card, however, I also have a generic booklet entitled "Important information regarding your insurance", which includes a section for 'Travel accident, Inconvenience and Lost Luggage Insurance", but its not clear whether this is linked to the bmi card or not.

Even if it was, I fear you may be blown out by the clause :

The costs of replacement of the luggage and its contents shall be limited to a maximim of £1,500...The maximum sum insured payable in respect of any one article is £500
There's a contact phone number which I've PMd you with should you wish to call MBNA to discuss further. That said, if your baggage was seriously valuable, then you'll probably not find this covered anywhere except for a specific travel policy.

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Old Dec 21, 08, 4:13 pm
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Thanks OF, I saw the number: my insurance cover is very good but I hate restorting to insurance and would rather use a "free" credit card one. I will try to give them a call tomorrow. Of course, my first body of complaint is SAS and will deal with them tomorrow morning.

I suspect the luggage is lost for good. It was a simple one segment flight to OSL from LHR on SK. Two bags arrived but the third, of course, did not. There's been about 5 more flights and they had not had any bag in their office fitting the description. The flight was packed with plenty of bulky ski and push-wheel's taking cargo space so, although my luggage could have been left behind, I would have know I think. Interestingly, they did not attach the priority tags and I checked in early which I never do. Note to self, always check in late and always push for priority tags
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Old Dec 22, 08, 4:38 am
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I had a letter from MBNA saying they were withdrawing insurance cover as cardholders apparently didn't want it. I can't swear that it was specifically in regard to the BD MC - I get a lot of mail from MBNA and don't keep most of it - nor whether it referred to baggage.

Good luck with your phone call.
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