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Has anyone been credited for shopping miles yet?

Has anyone been credited for shopping miles yet?

Old Mar 3, 08, 12:42 pm
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Has anyone been credited for shopping miles yet?

....Because I still have loads 'pending' from the beginning of November...

Any clue?

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Old Mar 3, 08, 1:45 pm
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nope, 9 weeks and counting
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Old Mar 3, 08, 2:01 pm
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I'm rather p*ssed off, I bought a new MacBook Pro from Apple the other night costing 1220, I went through the link on bmi, didn't do anything that would affect the purchase like visit another website before going to the checkout, I just clicked right through.

And now it didn't recognise my purchase so I'm losing out on a potential 3660 destination miles!!
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Old Mar 3, 08, 2:06 pm
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1 pending from mid Nov. 2 not even shown as pending
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Old Mar 3, 08, 2:18 pm
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John Lewis from December still pending, but showing up at least.
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Old Mar 3, 08, 2:20 pm
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Still pending from Nov i think
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Old Mar 3, 08, 3:09 pm
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mine are still pending from early December
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Old Mar 3, 08, 3:54 pm
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ok ... all of 60 miles pending before i got a status jump... and then the miles dissapeared completly
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Old Mar 3, 08, 4:59 pm
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1st shop in dec showing as a pending amount in the shopping area, but no miles credited.

4 other shops in jan and feb, none are showing on the system.

All done with tesco and all by going through the same link as used in the 1st shop. Haven't adjusted any settings on my PC (ie cookies, etc).

bmi should really do something about this mob. Not sure what the time for crediting is, but it's obvious they aren't doing what they should. They market those stupid bannana ads all over their website, and i have bought bannanas everytime in my tesco order and 12 weeks now and no sign of the miles from Dec, and no sign of my other activity in Jan and Feb!

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Old Mar 4, 08, 3:45 am
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finally got blockbuster miles (subscription taken out early Nov from what I can remember) last week.

seems to be taking a very long time to get these miles and is rather a dangerous enterprise - if I use something like Quidco, I have the mentality that it may not work etc.... I dont know why but if I bought something through this I would expect to receive the miles!

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Old Mar 4, 08, 4:02 am
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ebay miles from Nov still pending ....
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Old Mar 4, 08, 4:09 am
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I am waiting for a whole pile of miles from eBay, CD WOW, M&S, the book club people and Tesco. I do have 2 purchases coming up as 'pending' but the rest are not even showing. I have been in touch with Joanna (diamond club) but she is still on the case and it seems to be taking forever. I'm thinking that I should have just stuck with quidco - at least they pay up.
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Old Mar 4, 08, 4:46 am
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I tried this out with a Waterstones purchase in early Dec (just over 12 weeks ago) - shows "pending".

I pretty much gave up on Quidco because of lots of "pending" stuff that simply never credited (OH has done pretty well out of it, though - definitely a case of YMMV in our household).

IIRC, wasn't there a 12 week period mentioned somewhere in the original blurb? Can't seem to find it now, but it would be useful to at least be made aware of expected times to manage one's expectations...

[Edited to add]
Just double-checked, and this info *is* given under each retailer listing - e.g. for Waterstones:

8 miles/1
Please allow up to 30 days for miles to be credited to your
diamond club account, however, it may take up to 12 weeks.
Free postage still makes them competitive against Amazon, so I'm tempted to place another order and see how that goes.

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Old Mar 4, 08, 4:59 am
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I have seven transactions showing as pending, the first from 2 November 2007. So on third of a year later and it still hasn't credited into my BMI account.
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Old Mar 4, 08, 6:16 am
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12 pending all with hilton from oct 29th on...
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