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BlackCat Jul 28, 03 2:39 am

Cabin division
Quick one, and not something I normally worry about. Flew up on an almost full A320 LHR-GLA yesterday evening and there was an endless stream of people from the back of the bus using the forward washroom -- at one point two whole families were queuing with kids running around and kicking my legs (I was in 1C -- normally the best seat on an A320).

So, what is the point of a cabin divider then? I don't care if a few people at the front of Y want to come forward and use the front lav, but a queue of kids using the business class aisle as a play area is a different matter. On transatlantic flights with other airlines the cabin crew are normally quite strict on this kind of thing -- does bmi have a different policy?


Tall Bloke Jul 28, 03 3:44 am

Have found that it normally depends on the cabin crew, on a recent flight to Nice the crew were very good at directing the interlopers towards the wash rooms at the back.

On flights where most of the cabin is Economy Business service may not use a trolley and once the trolley service in economy starts it becomes increasingly difficult to pursuade people to walk backwards !

BlackCat Jul 28, 03 3:48 am

Point taken regarding trolleys. Mind you, I had a group milling about behind the C class drinks trolley that was used. Not good when you are trying to get 40 winks.


Gaza Jul 28, 03 4:48 am

I recently flew two BA LHR-LCA-LHR trips and the use of the divider on the 767 varied. The firt LHR-LCA was a late evening flight. The curtains stayed open the entire time. I didn't try to use the forward toilet as I was in row 7 and therefore nearer the toilets adjacent to row 9. On the LCA-LHR flight I was op-up'ed to Business. The curtains stayed open for the entire flight. It was a late afternoon departure and had a lot of children on board. They were using the aisle as a playground and were running up and down. At no time did the cabin crew make any attempt to stop it. As I had been upgraded I wasn't going to make a fuss but if I had paid for it I would have spoken up. Apart for the annoyance angle I would have thought the crew would have been concenred that a child could be injured.

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BlackCat Jul 28, 03 5:50 am

Maybe since there is such a grey area here there should be a hard and fast rule? Mind you, I'd be the last person to force someone in row 4 to head to the back of the bus, but having kids from Y running up and down in C where you have paid for a little bit of privilege is not really on.

Incidentally, VS (whom I fly as much as bmi) tend to be very strict on this type of thing even to the extent of making Premium Economy pax use the Economy lavs on A340-300s where there are no dedicated facilities for PE.


edi-traveller Jul 28, 03 10:59 am

I have seen strict enforcement of the cabin division on both BD and BA, and the complete opposite as well.

On BA I prefer the Y pax to use their own loos - not because I don't want them walking through the C cabin, but because they always get excited about the Molton Brown "naran ji" handwash in the C loos and it ends up running out...........

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