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france usa Jul 22, 03 5:18 pm

BA and BMI
I have read a few comments on comp. status with BA Gold.

Before I send my fax or letter, I just want to make sure hat i'm not missing anything ( I have never asked for comp status before) :
- do I just send my last BA miles copy along with a copy of the BA Gold card ?
- what if I haven't travelled much those past few months but i'm still BA G = wil BD comp my status ? I intend to travel more in the near future.Is it possible that BD only comps me to Silver for instance even if I'm B A GOLD ? is it possible that they don't comp me at all ( I guess the answer's yes, but then for which reasons would they refuse it ? )
- How long will my BD status be for ?
- Do I have to write an "extensive" letter explaining why i want to switch to *A and BD , or is it just enough to simply ask for a comp. status ( is that a BD scheme or a case to case basis ? )

THanks for your comments. i have to send this before end of this week as i'llbe traveling after.

edi-traveller Jul 23, 03 6:34 am

I can't speak for Gold Status - but about a year ago I wrote to BMI, said I was fed up with paying BA C UK Domestic fares and getting Deli Bag Service - would they comp me to silver if I switched?

I got the card within a week.

Problem is they then introduced the Bento Box.......

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StarAllianceGold Jul 23, 03 6:35 am

I'm sure there have been a few posts about this in the past (I've searched but can't find anything).

I don't remember anyone being refused the comp. One of my colleagues was comped - just phoned and asked then faxed through a print out of his BA statement.

The only possible issue I can think of is that they may only offer it to UK based customers.

Just give them a call - don't think you'll have a problem but they can only say no!

GoldCircle Jul 23, 03 8:12 am

I entered my new and better life in Star Alliance by asking BD for a comp. On the phone I was told no way, no how...

So I wrote in with a quick covering letter explaining why I was fed up with EI and its mean TAB programme, a copy of my statement and a photocopy of my card... three weeks later, hey presto, *G!

If they'll do it for Ireland, I'm sure they'll do it for France. And even more so because you have a BA card!

A premature welcome to *G!

CT-UK Jul 25, 03 11:11 am

I phoned BD over a year ago and asked for my BA G to be matched and they said no poblems. I filled out the application form and sent it in with a small cover fax and a copy of my statement.

My BD G card arrived in about 10 days and was valid for a year. I managed to earn enough points for this year in about 3 months.

I only wanted it to comp my UA *G card for lounge access when on US domestic flghts down the back of the bus.

france usa Jul 25, 03 12:39 pm

Thank you all for your comments. I sent the fax yesterday with a letter + statement and BA card copy. Hope it'll work .

A question, what are the vouchers for UG they talk about, I guess you don't get them when comped ? THanks !

CT-UK Jul 26, 03 8:59 am

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by france usa:

A question, what are the vouchers for UG they talk about, I guess you don't get them when comped ? THanks !

You will get a set of 4 UG vouchers even when you are comped. They will come with some Avis vouchers.

You can use the UG vouchers at check in is space is abailable. I have never used mine.

Don't forget as a gold when you book a reward flight in Y they will bump you up to C for free (shourt haul only)

france usa Aug 14, 03 11:07 am

Update = Just want to thank Flyertalk and esp. BMI forum for the great help; have just received my Comp. Gold card and will switch to BMI from BA as soon as next week. Bye bye BA and OW, Star Alliance, here I come ! Thank you all .

ajamieson Aug 14, 03 11:24 am

Welcome over...and good luck

GoldCircle Aug 14, 03 5:44 pm

Aw, shucks...

(Welcome to the dark side!)

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